Valentus Weight Loss Coffee – Complete Guide To SlimROAST Optimum
Valentus weight loss coffee
Valentus weight loss coffee

SlimROAST Optimum, the Amazing Valentus Weight Loss Coffee!

Having just gotten involved with the Valentus company, we want to have a topic of discussion on their flagship product. The Valentus weight loss coffee, SlimROAST Optimum, has quickly becoming a smashing success since it's addition to the Valentus product line.

"This amazing weight loss coffee is an innovative product. A great tasting neurological solution for optimal performance.."



Valentus announced a new and improved Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine at their 2019 Internationl Convention in Orlando Sept. '19. This new and improved formula will replace the existing Slimroast. Until I can update this page with the new product please go to the Latest Valentus Products page to get the information. Thank You! Brett Gurney

Anything that helps people with their moods, increases their energy, and has them losing up to 5 pounds in their first week of consumption, to us is worth blabbing about!

And the Valentus weight loss coffee does just exactly that!

So lets get right to it. Follow us as we unwrap the secret sauce that makes up this amazing feel-good coffee brew.

Splendid we say!

The Valentus weight loss coffee was added to the company in May of this year 2018. It is the creation of another new addition to the team ... world famous product formulator Kevin Thomas!

Kevin formulated the SlimRoast Optimum exclusively for Valentus

It is their special blend. It is not being used or sold by any other companies. And it's been a great addition, because as we are quickly learning, weight loss coffee is something that a LOT of people want!

Much of this blog post will be focused on Kevin and his interview with Valentus CEO Dave Jordan. But before we get into that interview, let me tell you a little about what SlimRoast Optimum coffee will do for you.

Exclusive functional coffee formulated to:

  • bullseye
    Crush Cravings *
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    Increase Energy *.
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    Metabolize Fat to Energy *
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    Help Regulate Blood Sugar *
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    Improve Mood & Focus *
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    Boosts Circulation and Oxygen Delivery *

excess weight is an issue for millions of people around the world

We all know that . And for some of those people, shedding even a few of those pounds can be a very difficult task. To say they struggle with it could be an understatement.

Valentus Slimroast Optimum weight loss coffee was designed to help those people. Weight control becomes manageable for many with SlimRoast.

To have a daily solution to weight management with something that people are already doing is masterful. 

Valentus weight loss coffee

It doesn't matter if your previous weight loss efforts bombed. Having the ability to turn off your unhealthy cravings is the answer that will finally work.

Your appetite is controlled by your cravings.

With the Valentus weight loss coffee exclusive and uniquely formulated neurological system, your brain can turn off the hunger triggers.

It doesn't happen with any one nutrient or ingredient. SlimRoast weight loss coffee by Valentus' special "Neurogical System for Optimum Performance" can only be accomplished with the formula.

The secret ... stacking nutrients

The secret ... stacking a group of independently performing nutrients that work together in synergy. That's just the beginning through. The stack then must be delivered to the proper places in the brain.

In addition, the receptors responsible for alertness, memory, and focus are optimized for full metabolic functions. You'll be able to crush your cravings while increasing your energy.

That's not all!

Your body will learn to metabolize fat into energy while helping it regulate blood sugars.

Maintaining a good mood and staying focused is yet another result of balancing and optimizing the brain functions.

Valentus weight loss coffee

With your daily dose of Valentus SlimRoast Optimum weight loss coffee you will get in balance, stay in balance, and maintain full control over those cravings.

Activities in the body that assist nitric oxide creation and circulation is critical for optimizing nutrient performance. Valentus weight loss coffee is formulated especially for this. It contains feel-good ingredients and detox elements powered by VASO6™ (a nitric oxide anti-oxident booster) for optimal circulation and oxygen delivery.

Phew! That was a mouthful. Hope it made sense!

In laymen terms ...

SlimRoast Optimum weight loss coffee by Valentus is the perfect vehicle for your weight loss program! Who wouldn't want a delicious Cup of Joe that does that?

Okay! But how does it taste?

Valentus weight loss coffee is delicious and the results are exciting.

But don't take our word for it ... try it for yourself!

Before the interview begins, Valentus CEO and Founder Dave Jordon starts by giving us a few exciting statistics about the state of the company.

Company growth

The growth that we've had over the past five months with SlimRoast Optimum coffee have been nothing short of phenomenal.

Sample Program

The SlimRoast Optimum samples have been a huge hit. That program will be continued.


We have been growing 10 to 15,000 a day over the last month. It's been record sales.


Breaking Barriers

We have grown over the past five months during the slowest time of the year.

Attracting Leaders

Industry leaders have joined us in the last 60 days at a pace we've never seen before.


New Products

But we're just getting started. Over the next 12 months you're going to see the new products.

Next Generation

We are becoming the talk of the industry.  This is the place to be.

Game Changer

The Valentus weight loss coffee is a game-changing product.

New Product Formulator

Kevin Thomas has been a magnificent addition to the team.

Interview With Valentus Weight Loss Coffee Formulator Kevin Thomas

Dave Jordan: "Here's a guy that doesn't take any shortcuts. Kevin, I want to ask you to to say a few things about this product. The floor is yours take it away my man."

Kevin Thomas:

Before we jump into the details about the questions, I've got to tell you why are we taking optimum in the first place. What's the promise that are we looking for?

We're looking for mood, appetite, energy. We want to improve our hormones. Improve our reactions to our moods, our ability to recover, and get in a better mood.

Something you can feel and that'
s immediate. Something that you're going to notice in the first half an hour taking the product.

Mood and appetite. I want to slam the appetite, crush the cravings, and do so without getting hungry an hour later.

I want to do it for four, or five, or six sustained hours. Mood, appetite, energy. And I want to get energy from not only the coffee but also from the other thermogenic nutrients and the new atrophic nutrients that are all working together.

So mood, appetite, and energy, that's the promise. That's what the product does. That's what people are experiencing and that's why it is so dramatic.

and now for the q & a

Q: Question for Kevin ... is there any way that any ingredient would ever be changed on this product?

A: No, there's no way. There's no benefit to changing it. When you get something that works you don't change it. It's not worth chasing a penny. We are a good manufacturing practices compliant corporation audited by the National Sanitation Foundation, audited by the FDA. We put labels on the products and once we establish a label on the product we stay true to that specific formula.

It's all audited down to every single lot number and every origin of every ingredient. If the label changes then the formula changes, but it didn't change and it's not going to change.

If we ever find something that's new or invented in the future that we don't know about today, we're going to go to the field and ask them. We're going to do samples and we're going to try it before we make a change.

This is a partnership. We're not selling to anybody we're selling through everybody. We're a partnership so nothing has changed and nothing will change without the partnership of the fields approval first.

Summary: Ingredient particles vary in size and do settle which can affect the appearance. Give the tub a
shake to evenly distribute ingredients prior to use.

Q: We picked through some of the leadership's questions and so now I want to ask you ... is the SlimRoast Optimum an alkaline or acidic coffee?

A: All coffees have a standard pH of about five to six. Optimum is still coffee. It has the same pH as other coffees that is below neutral.

All coffees are slightly acidic. You shouldn't over consume coffee. It's in the five to six range. Neutral is seven pH.

If you're on an alkaline diet and you're doing so for other therapies, eat alkaline forming foods. Coffee is not an alkaline forming food so don't overdo the coffee. If you're chasing an alkaline diet you only need one cup a day to achieve the mood, appetite, energy promise.

Summary: All coffee is slightly acidic, registering approximately 5.5, with 7 being neutral. Valentus weight loss coffee is no different.

Q: I'll go to next question. Can Optimum be added to boiling water?

A: Yes but drinking boiling water could possibly cause a challenge. Absolutely add it to the boiling water that's fine.

You wouldn't want to sit there and cook this product in a boil for a long time. You don't have to brew this coffee it's already been brewed. It's an instant so you can bring your coffee up to a boil then put it in there that's fine.

Some people mix it with other coffees. Just make sure that your temperatures right so you don't burn your lips in your mouth but you're not going to hurt the product unless you're  over a 10 minute boil

Valentus weight loss coffee

Summary: water temperature does not affect the ingredients in SlimRoast Optimum. Treat Optimum as instant coffee, that has already been brewed. No need to brew again. Just add it to hot water, stir and enjoy!

Q: Should Optimum be taken with a specific diet or schedule?

A: Optimal is powerful enough to be used on its own as a crave crushing coffee. Remember the promises ... mood, appetite, energy.

That's what you're looking for. Using this product in conjunction with a good diet and exercise program will further boost the success in reaching your weight loss goals.

All diets should recommend controlling your appetite and adding exercise.

It's not about what the product can do for me, it's how can I partnership with the product. If you just take the magic coffee you're going to get an effect ... but if you add it to diet and exercise management you're really going to compound the effect.

Summary: SlimRoast Optimum will work on it's own, but it will work better if used in conjunction with a healthier lifestyle.

Q: Is there any long-term negative effects I should be concerned about with taking the Optimum daily?

A: No there's no negative effects reported from consuming any of the ingredients in this product individually or combined. We've been marketing and testing for many many years.

Millions and millions of doses and there's no reported negative effects. It's been carefully formulated with safety in mind. You want to keep the body balanced while improving the mood to focus, and turning off the cravings.

The product does that so you're not going to have a problem long-term.

Summary: Millions of doses over a period of many years have not produced any documented health risks.

Q: Next question ... this person writes, I gave someone an Optimum to try and they crashed. They were exhausted. What would cause this and what should you suggest for them to do?

A: Imagine someone falling asleep after a cup of coffee. It's rare but it happens. Some people have a sensitivity to ingredients such as caffeine and other stimulants which can cause a reversing reaction. Rather than feeling alert and upbeat they feel tired and exhausted.

So these people should try a half dose. What happens hormonally with caffeine and stimulants and other energy things ... their body goes on tilt.

They overreact hormonally from an energy and adrenaline standpoint and it actually voids everything. They may normally be a little more hyperactive or they may have a little higher heart rate.

A higher metabolic rate than the average person and they might be a little bit more athletic. For that person a half dose or half a cup now and a half a cup in an hour. If they balance it that way they won't get into overload and overload results in shut down.

Summary: Different people have different reactions to coffee. For some, it wakes them up. For others, there is no effect or just the opposite effect.  Although rare, it can make them tired. In this regard, Valentus weight loss coffee is the same as with any product ... individual results may vary.

Q: Okay here's the next one Kevin. Can consumption of SlimRoast Optimum result in high blood pressure or blood pressure spikes?

A: Optimum should not have an extended effect on blood pressure. However temporary increase is expected immediately after an ingestion.

After all we're taking stimulants and activators. We're turning out our metabolism and waking up the sleeping giant inside of us so you're going to see that reaction with your blood pressure. A temporary spike

The label warning states that people with high blood pressure should consult with their physician prior to taking Optimum. For those with sensitivity to stimulants our advice is to lower their dose.

If blood pressure spikes are experienced during consumption that's too loud ... it's too much. It's okay if you calm down the dose and get your body active. Your metabolism is more than a diet response. Get active ...start walking around and get that circulation going.

Summary: As with any weight management product, it's best to consult your physician prior to consumption.

Q: So the next question is consuming Optimum but not seeing results. I've been drinking water and eating well but not seeing results ... how do you address that question?

A: Drinking water is great and the product will actually give you a little dry mouth and make you a little thirsty which helps promote your water intake.

Often times people think that they're eating well. But just because they are eating volume does not always mean they are eating smart and watching their calories.

When someone says they're not seeing results ... remember mood, appetite, and energy. I didn't say weight loss. Weight loss is a side effect.

If we first fix the mood and the appetite and re-manage the energy, that is going to result in pounds lost. Because we've taken control of our body we're not focusing on the comfort foods. And we're not chasing all those carbohydrates that give us that that opiates satiety in the brain.

You can't just take the Valentus weight loss coffee and expect the pants to fall off your butt. Sure you're going to lose a little, and lots of people lose it that way, but it's better if you participate with your diet program and a little exercise.

Everybody's metabolic rates are different.  Our blood types are different. If this empowers you to say no to the wrong kind of eating at the wrong kind of times then you can eat a perfectly balanced meal.

Summary: Weight loss is merely a side effect. The primary function of the ingredients in SlimRoast Optimum are mood enhancement, appetite suppression and energy. Better mood, a feeling of satiety and more energy will naturally result in eating less, moving more and a difference in weight over time

Q: Can SlimRoast Optimum be added to regular coffee?

A: So you're going to make a really strong coffee if you want to do that. Some people take half a serving of Optimum with the regular coffee.

They like their different varieties of taste. They also want to spread that mood, appetite, and energy control out over the day. Maybe get six to eight hours worth of control of not wanting to eat or be hungry.

Valentus weight loss coffee

Yeah, you can add it to regular coffee or you can take it the way it is. You could be your own barista and flavor things and use things how you want. 

Summary: as a matter of personal preference and taste, adding either a 1/2 scoop or full scoop to your
favorite brewed coffee will result in a darker, more intensely-favored coffee.

Q: Another question ... can the Optimum be taken with the Keto Creamer and what's the best way?

A: Yes, this is an excellent way for keto dieters to maintain their ketosis while limiting their caloric intake.

Fat adaptogen nutrients are in the Keto Creamer. That's why we made it to blend in coffees. You're going to keep your body in ketosis and make your body promote a fat adapted lifestyle where it burns fat for energy.

So Keto Creamer inside your Optimum promotes fat burning. The reason the body burns those fats is that ketones in the brain create energy in the brain to create satiety in the brain.

I'm going to burn up the fat as energy. Then I'm going to get glucose energy to sugar energy and I'll be able to burn them both and that's why you want to get into ketosis.

You can mix the Keto Creamer with the chocolates or with anything else. It really makes stuff taste good I like it too.

Summary: For those who are following a ketogenic diet and are in ketosis where their body burns fat rather
than sugars for energy, the Keto Creamer is a delicious way to introduce healthy fats with each cup.

Q: Is the source of the coffee beans organic? The concerns maybe that are they sprayed with pesticides?

A: All of my coffee beans actually comes from a coffee tree coffee plant 100%. The coffee is certified organic under USDA standards is one way, then there's international standards for organic certification.

Pesticide free is the intent of the growers but there's rampant pesticides all over planet Earth. I have other crops that I grow of my own and I do it completely organic.

But we're still finding parts per trillion. Small micro trace amounts. We do have organic farms and we use highland mountain coffees.

If you think about coffee plantations these are generational assets passed down from family to family. This isn't some guy just started to go plant some stuff yesterday.

This is in Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Peru. These are all plantations that really care about their crops because that's their livelihood for hundreds of years.

It is not technically organic certified but it has been lab tested to verify the absence of pesticides and horticultural chemicals.

Summary: The coffee in SlimRoast Optimum is not "certified" organic by the federal government. However, the coffee has been lab-tested and verified to be pesticide and chemical-free.

Q: Last question ... Can I drink more than one cup a day?

A: Typically, one cup a day is all that is needed, however, some may prefer to drink a second cup in the afternoon. You can also split the dose (1/2 scoop in the morning and 1/2 scoop in the afternoon) for longer, more consistent appetite suppression and prolonged energy.

here's a recording of the interview!

Kevin Thomas slimRoast optimum creator and CEO of Alternative Laboratories, LLC

Valentus weight loss coffee

Kevin Thomas

more thoughts from SlimRoast weight loss coffee creator kevin thomas

Valentus Ceo Dave Jordan to Kevin Thomas: Kevin can you tell us what might be in store for 2019?

What people do is say when they come out with X product then I'll get excited about building my business and creating my retirement.

I don't want people to wait for product X because product X is here right now. You have an excellent product in Valentus weight loss coffee. SlimRoast Optimum it's a business on it's own. It's absolutely a game-changer. Start to build on that

And we're going to expand it. I've been 38 years now in nutritional supplement manufacturing. Over 3,000 products and they've turned into billions and billions of dollars worth of enterprises ... especially in the direct sales marketplace.

Valentus weight loss coffee

We are an invention factory. We are the Willy Wonka of nutrition. In my facility I've got all kinds of scientists and chemists. We've got agricultural fields and farms across the United States. They're all ours they're all vertically integrated.

we supply the innovators

I don't have retail brands. Instead I count on the Dave Jordan's of the world and I count on my critical partnerships. I select those partnerships carefully.

We've got four different widgets that we're working on that's unique  that the other guys don't have.  It's really exciting. It will make metabolic changes.

When you consume a product like SlimRoast Optimum that causes a dramatic experience ... now  that's going to be a business builder because it's a life changer. We can change people's lives through health and wellness. We have a pipeline of innovations and new ideas and technologies. When you have that from an experienced industry provider that's committed to the trade,  it's endless what the opportunities are that's going to unfold.

We have that partnership with
Valentus. You have the right teams. I'm coming to your conventions. I'm coming to your meetings and listening to people and to the groups. I want you guys to be the partners and formulations not the victim of a product.

It's important to be a partner and that's how we approach this. Dave, you and I are doing really great things together.

I Have More Information For You!

To learn more about Valentus and their weight loss coffee ... and the rest of the product line ...and the new products coming ... click the button below! 

"I've dropped inches and 4 lbs in ONE week! I'm so excited for everyone willing to give it a try. Woohoo!!"

Jana Jorgenson, Canada

"I'm enjoying my SlimRoast every morning and for the last 3 weeks and have lost 5 lbs. and my cravings too! So, I am very happy with my coffee!"

Ileana Pizarro, Puerto Rico

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We take great pride in the quality of our products. We are confident that Valentus Prevail functional beverages are the most effective and complete weight management, energy, immune and lifestyle products on the market today. Enjoy a 90-day 100% product satisfaction guarantee. Valentus offers a pro-rated product refund on the registered customer’s first order only (any remaining unopened, sealed and re-saleable condition whole box(es) only) if returned within 90-days from original date of purchase (less shipping and handling).

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