Valentus SlimRoast Optimum Coffee Benefits – New & Improved Mix 2020!

Valentus SlimRoast Optimum Coffee Benefits – The Happy Healthy Coffee! New Formulas 2020


Valentus announced a new and improved Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine at their 2019 International Convention in Orlando Sept. '19. The Dynamine mix replaces the existing Slimroast, but they also added an even newer ThermoRoast for 2020 and it's HOT! Check out Dynamine and ThermoRoast!

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Looking for a review on SlimRoast Optimum Coffee benefits? Keep reading.

Our amazing SlimRoast Optimum Coffee is an innovative product. A great tasting neurological coffee for optimal performance.

The Many Benefits Of SlimRoast Optimum

In this post we will answer the question "what does SlimRoast Optimum do".  And we'll go over a lot of the benefits one can expect from consuming this amazing coffee.

It's not uncommon for people to go through a lifelong struggle trying to lose weight and get healthy. To say it can be a painful process for many is an understatement.  So many different things to try. So many different things to do.  Some conventional and some not so conventional. Mostly unpleasant.

SlimRoast Optimum Coffee benefits

For many the weight loss roller coaster becomes frustrating when the results don't seem to pair with the work.. There should be a balance. It should be okay to enjoy life's many luxuries as well... without having to pay the price or feel guilty about it.

So to to have a daily solution to weight management with something that most people already love doing is masterful. Millions love coffee. It's the single most consumed beverage in the world after water.

The SlimRoast Optimum Coffee benefits are in abundance. You are in for a treat.  Having the ability to turn off unhealthy cravings is the answer that will finally work. It won't matter if previous weight loss efforts have bombed. This is the one that can do the trick. We are proving it daily.

Your appetite is controlled by your cravings

With the SlimRoast Optimum coffee exclusive and uniquely formulated neurological system, your brain can turn off the hunger triggers.

In addition, the receptors responsible for alertness, memory, and focus are optimized for full metabolic functions. You'll be able to crush your cravings while increasing your energy.

That's not all. Your body will learn to metabolize fat into energy while helping it regulate blood sugars. 

SlimRoast Optimum Coffee benefits

Maintaining a good mood and staying focused is yet another result of balancing and optimizing the brain functions.

So when that question "what are the SlimRoast Optimum Coffee benefits" comes up ... or "what does Slimroast Optimum coffee do", I can tell you there's not a quick answer. But there's a good answer.

SlimRoast Optimum will crush your cravings

One of the main benefits of SlimRoast is it's ability to crush your cravings.

With your daily dose of Valentus SlimRoast Optimum weight loss coffee you will get in balance, stay in balance, and maintain full control over those cravings.

It's those cravings that lead to unhealthy habits and unhealthy weight gains.

Do you know it's your brain that triggers those cravings? And since your appetite is controlled by those cravings, then it stands to reason we need to get the brain right.

SlimRoast Optimum helps us make smarter choices. It works neurologically to block the signals that lead to those unhealthy cravings.

The unique formula, crafted by the well known Kevin Thomas, contains special nutrients. These nutrients work together to nourish and reset the brain receptors responsible for feelings of hunger, and for feeling full or satisfied.

That's not all SlimRoast Optimum Coffee does

The SlimRoast formula also affects metabolic functions that are responsible for alertness, memory, and focus.

There are a lot of factors involved with the activities that lead to cravings. So it takes a special and a perfect blend to reverse those activities. The nutrients must be in perfect proportion and work synergistically together.

SlimRoast Optimum Coffee benefits

Some refer to this as nutrient stacking. But it's not something that just anyone can do. It takes a person that is well trained and with years of experience. The kind of experience and education a person does not learn overnight. It would require years of study.

It really does take an expert to get it right. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it.

But everyone is not doing it. No one else is doing it like Valentus is doing it. It's their unique formulation that is responsible for the amazing SlimRoast Optimum benefits that so many are enjoying.

There are more SlimRoast Optimum coffee benefits

Something else that SlimRoast Optimum Coffee does. It will help you turn fat into energy. Metabolizing fat so it works to fuel the body as opposed to sitting dormant is another amazing function of SlimRoast Optimum.

That says a lot. Is there anything else that SlimRoast Optimum Coffee can do?

Yes there is ... in fact there's plenty more. SlimRoast works to promote the production of nitric oxide. A very important factor for optimizing nutrient potential. When we take nutrients, we want them to work in the body, not just pass through. Nitric oxide aides in that process.

SlimRoast Optimum will make you happy

Here's another powerful SlimRoast Optimum Coffee benefit. A mood enhancement. It contains PEA (phenylethylamine) ... also known as the love molecule. That feel-good sensation that accompanies being in love and feeling of satisfaction.

Who doesn't want to drink coffee that makes you happy and that puts you in a good mood? I think everyone wants that.

So what does SlimRoast Optimum coffee do? In simple terms, it helps you manage weight, stay focused, be energized, and feel good.

That's why some of us call it happy, healthy, weight loss coffee.

SlimRoast Optimum Coffee benefits

These are not the only benefits of SlimRoast Optimum coffee

There is one more thing that SlimRoast Optimum Coffee does that is well worth talking about. Another amazing SlimRoast benefit. It helps manage and regulate blood sugar. Getting the body in balance and reducing cravings for carbs and sweets goes a long way in getting sugar issues under control.

Being energized and staying active helps control sugar too. Exercise and the motivations that result from energy and feeling happy can do amazing things for the human brain and body.

Put SlimRoast Optimum In Your Cup!

Get some Valentus SlimRoast Optimum Coffee in your cup and stomp out those nasty cravings that are so hard to control. Put yourself on the fast track to a good manageable weight and an amazing frame of mind. And enjoy!

The Spectacular VASO6™ SlimRoast Optimum Coffee Benefit

What is VAS06™?
Most athletes understand the performance and nutrient delivery benefits of increased blood flow. VASO6™ is a new, natural, and patented ingredient for Nitric Oxide production and blood flow. VASO6™ is a proprietary green tea oligomer found within the plant.

How Much More Effective? 10X
Studies show that VAS06 leads to 50% widening of blood vessels that results from relaxation of the muscular walls of the vessels, this process is call vasodilation.

VASO6™ increases Nitric Oxide production. The result:  Endothelian-dependent relaxation (EDR). EDR greatly improves nutrient delivery. And you get better performance in the gym!

Benefits of VASO6™

  • 1
  • 2
    Increases Nitric Oxide Production
  • 3
    More efficient blood flow
  • 4
    ATP production
  • 5
    Muscle Recovery
  • 6
    Superior nutrient delivery
  • 7
    Antioxidant effect
  • 8
    Stamina and Endurance


Your weight management is effected by these 3 things:

  • What we put into our body
  • how Active We Are
  • How well we can control our cravings

Your body needs the right nutrition in the right doses. Learning to eat better foods and in the proper proportions is a must. Staying active and exercising regularly are just as important when it comes to weight management. And finding a way to control those cravings is the finishing touch.

SilmRoast Optimum can help you with all those things. We all need help from time to time. One cup of Valentus happy, healthy, weight loss coffee per day and you can become a new person with a better and brighter outlook on everything.

What We Put into Our Body

Our bodies needs the right fuels in the right quantities to lose unwanted fat. Better choices begin with lowering our consumption of processed foods and artificial substances. We should all switch to whole foods and lower our salt, sugar, and unhealthy fat intake. It’s time to treat our bodies the way they were intended to be treated.

How Active We Are

We need to engage in physical activity that we enjoy every day. It doesn’t need to be extreme. A simple walk, taking the stairs, or riding a bike. Anything that is more than what we did the day before. The key is, whatever works for our schedules should be done on a regular basis.

Gaining The Willpower To Just Say No

This Is The SlimROAST Optimum Advantage. Drinking SlimRoast Optimum dark roast coffee puts us in control. Our appetites are controlled by cravings and cravings are controlled by our minds. What if our brain had the ability to talk us out of those cravings? With SlimRoast it does. It doesn’t matter if we’ve failed in our previous weight loss efforts — now we can do it by “CRUSHING CRAVINGS”.

I hope this has helped you see more clearly the Valentus SlimRoast Optimum Coffee benefits and just how powerful they really are. 

We encourage you to put SlimRoast in your cup! Give it a try! Order Here

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Elvis Lee

How many coffee/caffeine content in Optimum Dark Roast Coffee. Thank you.

    Brett Gurney

    hey elvis … it’s about 100 mg in a serving of the optimum

Nancy Willis

Hi. I’d like to give Optimum Dark Roast Coffee a try, but I’m leery about the 100 mg of caffeine/cup. My central nervous system doesn’t do well with that much caffeine. Do you have any other products w/ less caffeine?

Brett Gurney

hi nancy … completely understand your concern … it would be great though if you could ease yourself into it by starting with small amounts. Thats what a lot of other people have done that were also concerned about the caffeine and they are doing great. You could start with 1/4 or 1/2 dose to test. It will be worth it if you can get it to work. You can purchase the coffee here also, I’m checking for you to see if the cocoa has the same amount of caffeine. Everything else is exactly the same formulation so it works great too.

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