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SlimRoast Optimum Ingredients – See Why Bodybuilders LOVE This New Happy Healthy Weight Loss Coffee!



Valentus announced a new and improved Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine at their 2019 International Convention in Orlando Sept. '19. This new and improved formula will replace the existing Slimroast. Until I can update this page with the new product please go to the Latest Valentus Products page to get the information. Thank You! Brett Gurney

Valentus just introduced this new healthy coffee in May 2018 and it's getting a lot of attention and rave reviews. So in this post we're going to take a good look at the SlimRoast Optimum ingredients to see why people are getting such great results!

I have to say I was highly intrigued right away. Who wouldn't be? I've been an advocate of good health as long as I can remember. So as someone who has been working at staying fit and trim and healthy all their life they definitely had my attention.

slimroast optimum ingredients

But when I took a closer look at the SlimRoast ingredients I was all over it. Anyone who likes to work out and that can appreciate supplementing to get the most out of their workouts will agree.

Especially those bodybuilders that are always reaching to make new, better, and faster gains in the gym, and faster recovery times, you are going to LOVE the ingredients in SlimRoast Optimum.

The SlimRoast Optimum Ingredients 

So let's talk about the Slimroast optimum ingredients and why everyone is getting such dramatic results.

SlimRoast optimum was formulated exclusively for Valentus by world-renowned formulator Kevin Thomas which is exciting in itself. But the benefits derived from the Slimroast ingredients make it even more exciting.

Some of these ingredients get a little technical in name but we'll do our best to simplify it so people like me can understand.

Okay Here We Go ...

A main ingredient 2-Amino-5-Methylheptane can be extracted from a fruit called Kigelia Africana but is more commonly found in the bark of the Juglans Regia tree. Therefore it's classified as a plant derived ingredient.

It's also sometimes referred to as DMHA. The bodybuilders and those who follow and stay up on workout supplementation will know this well. There are variations of DMHA but we will be strictly talking about the 2-Amino-5-Methylheptane version. For the sake of keeping it simple we'll call it DMHA.

bodybuilders love the slimroast optimum ingredients

2-Amino-5-Methylheptane (DMHA)

There are many benefits of DMHA including as a workout supplement, weight loss, memory improvement, elevated mood, and as a general overall health supplement. In fact it's a hot seller and a favorite as a stand alone supplement in most  well known bodybuilding supplement shops. Bodybuilders will absolutely love this SlimRoast Optimum ingredient as you'll continue to see and hear.

The many benefits of DMHA


Many users including bodybuilders claiming they go beyond their normal points of fatigue and making more gains than usual. More energy and increased pain thresholds.


Acts as an appetite suppressant therefore supports fat loss. Stay strict on your diets easier. Also burns calories and excess fats therefore promotes a thermogenic effect in the body.


Seems to improve memory but also creativity. Also reports of more motivation to work and even helps depression and stress. Some say they deal better with stressful situations and better focus and mental alertness as well.


This goes along with helping depression as already mentioned but beyond that for those not depressed seem to get a substantially noticeable elevation of mood and feeling happier.


Helps with overall health and fights against infections and the common cold or sore throats.


There is evidence of a positive effect on neurological issues and on cognitive stimulation (energy, focus, concentration).

Just this one ingredient alone ( 2-Amino-5-Methylheptane) is powerful and you can see why we are getting the reports and testimonials that we are.  But that's just the beginning of the SlimRoast Optimum ingredients that are packed inside this amazing powerful happy healthy weight loss coffee.  There are lots more goodies to talk about here.

Phenylethylamine aka PEA

Another powerful SlimRoast ingredient is Phenylethylamine or PEA. Some call it the molecule of love. PEA occurs naturally in the body although as we age we develop less and less.

It acts as a neuromodulator and even to an extent as a neurotransmitter so it works across the brain and as a stimulant. It's been said to enhance the effects or the actions of serotonin and dopamine therefore magnifying some feelings like passion and pleasure and happiness.

PEA (Phenylethylamine) is another slimroast ingredient

PEA has many benefits. Some of those include a cognitive enhancement, mood improvement, and a concentration and focus aide. It might help us feel more alert and with a greater sense of well being and contentment.

Phenethylamine is also known to improve athletic performance, help with depression and weight loss, and to improve mood and attention.

SlimRoast Optimum Ingredient  Phenylethylamine

Phenylethylamine (PEA) is a hormone-like substance that occurs naturally in your brain and body. ... Proper supplementation with PEA is designed to provide rapid improvements on mental clarity, mood, stamina, energy, libido, joy, and motivation. Phenethylamine stimulates the body to make certain chemicals that play a role in depression and other psychiatric conditions. People who don’t make enough Phenethylamine naturally may be helped by taking Penethylamine as a supplement.


The next SlimRoast Optimum ingredient is an acetylated form of L-Carnitine. A natural remedy super antioxidant, Carnitine specifically benefits the brain and helps supply the brain with energy. It's also been shown to benefit cognitive ability such as mood, memory, and learning.

In addition, Acetyl-L-Carnitine helps your muscle mitochondria, which can increase your endurance, give you an edge in the gym, and help you recover faster.

SlimRoast Optimum Ingredient Acetyl-L-Carnitine

Image Credits To Google SERP Page (Search for Acetyl-L-Carnitine)

green tea extract

Green Tea Extract is known for benefiting almost every organ in the body. It provides heart health and brain health. It's anti-obesity, anti-carcinogenic, may help lower blood sugar, provides liver protection, and is beneficial for blood vessel health.

High in antioxidants, green tea extract is also good for the skin and can benefit exercise performance and recovery ...and it can help in weight loss too.

 Green Tea Extract

Numerous studies show that regular consumption of green tea has a net positive effect on overall health. Even as a supplement, green tea can be a worthwhile addition to your dietary habits, especially if your goal is fat loss. The primary difference between drinking tea and taking it in pill form is dosage. In supplement form—depending on the brand and processing—the dosage is typically much higher.


There's a definite link between anxiety reaction to stress in the brain's most fundamental functions, and maintaining cognition. Studies over the past two years suggest a potential role for L-Theanine supporting cognitive function and preventing its loss.

It's well known that stress has a harmful effect on one's ability to think clearly and make smart decisions. L-Theanine can help with this. It is also well known for it's anti-anxiety effects.

That's not all. L-Theanine has been shown to assist with relaxation while reducing stress and even boosting attention and memory. L-Theanine can also help people fall asleep easier and faster while maintaining a higher quality sleep.

SlimRoast Optimum Ingredient L-Theanine

Image Credits To Google SERP Page (Search for L-Theanine)

Alpha-Glycerylposphory Choline - (GPC)

Here's another powerful SlimRoast Optimum ingredient that bodybuilders love. You'll see why in a moment. 

GPC research shows an enhancement of cognitive function, increased strength and stimulation of the release of growth hormone. It's possible the compound may also increase the release of dopamine and calcium. Alpha-GPC is also used for improving memory, thinking skills, and learning.

GPC has been shown to enhance the mind-body connection by improving neural function in the brain. Bodybuilders also like it because it allows the body to utilize more of the muscle fibers during exercise. They claim to get more out of their workouts and that it also increases growth hormone levels.

slimroast optimum for bodybuilders

A second effect that bodybuilders love is the ability to generate massive amounts of explosive force when training, by increasing the strength of contractile tissue. Activation of high-threshold motor units is by far the most-important factor in maximizing muscle growth and strength. Every advanced strength and power athlete centers his training on creating more explosive strength.

Chromium Polynicotinate

Chromium Polynicotinate is used for improving blood sugar control. It also helps with sugar and carbohydrate cravings, and with sugar withdrawal. Studies show it could lower blood sugar, lower insulin levels, and help insulin work better.

It's a trace mineral that enhances insulin action in the body. Insulin is essentially the fat loss gatekeeper so anything that makes a smaller amount of insulin more effective, could be great for fat loss. Chromium Polynicotinate has also been used with success to regulate cholesterol and increase lean muscle tissue.

SlimRoast Optimum is a powerhouse product jam packed with goodness

And that could be an understatement. What we have here is an exclusive functional coffee formulated to crush cravings to increase energy, metabolize fat to energy, help regulate blood sugar, improve mood and focus, and improve circulation and oxygen delivery.

I would call that a win-win-win product. Just a great overall product that's not only great for weight loss but for brain function and enhanced cognitive ability too.

Weight watchers love the appetite control and weight loss, and the peaked energy levels without a crash is a great bonus.

slimroast optimum ingredients are power packed

So many say they have to remind themselves to eat but almost everyone drinks more water which is absolutely beneficial. That's a good thing because it's actually putting your body into thermogenesis which is heating up your inside and melting that brown visceral fat.

what's not to love here?

We also love the fact that a lot of these ingredients are combined so we're not only getting weight loss which is one of the main things people are looking for, but it's also helping us on a cognitive level and with energy.

So this is a multi-faceted product that we love and that we believe you will love too. We encourage you to try some yourself and get the SlimRoast Optimum experience!

Watch the video below for more information on Valentus' SlimRoast Optimum ingredients ...

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Dori ONeill

What an excellent post. I’ve been using Slimroast Optimum Coffee for a little over 90 days. It’s extraordinary. My workouts are better the recovery time is better and it has a positive effect on my mood and energy levels. Excellent post, well done

    Brett Gurney

    thank you dori … and yes i have to agree it is an extraordinary product for sure. cheers mate

Robert Larrett

Great research!

    Brett Gurney

    thank you robert. i was actually a little shocked at what the product really turned out to be.

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