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Valentus Australia | Valentus Global |Start Now With Us (Team Valentus Australia United)

Australians, or friends of Australia ... if you like being part of a group that brings Valentus Australia and Valentus Global to market on an official capacity, keep reading. If you like being on top, being first, being a team leader, and being an integral part of opening Emulin to new markets ... keep reading.

Valentus Australia United

We are opening our arms to anyone that has an interest. There is room at the top. In fact it's wide open for those who want to seriously make something happen with a 6 year old company and products created by Nobel Nominated scientists and world renowned formulators.

We are doing business now while prepping for a Valentus Australia open.  You can build now and have a team in place ... while working arm in arm with Aussie leader Jackie Boyle as we get ready for the big official country launch.

Valentus Global will include other markets around the world in addition to Australia.

This is very very unique. It's doesn't happen often. Sometimes never in a lifetime. 

Jackie Boyle

Jackie Boyle Valentus Australia United Leader

Valentus Australia United Leader

What Is Valentus?

Valentus is a USA based direct sales company specializing in unique, patented, weight loss and wellness products. They began business in 2014 with 3 products. Now they have over 20.

Two of their flagship products, Prevail Emulin, and Prevail ThermoRoast are the legacies of 2 time Nobel Nominated Dr. Joe Ahrens and world renowned product formulator Kevin Thomas, respectively.

Valentus Australia & Valentus Global products

This is a big factor to my excitement level as a member of Valentus. We will always have the luxury of new and unique product launches in our journey forward. The same goes for opening new global markets regularly. Our Valentus Australia and Valentus Global teams are aggressive with our goals in worldly expansion.

Valentus is already shipping globally. They are sending products to dozens of countries around the world. But when they officially open a new market they do it right. This includes in-house manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, home offices, and customer and distributor support.

Valentus Australia will be no different. It's being worked on now. And of course Valentus Global will continue to model this proven strategy as well.

What Is Valentus Australia?

Valentus Australia is simply a reference to the Valentus presence that is occurring in that country.  The term will become far more prevalent in the future with the official opening there.

Just as Valentus Global is a reference to the Valentus global expansion and their presence worldwide.

Valentus Australia is also the name of a Valentus team. More specifically ... Team Valentus Australia United.

Valentus Australia Launch Banner

What Is The Benefit Of Getting Involved With Valentus Australia Now?

Perfect timing is always an attractive position to be in, and sometimes can lead to bigger, better, and faster growth and success. But timing is not the #1 here. The product is. We have products that are changing people's lives, and that every person needs.

So any time is a good time to get involved. Sure, being first can help, but you will always be able to build a team with Joe Ahrens and Kevin Thomas products. They are among the best health products in the world. Real results for real people. And that is guaranteed.

I know you hear this all the time. I'm not going to try and convince you of this fact in a blog post. Dr. Joe Ahrens, our scientist, has to be the one to do that. But I will strongly encourage you to check it out. Get more information. 

If you are in Australia or if you can build in Australia you have the best person you could possible hope for in Jackie Boyle to assist, lead, and direct. Jackie and I work very closely together so you are welcome to connect with either one of us.

Contact Us for Valentus Australia & Valentus Global

You will not be sorry to be part of Team Valentus Australia United. We offer 24/7 training and support. You will always have a place to go to ask questions and get answers. We are big believers in team unity and synergy. We know that supporting our team members is the most important thing we can do.

Meet Jackie Boyle Your Team Valentus Australia Leader

What Makes Valentus A Good Opportunity?

In addition to the amazing product line Valentus offers, there is a business opportunity for eager individuals. A person can become a distributor for $20 and earn commissions on personal sales or team sales.

The compensation pays on multiple levels in your organization based on you building two teams. You can also earn a percentage of the pay checks of people you personally bring into the business.

It's what I consider a well-rounded plan that is fair for everyone. There are no limits on what a person can earn ... based of course on their efforts and how hard they work.

This form of compensation and our products are providing people with long term benefits and literally changing lives.

The Man Running Valentus: The Backbone Of Valentus Australia And Valentus Global

I've been in the MLM industry for over 20 years full time now. And I've been with some good companies. I've been with some not-so-good companies too. But Dave Jordan is the best CEO that I can remember. He's a man of integrity and he knows how to run a company. 

He comes from being one of us. A distributor. And I'm convinced that has everything to do with how and why he understands and knows what needs to be done. Distributors like us have watched a lot of companies come and go for a lot of reasons. But most of the fails were avoidable.

Taken From The Company Website

Valentus CEO Dave Jordan

The Valentus Explosion

Here's another reason why a person might consider getting involved with Valentus Australia and Valentus Global right now. The company is in the midst of a growth explosion. Take a minute right now and listen to CEO Dave Jordan wrap up 2019 and share some numbers. (Along with a super quick recap of things to come in 2020). Now this is exciting. EVERYONE in Valentus right now knows they are in a very good place.

The Valentus Name

Taken From The Company Website

Valentus Name & Mission Statement

Valentus Has Products For Everyone

Whether it's Valentus Australia, Valentus Global, or Valentus USA, we have products for you! We have you covered in weight loss, energy, immune boosters, detox's, carb burners, cardio health, pets health, skin care, colon health and cleanse,  activated charcoal with fulvic & humic acids, healthy coffees, and healthy cocoas.

And Emulin.

See what I did there 🙂 It's because Emulin is in a class of it's own. Every human needs to know about the Emulin story. We believe it is the greatest discovery of wellness in modern times. Emulin purges inflammation from your body and it helps manage blood sugar glucose. It's proven.

And there's more exciting things on the way!

Valentus Product Lineup
Skinny Body and skin care
Prevail Emulin M & C
Valentus Thermoroast and V-Tox
Prevail Products for Australia & Global
Instant Youth Skincare Product
product lineup

Brett Gurney Addressing The Australia Team

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