What Is Emulin and How Does Emulin Work? – All Your Answers Are Here

What Is Emulin & How Does Emulin Work? – All Your Answers Here – Updated 2020

In this post we will answer the question "What is Emulin" and "How Does Emulin Work".

Maybe you've never heard of Emulin. Or maybe you're heard of it but don't know what it is. Then again it could be that you know very well what Emulin is, but you still have questions.

In any case, after this overview, you will not only know what Emulin is, you will also know how it works.

What Is Emulin

What Is Emulin - The Basics

First let me give you a very basic answer of what Emulin is, and then we will delve into the details.

Emulin is a health supplement. It's all natural, patented, and it's backed by human clinical trials that were done in highly respected well known testing facilities.

They call it a carbohydrate manger. Given the main functions of the ingredients, that is a perfect description. 

But it is so much more than that. You will learn the rest in the remainder of this Emulin overview.

There is an amazing story of how Emulin was found and the events that took place bringing it to market. A discovery by accident. This isn't the right post but I'll link to it. It's an incredible story and very much worth getting to know. Learn the complete story here.

Emulin Is Far From Average

Emulin is not your average everyday supplement, and it's not a variation of something that already exists. It's a stand-alone. No one else has it, or anything like it.

And no one else ever will. It is unique, but it is also exclusive to Valentus.

So just what is Emulin exactly?

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It Begins With Dr. Joe Ahrens

Dr. Ahrens, the creator of Emulin, is a plant and animal physiologist. That is the study of life at the cellular level. Dr. Joe's background of education and research is extensive, but it was during his tenure as Director of the Florida Department Of Citrus something occurred that changed the course of his life, and that brought us Emulin.

While conducting studies on grapefruit for weight loss he noticed something remarkable taking place in his test subjects. Physiological changes began appearing that resembled insulin-like activity.

ATM Metabolics

His employer had no interest in learning more about this, so Dr. Ahrens launched his own research company, ATM Metabolics, and went to work. After a decade of research he finally identified the compounds creating this insulin-like activity, and the ability to duplicate it.

He originally called these compounds "sugar chaperones".

He also discovered that these sugar chaperones were intended by nature to be part of our diets. And they were once. But that was a very long time ago. They still exist in plants that we eat, but in such minuscule amounts that we have to supplement them.

And now after 12 years of testing and research Emulin has gone into production.

Dr. Ahrens has been recognized in the science and medical communities and was nominated twice for a Nobel prize for his work achievements.

Joe Ahrens

Dr. Joe Ahrens

  • Doctorate
  • Inventor of EMULIN®
  • 2 Time Nobel Prize Nominee
  • Founder of ATM Metabolics

Dr. Joe Ahrens Explains What Emulin Is, And Announces His Partnership With Valentus.

What Are Sugar Chaperones? 

The "sugar chaperones" are carriers. They transport the carbs and sugars that we ingest, to portions of our bodies to be used in effective manners, such as for food and energy.

As it is now, without the help of these carriers, carbs and sugars get deposited into fat cells.There the body sees them as toxins. The body responds by sending out inflammatory signals. And this is precisely the cause of low-grade chronic inflammation. 

Low grade inflammation grows into a big fat mess. The build-up day after day, month after month, and year after year, continues, without us realizing. 

The end result is not a good one.

how does emulin work

Transporting these potential toxins away from the fats cells and instead to our muscles and to the brain has numerous benefits. We can greatly limit our exposures to many health issues with the reduction of inflammation. Emulin can also help us kick our sugar addictions.

These Sugar Chaperones Are Only Available In Emulin

The sugar chaperones were bred out of our diets long ago. The perfect mix and ratio of these compounds can no longer be found together in nature.

They can however, be made available together as a supplement. And they are. That supplement is Emulin.

There's more. In addition to the ability of Emulin to purge and carry away the refined carbs and sugars that we ingest, it can also do the same with the carbs and sugars that are already being stored in our bodies. And that is huge.

The Real Answer To What Is Emulin 

Emulin and Inflammation

The real answer to what is Emulin lies in what Emulin does. The science behind the supplement and the process that occurs inside the body.

Emulin is not a product that someone made up. It is a discovery of epic proportions. A discovery of something that once was, but that became extinct.

I remember this well. When I was first introduced to Joe Ahrens and Emulin, I wanted to know everything. I wanted the science. Even if I didn't understand it, I wanted to see it.

Now we are going to answer the question.

Beware it might get a little technical, but we'll try hard to keep it simple enough to understand.

We are going to talk about 7 metabolic pathways. From ingestion to the final results and the journey to get there.

Emulin is a phytonutrient all-natural blend. It emulates insulin by interrupting the sugar process in 7 different ways. This is how it helps people maintain lower blood sugars . Weight loss is often an added side effect as well.

How Does Emulin Work

Emulin works by altering, or interrupting, 7 pathways of sugar metabolism. These are metabolic pathways which the body uses to process sugar. This is the journey we are going to discuss.

These are the 7 pathways that Emulin interrupts. This answers the how does Emulin work question that so many have.


Pathway Number 1: The Conversion of Starch To Sugar

It starts when you eat. That's when Emulin goes to work. As you ingest food certain enzymes in your body go to work. These enzymes break down starches into sugar. Emulin interrupts this process.


Pathway Number 2: The Absorption of Glucose

Emulin interrupts the absorption of glucose that happens when you digest your food. This begins in the upper GI tract (gastrointestinal tract). The result is less sugar reaching the bloodstream


Pathway Number 3: Glucose Tissue Route

Emulin helps move the ingested glucose into tissues like muscles for energy and muscle growth. Also to the brain for similar positive outcomes.


Pathway Number 4: Formulation of Fat

Emulin "directs traffic", rerouting it away from fat and into muscles. In the muscle tissue the sugar acts as a fuel for energy at the same time increasing metabolism to burn even more fat.


Pathway Number 5: Glucose Homeostasis

Emulin helps eliminate sugars spikes and dips maintaining a healthy blood sugar balance.


Pathway Number 6: Release of Insulin

Insulin's job to move glucose from blood and across cells is heightened by Emulin. Emulin promotes a rapid healthy release of the insulin.


Pathway Number 7: Insulin Sensitivity

If you are insulin sensitive, your body responds to it. The more sensitive you are, the better the body's response. Emulin helps here too, promoting insulin sensitivity so you need less of it while still lowering the blood sugar.

Dr. Joe Ahrens Interview - What Is Emulin - Part 1

Dr. Joe Ahrens Interview - Part 2

Valentus Prevail Emulin Is A Discovery Of Huge Proportions

Now you see why it is to the caliber of Nobel Prize nomination.

The media has taken an interest in Dr. Joe Ahrens' Emulin discovery as well. There have been numerous reports over the years and most likely will be numerous more. Emulin in the news is something we most assuredly will be seeing more of.

The doctors theory, which they are working on daily to turn into a proven fact, is that nature intended carbs and sugars to be consumed along with these sugar chaperones.

The sugar chaperones are extracts at the molecular level. Citrus is not the source. Emulin is not a citrus product. There are however many sources of the extracts which contain the desired compounds individually. These are pure molecules extracted from nature.

Currently they come from certain grapes, onions, and green coffee. Technically they are Myricetin, Quericetn, and Chlorogenic Acid.

These compounds do not occur together in nature. Not in any single plant.

There are 13 patents issued that protect the processing procedures.

what is emulin ingredients

These 3 ingredients together regulate sugar in your body and become a very strong anti-inflammatant.

Dr. Ahrens likes to say that if Emulin was discovered 50 years ago, it would be classified as a vitamin. The regulations are such now that no new products will be labeled as vitamins. But it could be. Vitamins are essential for health and vitality.

Properties of a vitamin: If you take it out of your diet, a disease condition develops.

According to the scientists that discovered Emulin, the absence of these compounds in our diets contribute to chronic inflammation. Do some studying on the multitude of diseases that are now being found to be a result of chronic inflammation and you'll be shocked if you are not already aware.

What is Emulin? .... some say it is the perfect supplement.

Studies show Emulin can ...

  • slow the conversion of carbs to sugars
  • decrease insulin resistance
  • manage weight
  • reduce sugar absorption to the bloodstream
  • be added to food or beverage
  • be taken with no fear of side effects

Emulin is only available through Valentus, a direct sales company in Souix Falls, SD. There are additional offices in Asia. They are shipping product to countries all over the world.

Emulin can be purchased through a distributor of Valentus.

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Thanks for reading my What is Emulin overview. I'm a big believer in feedback and in updating posts so if you feel there is anything that I have left out that relates to the What is Emulin topic please let me know.

Just drop your notes in the comments below so I can reply. Thanks 🙂

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LeMar Kelly

I am VERY interested in Emulin. I definitely have a sugar addiction! Wondering if this would assist in weaning me off that “drug”. I’ve read the Emulin study and found it quite fascinating – it was shown to actually work better than Metformin in lowering A1C levels. Fascinating indeed!

I am not a diabetic (not yet lol) however am attempting to get back to “center” with my health. I do know many diabetics and don’t want to become one.

Also, what other products have Dr. Ahren invented/formulated?

Thank you

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