Valentus MLM Company – The Most Exciting MLM For 2020 [BIG Updates]

Valentus MLM Company – The Most Exciting MLM For 2020

The Valentus MLM Company started with 3 products in 2014. But this is now 2020 and Valentus has become one of the most exciting and fastest growing MLM's in the industry.

That's a pretty bold statement ...  would you agree? In this post, we are going to give you a super fast general overview of why we say the Valentus MLM is the most exciting MLM for 2020. This is not the post that will give you ALL the details, but we will certainly link to the post that does.

And then we will prove to you that it is.

To get ALL the details you will need a Valentus Review, an Emulin Review, and a SlimRoast Review. But for now just keep reading and you'll see just exactly why you will want to come back to THIS paragraph and click these 3 links.

To make that bold statement true, would you agree there would need to be a product line that is honestly life transforming for it to be accurate? An epic discovery, or something considered a disruptive triumph?

Valentus MLM Company Logo

The Valentus MLM Company Has those disruptive products

12 years ago the front cover of Time magazine featured inflammation. Do you remember? It was called the Secret Killer. They were just discovering the hazards of inflammation, and had yet to find out what triggers it.

If there were a product that really and truly worked to minimize or even destroy inflammation, do you think that would qualify to be an epic discovery and a disruptive triumph?

The Valentus MLM has that product, and that is exactly why they have exploded. It's why they are getting the attention of top leaders across the industry. And it's also why they have massive momentum right now.

As of Jan. 2020 Valentus has locked in A long term contract with joe ahrens and his inflammation destroying emulin for mass distribution

Emulin has been over a decade in development. After the initial discovery of an insulin like activity occuring in plants, Dr. Joe Ahrens spent years isolating and bringing to market the active compounds creating this physiological activity.  They called their discovery Emulin and it has proven to be life changing for so many.

Emulin is amazing. It re-directs inflammation causing refined carbs and sugar to places in the body that burn it up. No longer being stored in our cells to become fat and inflammation, and instead becoming fuel and energy for muscles and brain cells, Emulin really is a discovery of epic proportions. 

There's no questioning that.

In fact, you can hear the creator announce this very fact on a public call.

Valentus MLM Company Product Emulin

This was also the call Dr. Joe announced his partnership with the Valentus MLM Company, giving them exclusive rights to Emulin.

Do you think this will position Valentus with the top forces in the industry?

I can assure you it will and it has.

Another Cutting Edge Valentus Product Anouncement Dynamine - Some Say It's The Next Generation Caffeine Without The Jitters

Valentus MLM Company Product Slimroast

Another amazing, new to the market ingredient, Dynamine began as a favorite with the all-natural bodybuilding circuits. It has since become known as a favorite with normal everyday active people. From amateur athletes, to weekend gym warriors, to those working folks who simply want to maintain an edge. 

Dynamine is new, relatively unknown, and it's the BOMB. Just ask those drinking the new creation by Valentus product formulator Kevin Thomas. They'll tell you.

Introducing the all-new SlimRoast Optimum Coffee with Dynamine. Another all-exclusive coffee available only through the Valentus MLM Company. Energy is great. But so is killing cravings (losing weight), mental clarity, becoming de-stressed, and even better sleep!

Dynamine began as a favorite with bodybuilders. I mentioned that. Former 7 time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman now owns Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. A super successful supplement company for health advocates and fans of working out.  Can you guess his #1 Top Seller in his entire line of products? "Yeah Buddy" Pre-Workout product featuring Dynamine.

That's what I love about both of the Valentus product formulators. They are cutting edge and have their fingers on the pulse of the latest greatest ingredients. And it's why the Valentus MLM company will continue to be at the front of the pack.

Oh did I mention ... Dr Joe Ahrens and Kevin Thomas have now partnered up to develop the next Valentus products together. We are just getting started and Valentus will continue to shine in the MLM industry.

we're not done yet don't you worry - C60 Carbon have you heard of it yet?

If you haven't ... you will. Everyone will. The main ingredient in yet another cutting edge product by the Valentus MLM company. M.O.R.E. +Detox is another high-tech health product by our Slimroast maker Kevin Thomas. M.O.R.E. is an acronym for mineralization, oxygenation, rejuvenation, and electrolyte delivery.

Our formulators just continue churning out life changing products and MORE +Detox is no exception. I love it personally, and so do a whole lot of other people. 

Here's another page explaining M.O.R.E.  ... and here's a video about the C60 Carbon ingredient. Pretty soon I'll publish one of my skyscraper Ultimate Guides on M.O.R.E +Detox for more product education, and for your enjoyment!

Until then just click the links above and  watch the video below and you'll get the info you need right now.

Valentus MLM Company Product MORE
Valentus C60 Carbon Molecule | MORE +Detox C60 Top Ingredient | Review

The Valentus Skin Care Sample Program Launching 2020

This is going to be massive for Valentus. The trial runs are a sure indicator of what's to come.

The purchase of Skinny Body Care will prove to be huge shot in the arm for Valentus once everything  is done and ready to go. Although currently in the process of re-branding over to the Prevail line, we have been able to purchase and test the products under the SBC label. 

There are several positives happening here with this move. Filling one of the few vacuums in the Valentus product line is one. Adding an easy-to-share-for-everyone 'Instant Youth' and 'Ageless' sampling program is another.

The sample program alone with put the company on yet another level. Details are coming soon so stay tuned and hang on to your hats because another Valentus MLM Company lift off is about to occur.

And ... continue watching the blog because I'll be publishing one of my complete guide's to the entire Skinny Body Product line. There's a lot to talk about. The products rock!

Check out the video below for a very thorough and detailed presentation of the entire Skinny Body Care product line. Including the skin care side with Ageless and Instant Youth. Enjoy. 

Valentus Skinny Body Care | Pattie Zoschak Presenting SBC Products

Some say product is everything, but there's more to a good MLM

Having a good strong unique and exclusive product line that changes lives is the most important thing to sustain a long term successful MLM company. The Valentus line certainly fits that bill, but still there's more to making an MLM a great one.

Valentus Compensation

The compensation plan must be a balanced one. Meaning it works for the little guy (or girl :)) as well as the big guy. This is so important. The leaders have to make their money, but so do the new people. If the new people can't make anything they won't stay. And if they won't stay it doesn't matter how weighted it is to the leader. No team no money.

The Valentus MLM company has a great pay plan. It's balanced and it's fair. A hybrid model with a 7 level deep matching bonus, a team bonus that pays out 20% (that's high for the industry), strong fast start bonuses, a killer customer program, and a special leadership bonus that can pay to infinity. 

All in all there are 7 ways to get paid built into the plan, plus special prices for your personal purchases when you buy in packs.

Valentus Aspire Higher

Valentus Corporate Management

In a word .... amazing.

I've been in this industry a long time with several different companies. Dave Jordan is the best CEO I've known. He's doing things right. Making good decisions and people love him. He has a ton of connections with a lot of people with different expertise he can go to when needed.

I feel secure with Dave at the helm and pushing the button at Valentus.

Valentus Company Headquarters

Valentus Infrastructure, Training & Support

Perfectly adequate and getting better all the time. It's like I said before Dave is building the company right and making good decisions. Sometimes that includes crawling before running. He's doing a fabulous job of not overextending the inventory as well as the staff. 

I've seen a lot of companies implode because they couldn't get this part right. They wanted to be all things to all people. They buckled under pressure from the field. Because you know we want things yesterday. We want them and we want them now. 

Sometimes a good CEO will say no and holding the staff and support at proper levels is part of that. Valentus is not perfect and they are a young company coming into their own. A build in progress. That build must match the supply and demand. It must or it dies.

I like what I'm seeing. A company that is growing fast sometimes super fast but that is crunching the numbers and building the infrastructure based on stats and data and not emotion. 

Dave Jordan Valenus CEO

A company growing this fast is too darn easy to say let's buy this and let's expand that. Right? And get yourself into trouble when things level off as they always do at some point.

The training in the field is amazing. A lot of smart people and leaders giving themselves for the better good. There's a culture here that I'm not used to in an MLM company. People don't care if you are on their team or in their downline if you are part of Valentus they will help you.

Very refreshing.

Ok folks stay tuned and I'll continue to add to this post. And subscribe below to stay informed of this big product launch coming soon.

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