Valentus Prevail Max Product Review – AKA PrevailMAX – It's A Shocker!

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review – AKA PrevailMAX – This Product Will SHOCK You!

Today we are talking about another amazing Valentus product that is not a beverage at all. It is a spray. This Valentus Prevail Max Product Review, AKA PrevailMAX, is going to give you the ins and outs, the ups and down, and the all around of this amazing product.

The Valentus Prevail Max product doesn't get talked about as often as their flagship product SlimRoast Optimun does. But make no mistake, Max is gaining the attention of Valentus product users more and more every day.

There is some very cool science behind the Prevail Max product and once you see how it works you will want to try it out too! I have so much to tell you about!

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review

So, what The Heck is so great about the Valentus Prevail Max Product anyway?

Good question!  What the heck is Prevail Max and what does it do? And we have your answers.

I'm going to summarize this post now, and tell you what Max will do for your body. Then I will tell you what it is and how it does what it does ... sound good?

Ok so lets go ...

What Does the Valentus PrevailMAX Product Do?

  • 1
    The PrevailMAX primary function is to increase and maximize your blood flow
  • 2
    Great things happen with your health when your blood flow and cardiovascular systems are functioning as they should
  • 3
    An increase in blood flow and circulation can help promote cell growth and organ function. Two very major body functions
  • 4
    Muscles benefit from improved blood flow as well. They get more oxygen. Do you work out? Do you like that famous pump? Are you noticing it's harder to get that pump as time goes by?
  • 5
    Work harder and recover faster. Protect your heart. And your skin too. Improving your blood flow may be the most beneficial thing you ever do for your body
  • 6
    Healthy skin will fight off bacteria and infections. When your heart pumps properly and fully, your heart rate lowers, relaxes, and the blood flows evenly and smoothly
  • 7
    A good circulatory system helps improve brain function and can keep your mind more alert, focused and sharp. And you'll handle those stressful situations easier and better
valentus prevail max


Prevail Max

PrevailMAX™ is a breakthrough in nutrition that provides support at the cellular level, allowing the body maximum absorption of the nutrients in supplements and food.

we all suffer from less than ideal blood cell health

Prevail Max increases and maximizes blood flow. We all have red blood cells that are not in the best of condition. They just are not able to do their jobs as best that they could. And according to Dr Shawn Mueller, the creator of the Valentus Prevail Max product, this is a condition that affects every single one of us.

Value Bomb

"One of the most important features of a healthy red blood cell is its ability to maintain maximum hydration, or what is also referred to as osmotic pressure. Under a microscope, this essential characteristic is similar to a fully inflated basketball – the cell becomes round and tight".

Prevail Max fixes this problem. It is a nutritional breakthrough that revitalizes these unhealthy and denigrating blood cells, bringing them back to their preferred condition.

Healthy blood cells allow the body to deliver nutrients better

Healthy blood cells and blood flow allow the body to deliver nutrients better, and assists in a more complete and faster absorption of those nutrients.

The result: you will feel more energy and the ability to focus like never before.

The more scientific answer: "Electromagnetically charging the cells enhances their osmotic pressure, thus inducing rapid cellular hydration and the ability to carry vitamins and minerals into the cells."

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review

Ok that was a mouthfull ... did you get all that? You either eh? .... no worries we are going to break it down for the average person that just want to get healthier and feel better.

The secret? Prevail Max spray in a fine mist.

PrevailMAX spray to the rescue. Nano sized particles small enough to penetrate straight to the cells membranes when sprayed in the mouth. Trace amounts that include sodium, potassium, boron, chromium, copper, iodine, manganese, selenium, silica, and zinc.

These 10 trace mineral elements have been electromagnetically charged through a proprietary manufacturing process at the molecular level. The process induces increased osmotic pressure and intra-cellular homeostasis.

In other words, Prevail MAX oxygenates your blood!

Lets talk for a minute about these red blood cells ... and in particular ... what makes a blood cell healthy and what makes one unhealthy.

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review

Good question right?

Here's the answer. ... a healthy blood cell is fully hydrated, and it maintains that hydration fully and completely. "Osmotic pressure" brings the cells to this full state of "hydration". A blood cell with ideal "osmotic pressure" is full, round, and tight. Like my analogy used above of a fully inflated basketball.

The problem is that most people do not have a full range of ideal osmotically pressurized blood cells. 

Valentus Prevail Max is a miracle for unhealthy blood cells

So these unhealthy, or under-inflated red blood cells do not flow smoothly. They become odd shaped, ovulated, and elongated. This causes them to stick together in clumps. It's is not the ideal scenario at all. We want full round tight bloods cells that flow freely and quickly.

Now bring on the Prevail Max product. When Max goes to work literally in seconds it begins a process that electromagnetically charges the cells and this is what enhances the osmotic pressure bringing it to full hydration.

And once again the result ... allowing the blood stream to more effectively transport the vitamins and minerals that we consume, to where they need to go.


Now this might all sound a little complex ... am I right? But no worries I'm providing a couple of videos below that will show you exactly what we are talking about here.

But first ...

12 Noteworthy Features Of PrevailMAX!

  • 1
    PrevailMAX™ is supercharged electrolytes that charge your cells, re-inflates them, and spaces them apart so they can float freely through your body
  • 2
    Once they are apart and have regained a healthy shape and fluidity, the cells can absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins at a much higher capacity
  • 3
    Nutrients are delivered inside your cells far better than before
  • 4
    Quick to use and tastes great (with a hint of mint for fresh breath!)
  • 5
    Takes only seconds to administer orally, four sprays just 3x per day
  • 6
    Will see results show up in your life within only minutes and lasts for hours
  • 7
    Easy to share, based on your excitement about your own life experience
  • 8
    Patent-pending technology unlike any other in the world
  • 9
    Global exclusive network marketing rights secured by Valentus
  • 10
    Today's average consumer have what doctors call "sticky blood" that comes from everyday occurrences
  • 11
    Poor eating and unhealthy habits cause sticky blood to "stack up" like a roll of coins, preventing nutrients from being properly absorbed
  • 12
    Valentus has a ground-breaking technology so revolutionary that the results are visible under a microscope in just minutes

PrevailMAX secrets lie in manufacturing  and the Delivery Method

Some of the secret behind the Valentus Prevail Max product lies in the manufacturing process and delivery mechanism. You cannot duplicate the Max affects by taking the active ingredients individually. The micro ingredients that spray in nano-sized proportions work synergistically together to penetrate into the cells in record time. This is a product working at the cellular and molecular level.

These patented processes are what make Prevail Max not only unique in nature, but exclusive to Valentus as well. No one else has this product. It was precisely formulated for Valentus exclusivity. So enjoy!

And now ... this is great ... I will provide notes from the creator himself Dr. Shawn Meuller taken from his video which is also provided below.

Here's how the valentus prevail max product works 

Dr. Shawn says ... I want to take this opportunity to show you exactly how this product works and why it's so effective.

First and foremost - it works at a cellular level engaging our red blood cells which is called the erythrocytes.

So the Dr. Meuller draws a picture of an erythrocyte ... and it's juts a circle. He calls this circle a healthy red blood cell.

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review

He continues to say "here's where PrevailMAX comes into play that affects each and every one of us. We all have red blood cells that are unhealthy. Nine times out of 10 they are going to look like this ( draws another picture next to the circle that is anything but a circle).

Then he explains about sticky blood. Our unhealthy, abnormally shaped red blood cells do now flow well. They stick together and create groups of clumps ... and they flow in a slow and erratic way.

it is essential our blood flows quickly and smoothly 

We need our blood to flow quickly and smoothly for optimum performance in so many ways. Smooth flowing blood means smooth transition of vital nutrients and minerals that we need for our bodies to function at their best.

Slow moving blood is not transporting anything. Becoming lethargic and low on energy is a classic result of being nutrient deficient. We need to get those nutrients to our brain to have mental clarity, focus, and positive thought patterns.

It doesn't do anyone any good to supplement with nutrients and minerals if they are not getting to where they need to go. Makes sense right?

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review

And that is what's happening when our blood cells have lack of oxygen and low osmotic pressure. We need that big round full tight basketball looking blood cell.

PrevailMAX is exactly what our bodies need 

When our blood system is working and flowing properly we take in the good, get it where it needs to go, and purge out the bad. A continual replenishing and cleansing cycle.

Without purging the bad we build up dangerous levels of toxins that create a number of adverse effects. We get sick and diseased.

Our Valentus Prevail Max product is state-of-the-art high tech nutrition that works at a molecular level involving nano particles that absorb straight into the cells and start working immediately. It's not like anything else out there. You can literally look into a microscope and see it working.

It doesn't matter how many nutritional products you take or how good they are if they are not being delivered where they need to go. It is absolutely essential to have your foundation health in tip top shape in order for any nutritional regimen to work at it's peak.

Prevail Max is easy to take and starts working immediately

Here's how incredibly easy the Prevail Max product is to take. 4 spray shots into the mouth. That's it. No ingesting and no waiting for hours or days for the effects. And it begins working in 2 minutes every time.

Not only can you see PrevailMAX working under a microscope by watching the blood cells begin flowing smoothly and quickly, you can also see the glow of an electromagnetic radiant ring or halo around the cell. The sure sign of proper and efficient osmotic pressure.

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review

At this point the cell is now ready for an entire absorption and transfer of the nutrient ... regardless if those nutrients are coming from your food or your supplemental program.

It is vital that we prime our blood cells to the proper state that they may carry out these vital functions properly and efficiently. Otherwise we are simply spinning our wheels but going nowhere.

what does this mean to the person that just wants good health?

Simply this ... there are massive health benefits when your blood flow and cardiovascular systems are operating efficiently and smoothly. Cell growth and organ function will normalize and your heart will become healthier and last longer.

You could have more energy. Your body could work harder, perform better, and recover faster. Your skin can rejuvenate and may appear younger. There are just so many benefits to improving your blood flow. You could think clearer, focus more, and remain calmer and be more stress free.

Adding Valentus Prevail Max to your health regimen could be the best decision you ever make for you health and longevity and quality of life.

and now for Those prevailMAX Product Review videos i promised

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review Video 1

PrevailMAX Formulator and Creator Dr. Shawn Mueller Explains The Product

Valentus Prevail Max Product Review Video 2

Dan Wilson, A Professional Blood Microscopist Does An Amazing PrevailMAX Demonstration

Try PrevailMAX and you'll know you are doing your body good!

I hope you enjoyed this short little Valentus Prevail Max product review.

And this amazing product, Prevail Max, also known as PrevailMAX, is exclusive to one company in the entire world and that company is Valentus.

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