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Shocking Diet Facts – Do You Know How Healthy You Really Are?

In this post we are going to discuss some shocking diet facts. But first let me ask you a question … are you healthy? Do you know how healthy? If you don’t know how healthy you are, do you ever wonder? I think that’s a question plenty of us begin asking ourselves as we get […]

Kick Your Sugar Addiction And This Will Happen

Do you think you might have a sugar addiction? Are you wondering if a sugar addiction is real?Your sugar addiction is real. We’ve been trained to love sugar … in fact we’ve been trained to crave sugar. It’s true …. the food industry has conditioned us to love the taste of sugar … not just […]

Is Emulin For Weight Loss or Athletic Performance?

To the question – is Emulin for weight loss? – the answer is yes, absolutely!Emulin was not created as a weight loss product, and it’s not labeled as a weight loss product …but weight loss has been a positive side effect with most people using the product. It’s known that there are distinct connections in […]

Emulin And Blood Systems – Does Emulin Have a Positive Affect On Blood Circulation?

November 29, 2017
emulin and blood systems

Some people might have a concern about Emulin and blood systems … after all this includes anything to do with the heart, the kidneys, strokes, blood clotting and a multitude of other functions and conditions. So it’s a valid question, and a good question … and as you’ll see below the answer is a resounding […]

The Emulin Story by iGalen’s Dr Joe Ahrens

November 27, 2017

The Emulin story is fascinating and it’s something that we think everyone who cares about their health should know about. A discovery this profound, and the benefits that are a result of this discovery, needs to be shared with as many as we can possibly reach.Dr. Joseph Ahrens is an animal and plant physiologist which […]