What Happened With iGalen | 2018 iGalen Crash | Our Move To Valentus

What Happened With iGalen – The 2018 iGalen Crash And Why We Moved To Valentus

What happened with iGalen? At the time of publishing this post, iGalen is still officially in business. But to us as a team, we could call it the 2018 iGalen Crash. 

what happened with iGalen

That's right. For us, the iGalen crash happened in the latter stages of 2018. But the whole thing started going south long before that.

In fact, I suspect it won't be too long before I'm updating this post, with even more grim news concerning the fate of iGalen. It's just not looking good for them over there. The way I see it, what happened with iGalen will only get worse.

Keep reading and I will explain Exactly What Happened With iGalen

I guess I'll start at the beginning. After all, I want to stay true to form in providing you with quality content and detailed information. So that is exactly what I will do.

The following story will take you from beginning to end. When you're done you'll know all the details of what happened with iGalen and why we made the move that we did.

I first heard about iGalen in the latter stages of 2016 .... around Christmas time I believe. This was in the form of conversation and nothing else at the time. I received a call from a long time friend and networking mentor Dori ONeill.

Dori had been retired from MLM for a couple years or so and I for sure wanted to hear what he had to say about something compelling enough to bring him out of that retirement.

If You Have A Good Story You Have My Attention

I like stories that bring out the passion in people, and Dori had a story for me. It was an amazing story, and something that I thought about through the night.

This story that got my full attention really didn't have a lot to do with iGalen at the time. It had everything to do with a scientist named Joe Ahrens, and a product that he had been working on and perfecting over the last decade or longer.

what happened with iGalen

A product that we felt was a major discovery that would change lives. We weren't the only ones that felt that way. Dr. Joe Ahrens became the recipient of not just one but two Nobel prize nominations for his work that led to the creation of Emulin.

Emulin Emulates Insulin

Emulin, which he first referenced as the sugar smasher, was proven to mimic, or emulate, Insulin. That's why the name became Emulin.

So it was Emulin that brought us to the table. What kept me awake was knowing that Dr. Joe had agreed to take his amazing product to market via a network marketing company, and that company was a start-up called iGalen.

iGalen was at the time basically a two-man show. CEO Rajen Manika and his consultant Kosta Gara. And as far as we can tell, it's still a two man show. Kosta calling the shots, and Rajen doing what he's told. 

what happened with iGalen

This is pure speculation on my part. I really have no definitive proof of what's happening behind the corporate scenes. Only what it appears to be.

Either way, for the life of us we just can't understand why Rajen won't go out and get some help running his company. Lord knows he needs it.

Startup Challenges Are Expected

We knew there would be some start-up challenges ... of course. After all this was not our first rodeo and we are well aware of the bumpy roads that all start-ups have to endure. 

Even so, we had to give it a shot since somehow iGalen happened to land what some could call the greatest wellness invention of modern times.

There's plenty more information provided on this site about Emulin if you want to see why I'm saying this. It's an amazing product that is literally changes lives, and in some cases saving lives.

we went with iGalen, because of Emulin

So all in all, after several conversations with the CEO of iGalen, we made the decision to go all in with him and his company.

 After all, they had this amazing product. And since their heads seemed to be in the right place, and what seemed to be ethics and morals intact, we decided it was something we had to see through.

We counted on the fact that their on the job training, backed by the consulting of the Gara Group, would ultimately result in a passing grade. And for the most part, as we went through the soft launch in January of 2017 and on to the official USA launch at the end of October 2017, it appeared we had made a good decision.

Obviously we had no idea at the time just how wrong we were.

And thinking back on it, given the promise that it had, what happened with iGalen is nothing short of heartbreaking.   

The USA launch convention was Well Done. 

In fact, it was even amazing. We were happy. This was something great. We got to see a highly promoted and highly anticipated debut and presentation of their newest product, Klamax.

Dr. Stefano Scoglio, another Nobel nominated scientist recognized for his stem cell research is the creator of Klamax. Twenty five years of studying and reporting his findings landed him this Nobel nomination. So once again they had landed a bombshell product.

what happened with iGalen

There were two variations of Klamax, an ingestible product, and a topical product. Both had the full anticipation of everyone involved with iGalen. We were eager to see and learn more! 

The Klamax product demo was promoted hard for the event. And the topical version really had everyone's attention. Some went to Las Vegas just for that. And the presentations did not disappoint. Especially the topical version. We got to see live demonstrations of the product being applied to random people pulled out of the audience.

We couldn't wait to get the product in our hands!

Now don't get me wrong. Emulin was still the flagship product, and Dr. Joe would always be the main draw. But everyone already knew about Emulin. Events are always about what's new that's coming ... am I right?

and then things started to change

For a little while after the event we were still riding the high of everything we had witnessed. But then things started to change. Subtlety at first, and then it snowballed. Soon everything they said and did was messed up. They just couldn't seem to get anything right. 

It was obvious to us that they were overwhelmed. But surely they would recruit in some new corporate personnel to help out? Surely we were not on the verge of an iGalen crash already?

They couldn't deliver the regular Klamax. In fact they were taking orders before they even had enough of the product on hand to satisfy those orders. It was a disaster.

That's not the worst part of the Klamax story. Sometime afterwards they came out on a corporate call and you'll not believe what they said. When pressed about how soon the Klamax topical would begin to ship we got this ..."Oh, we've decided we're not going to launch the topical version of Klamax".

They gave some off-the-wall lame excuse about insurance ... or something like that.

No one really cared about the excuse, whether it was legitimate or not. The way they went about it was shocking. No real explanations, no apologies, no nothing. Just a very matter-or-fact, "we decided not to do it"

That was the first very obvious bait-and-switch.

What is happening with iGalen? Whatever it is they better get a handle on it because if they don't, it's nothing compared with what could happen with iGalen. 

And we didn't even want to think about that.

it all went downhill from there

In the beginning they talked a lot about the launch of new products on a regular basis moving forward. Those products sounded amazing. Both their own products (supposedly), and the rest of Joe Ahrens product line. They even had some of them shown and listed on their websites as Future Products.

Now here's the crazy part about that. Even now, 2 years later at the time of this publication, those future products are still shown as future products on their website. Including the topical product that they already admitted to dropping

what happened with iGalen

But here's the thing. They don't even talk about them any more. Not a peep. Absolutely nothing from the company in well over a year now about those supposedly future products.

But there they sit. Still on the website.

Another bait and switch?

This is not good at all. It's something that may be looked back on in the future for anyone pondering what happened with iGalen. But is an iGalen crash even possible? We were so sure of things just a little while ago.

The Incompetence Came Beyond Measure

But you know what ... this post could become two miles longer if I was to sit here and tell you about all the rest of the broken promises, bait-and-switches, and smoke and mirrors.

The website improvements that were supposed to happen. The back office improvements that were supposed to happen. The marketing materials we were all promised. And the improved communication from the company to update on all issues that was supposed to happen.

None of it ever happened.

By now, members are leaving in droves. Their products were amazing, but they couldn't deliver. Klamax was spotty at best, and getting delivery of Emulin in Canada was no longer happening. It was a mess.  

Just the grossest case of incompetence I personally have ever seen. And yes I'm taking into account the usual and normal start-up issues that we all expected. After 2 years there are just some things that a company should have learned and figured out by now.

Now an iGalen crash seemed more than just possible. It was something creeping into the minds of many at this point.

And still we hung in there ... because of Dr. Joe and Emulin

So let's now shoot straight to the Back Breaker 

You see, because of the product, and Dr. Joe Ahrens (who as a product provider is of course a completely innocent bystander when it comes to the operations of the company), we still were prepared to give then the benefit of the doubt. Surely they would figure it out.

Still, the members were getting restless. In fact, the members were leaving. They could only take so much. The Canadians especially. Oh my goodness what a disaster. They couldn't get product and when they did they had to pay duties, and brokerage fees, and all kinds of crazy stuff.

And the bad part about all that was that iGalen actually started in Canada. They launched Canada first and they did a lot of bragging about it.

We Offered To Help

What I'm about to tell you now is the back breaker. Without a doubt the one action that sealed for us the iGalen crash. When a person asks me what happened with iGalen, and I need to offer up a short concise answer, this will be it.

My partner, friend, and sponsor Dori ONeill, who ran his own highly successful and profitable wellness MLM company for 15 plus years, offered his help. Many times over. He offered to help them turn it around and get them straightened out, and he offered to do it for free. Simply because as distributors we wanted a good opportunity with the Emulin product.

So what did iGalen do? They terminated him

Yep that's right. This is where it gets real ugly. Dori was one of the top distributors in the company responsible for building almost their entire USA membership. And they terminated him.   Without warning and without a good cause. At least not one that made any sense. 

One day he couldn't log into his account. Later that day he got an email from the company that he was terminated. The reason? For talking to the scientist Dr. Joe Ahrens.

But not just him. They also terminated the other top distributor in the company and the only Triple Diamond Jana Jorgenson.

what happened with iGalen

Now get this. They were at an event together. Dori and Jana and Dr. Joe were at an event together, and they are friends. So this didn't make a lot of sense.

Come to find out ... at a later date Rajen and Kosta came on a corporate call and said to their membership base, "don't mind the rumors, two distributors have been conspiring against us for the last year.

Ummm ... there was no conspiracy. We wanted iGalen to work. We dumped our hearts and souls into the company and built a monster team. In fact, we built half the company or more.

When I was informed by Dori what iGalen had done, i knew in an instance that not only was this without a doubt the iGalen crash for us as a team, it may very well be the iGalen crash for the company itself.

Their Appeal was met with total silence

Of course Dori and Jana appealed, and they asked for better explanations. They got crickets back. Not a sound. Not so much as the grace of a reply to their emails or calls.

These are two people that built iGalen's entire North American market. They basically were responsible for getting the company off the ground in North America. I had a lot to do with building the company as well, being Dori's front line position and strong leg.

what happened with iGalen

And at the stroke of a pen they were stripped of approximately a 20K a month income between the two of them. I don't know about you, but to me that should require at least a warning and a real explanation.

So by this time I'm shaking my head in disbelief. Oh my, what has iGalen done. What has happened with iGalen and the management team to make such a dire mistake as this. They just shot themselves.

We believe the bottom line here is this. They are trying to do it with no help. For whatever reason. A lack of funds maybe? Could that be it? And I'm sorry but what comes to my mind here is the blind leading the blind. Why can't they see it?

A two person operation it seems, and when offered the help, they got mad and terminated us.

And as it turns out they were not done. I was also terminated about 4 weeks later. I'll talk a little more about that in just a moment. First let's cover what led up to my termination.

our move to valentus

So Dori and Jana went about doing the only thing they could do. They had to act fast to save their team and everything they worked for the last two years.

Dori said "I'm going to start contacting my company owner friends in the industry and I'll find us a good company with good products and a good binary compensation plan that we can easily transition everyone over to."

And that's exactly what he did. The company they chose, and that welcomed us all with open arms, is Valentus. After some masterminds and conversations with the owner Dave Jordan, it was a fit and the stars were aligned. It happened fast and we got lucky in finding what we did.

After what happened with iGalen it only stands to reason that a team lateral transfer would take place. So we went to work.

Over the next coming days weeks and months my posts will show you exactly why we feel we got so lucky.

I'm following my friends ... of course

Now... of course I'm following my friends and my mentor for years and my sponsor over to the new company.

However, I followed the rules doing it. I only spoke with and recruited my personally sponsored teammates. It was okay because I can build a different team with different people. I have a good database and a lot of networking friends that decided not to join iGalen. Those were the people I went after.

Plus I personally enrolled 125 people into iGalen so I had no problems building another team. It's just what I do, and I can do it without going after their people. 

But so many were already leaving, and when they got wind of what was going on they sought us out. I actually turned people away and said I would not talk to them about it, because they were not my personals. And many of the top leaders that are left in iGalen know that's what I did. They know it for a fact.

I did not in any way shape or form breech that contract by cross recruiting.

once again ... terminated! via email with no credible cause

But it didn't matter. Approximately 4 weeks after my sponsor's termination I also was locked out of my account, and terminated for what they said was cross recruiting.

Now it becomes even more personal. Now I can say what happened with iGalen is this. They started terminating their top distributors.

what happened with iGalen

They did it in an email with an arrow pointing to a couple of highlighted sections in the P & P. Those sections were on cross recruiting and something about improper business conduct. Or something to that effect. No explanations, no names of people i supposedly cross recruited, and no specifics whatsoever.

Naturally I wrote back and requested those names and explanations. I said give me one name of a person that I cross recruited.  And I got nothing but crickets too. They couldn't do it, because there were no names. I never went outside of my personal network. I only spoke with my people, not their people.

They also terminated my Australian team leader in the exact same manner. She didn't do any of those things either. And now I hear there are others who are the victims of their chopping block.

I guess they got mad when they saw my name on the top of the Valentus leaderboard.

So Here We Are

And that brings us to where we are now. What happened with iGalen for us as a team? Simple. We were pushed out the door.

I can't say what is going to happen with iGalen moving forward. I've no idea. They might make it, and they might not. But whatever happens with them, it will happen without us and the 1000+ members that have come with us so far.  And that is a pretty hefty chunk of the few active distributors they have left.

But so be it. We are on to bigger and better things now. What began as a real shocker, has turned into a real blessing.

We have moved the team to Valentus .. and everyone is happy again. Pushed out the door but look where we landed! We have something truly amazing.

And that is why I refer to it as the 2018 iGalen crash.

As for Dr. Joe and Emulin. I have no idea. I love that product and I will buy some from my friends. But I suspect iGalen won't be around too much longer ... so who knows what's going to happen with that.

And that is my story

My name is Brett Gurney and this has been my story of what happened with iGalen based on facts that occurred. I have given some opinions as well, and have noted those as being my opinions. 

There are many situations that I can only speculate about. But I will happily update this article as things continue to unwind and come out, because I'm quite sure there will be more to this story. Only time will tell on that I suppose.

Thanks for reading

This blog will switch over and most of the future posts will be about our new company Valentus. However I will continue to update on any noteworthy news about the iGalen situation, for those that want it.

If you want future posts delivered to your inbox simply go to the top right sidebar and subscribe to the blog.

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Dori ONeill

Its a sad but true version of what happened? The out right lies and distortions that came from iGalen after they terminated me, were despicable. The fact is they couldn’t deliver on the promises they made and because of that tragedy we discovered Valentus.

Valentus has done more for our team in 8 weeks than iGalen did in two years.

    Brett Gurney

    and I am truly grateful to you for all that you went through to see that we landed in a good place. I know the hours put in, and the endless searching, investigating, and interviewing that took place. It’s like you moved mountains to make it happen… and fast too. I know I’m not alone in expressing this gratitude. you have a full team that feel the same way. So thanks again 🙂 Apparently there really is a reason for everything. Cheers mate


    …and that’s a FACT!

    Thank you for everything you do, Dori! ~ xo j 🥰

      Brett Gurney

      hi Jana! you deserve a little recognition yourself young lady. I mean after all … look what you did. You built Canada! And if it wasn’t for you … we wouldn’t be here 🙂 You are a selfless servant leader and you deserve all good things coming your way.


Brett, this is absolutely accurate and thank you so much for taking the time to give us this truthful account. You are one of the greatest networkers in the world, bar none! I’m so honoured & privileged to work with you!!!

The blessing is that we have been welcomed & embraced into an incredible company, VALENTUS by its CEO, Dave Jordan and his beautiful wife, Joyce with open arms & the integrity I believed existed somewhere in this inspirational Profession called Network Marketing.

The real joy is that so many of us who never really knew one another have now been bonded together to protect each other andgiven us the greatest gift of friendship we could have ever wished for!

Dori could have completely saved our last company but a super-inflated ego got in the way! God knows he tried! We all did!

It doesn’t matter at all now because we ALL know that the ONLY good thing about IGalen was Dr. Joe Ahrens’ fabulous product called Emulin, along with an arsenal of other products he was prepared to release.

ALWAYS know that there is a SILVER LINING when you are a good person!

To BIGGER & much BETTER things! ~ xo j

    Brett Gurney

    ah… blushingly thank you Jana. HA … I don’t know about all that i just have a big fat desire to make something good happen .. and the wonderful thing about this industry is that’s all a person really needs to succeed. If a person is hungry enough they will find a way.

    I agree with everything you said here. But you deserve a massive credit and thanks to you yourself. Because you did amazing things in Canada. You built iGalen … and for company owners to think they can do what they did and not suffer any repercussions is pure ludicrous.

    We’ve both seen it before. The worst thing company owners can do is mistreat those who are building their company for them. It never ends well for the company. This will not be an exception I’m afraid. So YOU are amazing and I’m so glad i got to meet you and become your friend 🙂


Wow, the world of free speech is real. This blog made me feel sick. Whilst some resembled the truth much of your content is largely fabricated or exaggerated to say the least. Everyone knows you, Jana and Dori left the company (which had been carefully planned and executed over many months).

You are well aware that there was clear evidence in the initially created igalen group’s which you guys call iGlobal or Team United. To say you were fired for no reason is an absolute joke – it’s laughable.

If you want to leave a company just leave – you can’t have your cake and eat it to. I don’t understand why you need to get so nasty. So you weren’t happy, move on soldier. No need for this slander!!!

I thought you had more integrity Brett Gurney. Clearly this is not in your vocabulary. This is why mlm has a bad name.

So very disappointed you stooped this low.

Let’s see if free speech is real and you let this comment show. After what I’ve read and seen I doubt you will.

    Brett Gurney

    hello disappointed! Yes indeed free speech is real! I have no reason to be afraid to post your comment. I’ve nothing to hide. The post was my story, and it was accurate.

    I realize it can become hard to believe when you are hearing two different stories. I get that.

    As far as clear evidence in our team facebook group as to why we were fired is a bit of a stretch though don’t you think? There is no evidence. We were fired just exactly the way I said we were. I know. I was there.

    Actually I take that back. There is documented evidence in the group but not about how we were fired. It’s of us doing it the right way after we were terminated. We announced what happened and we announced our move .. sure of course. It’s our group.

    But what we also announced is for everyone that wanted to know more or join with us were to go to their personal sponsors only. We would not enroll them and we didn’t. There was no pilphering, no cross recruiting, no bottom feeding, no doing things the unethical way. It’s just not how we operate.

    We were able to bring the group over without going outside of our personal networks. It was amazing i must say. We have some amazing teammates. They simply followed the ones they wanted to follow that’s all. The ones they believed.

    But not everyone is going to believe us sure we get it. Not when you have the company and their loyal leaders telling you otherwise.

    However … stay tuned. The rest of the story will be known soon enough no worries.

    I’m not mad at you. Feel free to contact me privately if you would like to ask me any questions or get to know me better.


    Brett Gurney

    btw and just for the record … the thing about it being planned and executed over many months. That’s the conspiracy thing I was alluding to that was made up by the company. Yes there was some fabrication going on…. and that was it. They were reaching … they knew they made a big blunder. Now they have to try and cover their tracks. Just sayin.


    Whoaaaaaaaa Disappointed!

    Very, very interesting that you know so much about our lives and the REAL #truth when you can’t even state your name? WHY is that? Are you afraid of the REAL #truth? Is it your turn next, to be turfed? Or do you think you are the Wizard of Oz? Ha… what a joke that you can’t/won’t reveal yourself??? Brett’s account of our termination is completely accurate. You, however can’t & won’t be so privileged that your “opinion” speaks for us. YOU are a liar. Let’s have a LIVE online discussion with you? Up for it? I am.

    So in terms that you might be able to relate to better… your opinion is BULLSHIT! Yes, complete & utter bullshit, perpetuated by some “little-minded” idiots that think they can read our minds but wouldn’t so much as listen to advice from the actual REAL Leaders in the field that were simply trying to help them create a smoother operation! Grow up and stop buying into the bullshit that makes people disgusted with MLM. We had no intention of leaving, we built the largest TEAM in the company and simply wanted to help our TEAM and the entire company, achieve success & income!

    Anyway, as you well know it doesn’t even matter anymore because what we have found is there are people with integrity out here, we work with them and we are blessed. You, on the other hand have what you deserve. Get the blinders off! Much abundance to you Disappointed.


      Judging by the comment in your fb group Jana your very proud of your reply 😂😂😂.

      You guys are just acting like school yard bullies and this is the reason I posted anonymously

      Iv seen your scathing comments to others when they havent comformed. I’v seen your email campaign putting iGalen down. The main way you have got new recruits is not by speaking of the benefits of your new company but by bad mouthing iGalen. Totally unethical in my humble opinion.

      Frankly I dont give a toss about any of it – except for the product of course, no one can deny Emulin’s magical properties. I gave up the biz side ages ago – to many dramas for my liking but iv seen a few posts here and there and still have friends on both sides in the know. Oh AND I left without all the fuss you guys are causing – shock horror!!!

      That is why i felt compelled to share, Dori’s “opinion” is very one-sided.
      He is definitely lieing about none of you recruiting b4 being terminated – everyone and their dog knows that. I have friends who were contacted by you and dori, hell some of you welcomed people into valentus via the fb groups b4 you were terminated, so you werent even trying to hide it – talk about arrogant. So it begs the question if he’s so blatantly lieing about this, why not everything else?

      Seems to me this blog post was just an opportunity to self promote or recruit by putting others down and for the most part the only ones posting positively were the ones in violation of there igalen
      contract by cross recruiting themselves!

      You guys left for another company and by the sounds of it you needed to. My biggest question is though, why drag other people thru the mud, why not just leave and be done with it. So the CEO didnt want your help, guess what he is CEO and he gets to make that decision. You guys were just distributors nothing more, nothing less – you wanna talk about EGO’s??? It’s honestly embarrassing and gives mlm a bad name. Stop bad mouthing iGalen or who ever has decided not to join you, move on, build a bridge whatever the saying is….

      Bullies never win.

      Note to anyone thinking about joining these people. DONT!!

        Brett Gurney

        hello again disappointed.

        i can easily see by most of your comments that you are both totally and completely uninformed and that you have been fed a line of BS that you believe in so much that you seem to think you have seen it and heard it yourself.

        or maybe you are just a liar with a vendetta.

        But by saying things that you see and hear, that never happened or that don’t exist … well i’m afraid that now you are just starting to make yourself look really foolish.

        I don’t mind people stating their opinions on here at all but I won’t stand for this made up crap. We didn’t even know what Valentus was before the termination and that is documented.

        After the termination happened is when we started looking for a replacement and we didn’t join valentus until 3 or 4 weeks after dori and jana were let go.

        We all have welcome letters from the company that easily proves that … not that we are real concerned whether you believe it or not.

        It’s very obvious that you are only listening to your friends over there in australia… the handful that are left… and the companies BS. They are lying to you all right now as we speak.

        You have absolutely no idea what is really going on here.

        I offered once that you were welcome to contact me privately and ask me all the questions you want but you didn’t want to do that.

        So i’m going to make a recommendation now. Just sit tight and wait for it all to come out. It won’t be too long now and you will know.

        One of the people you are listening to over there just posted something on facebook a day or two ago that said “If you don’t know the whole story, shut up”

        I’m not going to say that, but i will say if you don’t know the whole story then listen, and ask questions.

        If you continue to spread lies on this post I will not let the comments stay any longer. We are done with this back and forth. You are welcome to speak in a civil manner.

        BTW … the people over there that are feeding you this stuff … are basically newbies in the MLM industry … and they are in the process of getting a tough lesson I’m afraid, and it’s going to be a hard landing for some of them as I know some of them are being fooled as well.

        It’s a sad situation.


    Bev Coy

    Take the mask of Disappointed – be open, real and transparent and then you might be taken seriously.

Cheryl-Ann Porter

Hey Brett, as you know I have been a fan, follower and team member of yours for a great many years now and we have navigated the triumphs and pitfalls of several companies together. Yes, this whole mess is totally shocking, however it is very true that people follow people, not companies nor products!

Emulin is a fantastic product and it was the product that drew me to iGalen. It was the product that kept me in all through the 21 Months, multiple excuses and 7 stalled launch dates for Australia and it was the product and team members who supported each other through this all and the truck loads of confusion and contrary information that came out of the company during this time!!!

I stayed on and continued to take an amazing product with much gratitude to it’s developer Dr Joe Ahren’s because what Emulin had done for my health was astonishing and very welcomed.

The termination of an entire line of sponsorship is something totally unheard of in any company yet it happened here, without warning, without proper explanation and without just cause! There is a lot that could be said and added on to what you have already explained too.

Needless to say when the team moved over so did I and I did not approach anyone outside of my personally sponsored members just like the rest of the upline. We all respected the company and other Team Leaders by refusing to talk to their personals about what had happened to protect the integrity of what they had built but no such courtesy nor respect was shown to us!

To date I know of 8 people who were terminated without the right of appeal, inadequate explanation and no warning and they can throw that cross-recruiting label around all they like, 2 people were terminated BEFORE any of us went to Valentus, 4 of us were terminated after we began to build there and 2 more were terminated without joining nor promoting ANY COMPANY, not even iGalen.

The bottom line is that we all spoke to the company and offered to help sort out the mess they were getting into, we all voiced our concerns about things we saw happening that were not right and that is why we had to go!!!!

They did us a huge favour by terminating us all, we no longer had to fight to help save that company, now it’s future is up to them alone!! I wish them luck but you cannot terminate almost all your highest earners and still have a viable proposition on your hands!!

    Brett Gurney

    thank you Cheryl-Ann. You are an amazing leader. You worked your tail end off. Built Australia with your teammates.. You and I speak regularly and frequently and we know exactly how those conversations went. We know exactly how we went about doing things and we can hold our heads high. We did it the right way. You did not deserve what you got.

    I knew they would come after me because i was killing it in valentus. What they don’t know is that I can do that with my own group of friends outside of their company. And there’s nothing in the P & P that states a distributor cannot belong to another mlm company. They only assumed we were cross recruiting when their distributorship bailed on them. But most of those people were simply leaving a non-performing company. You of all people did not deserve to be terminated like that. Everyone knows that.


Royce Manwiller

So, without any inside information, you took Dori’s word that neither he nor Jana did not suggest anything untoward with Dr Ahrens behind iGalen’s back? They said nothing that Dr Ahrens might have construed as a “play” to cut iGalen out of distributing his product or anything like that? Do you know for a fact that Dr Ahrens didn’t speak with Rajen or Kosta mentioning something that could have been determined to be anti-corporate or shady?
I’m just playing devil’s advocate here and trying to make sense of all this.
There’s got to be more than what has come to light for something this radical to have taken place.
I understand that to date, iGalen hasn’t been forthcoming with a concise explanation but we’re all missing a lot of info and only hearing one side. And I realize that Mr Oneill has concurred with your explanation but no one would expect him to admit any self incriminating wrongdoing, unintentional or not. Still confused…..

    Brett Gurney

    Hi Royce. yes i know it for a fact and so will you. I’ve been friends with Dori for over 20 years now. We talk about everything. we speak daily multiple times. I know everything that went on.

    There was no underhanded behind closed doors conspiracies taking place all along like the company is saying. No one had been trying to undercut and conspire and trick and do this and do that. That would be like cutting our own throats wouldn’t you agree?

    We offered to help. Dori could have fixed the mess they got themselves into.

    But in my honest opinion… the fact that he could do that was threatening to someone else that couldn’t. And that’s what lead to what happened. If there was a conspiracy that was it. That’s my opinion that I’m entitled to. But to me and with who’s involved it’s obvious.

    I can so totally understand just how confusing all this must seem for you right now… and for everyone else that is hearing conflicting stories. But there’s only one right story. And I just told most of it.


    I think it goes without saying that they must have said something to Dr. Ahrens that pissed someone off or as you put it was determined to be “anti-corporate or shady.” The problem is they were terminated and lost six figure monthly incomes without being told EXACTLY what it is they said or did. To think that a person who works to build a six figure monthly income would for no reason start to conspire against the hand that is feeding them is counter-intuitive. It’s only logical to believe that these people wanted the company that was paying them that kind of money to succeed, fail. I’m no Judge Judy but common sense dictates in this case.

      Brett Gurney

      Thanks Vernon for the comments. And yes you have approached it with a common sense perspective. Cheers

Vicki Jackson

Sorry to hear of your termination Brettand others from the company. Thank you for advising further, I can still see problems ahead as things are not improving at present.
Unfortunately it is still a mess – especially the Australian Business which is in big trouble – no information coming out of HO, no BV if we order Klamax and Emulin E and my Distributors are placing orders and the warehouse doesn’t ship anything until you enquire after 3 weeks??? Where is the order? I’m really sorry because these are 2 great products. I look to see if they will rectify this mess.

    Brett Gurney

    oh boy … and yea I kind of knew that as well. It’s not hard to see. I think most of us know where this train is headed.

    Thanks Vicki.


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