Process of Emulin – Is It Magic? – Or Just An Amazing Supplement?

Process of Emulin – A Magic Happy Pill? – Or Just An Amazing Supplement?

In this post we are going to reveal the magic of Emulin. Or what some think is magic. Some are calling it Magic Happy Pills. But the process of Emulin is not magic at all. It's just an amazing discovery attained through good sound science and lots of study and hard work.

So we know it's not magic, but how does it work?

Valentus Prevail Emulin is revolutionary state-of-the-art health technology. A product of it's time like no other.

An all-natural carbohydrate manager.

process of emulin

Carbohydrates and sugar lead to inflammation. Dr. Joe Ahrens' discoveries that have led to the development of Emulin have been recognized worldwide. He's been nominated for the Nobel prize not once but twice.

Organizations of all types including medicine have taken notice. No need to tell you the science and medical fields would frown if they heard Emulin called magic happy pills. But the magic of Emulin has been around a long time. 

What is the process of Emulin that brings about the Magic Happy Pill Like results?

Well. let's take a look. We'll show you the 3 main stages that Emulin goes through when it enters your body.

Process of Emulin #1: Emulin Obstructs The Transition of Starch To Sugar. 

Starch turns to sugar in your body shortly after ingesting it. That's exactly why we are seeing and hearing so much now about starch being the true culprit, and not fat. Emulin blocks, in your mouth, the conversion of starch into sugar. This is step one of the process of Emulin.

Process of Emulin #2: Emulin Blocks The Pathways of Sugar To Your Bloodstream

There are little doorways in your stomach, and your intestines, that sugar passes through on it's way to the bloodstream. Emulin closes some of these doors slowing down the process of the sugar getting through.

The sugar, in the bloodsteam, then must decide where to go. This is one of the functions of insulin. Assisting the sugar in it's travels.

Emulin does the same thing. It guides the sugar to where it needs to go.

Primarily to the brain and to the muscles to be used as food for energy. That's where we want it to go. At the same time keeping it from going to the fat tissues. That's where we don't want it to go.

Not only does Emulin block sugar from entering fat tissue, it blocks the development of fat tissue.

Process of Emulin #3: Emulin Draws Sugar Out Of Fat Tissue

Without Emulin, sugar goes into our fat tissue where it is stored. The body recognizes this sugar as a poison which leads to the release of inflammatory signals throughout the body. But Emulin draws these already existing and stored sugars back out of the fat tissue and onto a better journey to be used in positive ways.

So you see ... they are not magic happy pills at all. Happy pills, yes. Magic pills, no, not at all.

Reducing sugar intake to lower blood glucose won't work by itself.

Your body has a memory and will revert back to it's original state. It actually makes it's own sugar when it feels deprived of it. Emulin however, slows that process down. Metformin, the #1 prescribed drug for diabetes 2, works the same way.

That's not all Emulin does. Type 2 diabetics have insulin in their body that's not working. It's not opening the doorways needed to direct the travel of sugar. But Emulin increases the sensitivity of insulin and with Emulin in the body the insulin will function more properly, opening those doorways.

process of emulin

Studies have shown Emulin to…

  • Reduce the transfer of complex carbs to simple sugars
  • Minimize the absorption of sugar to the bloodstream while assisting absorption to muscle tissue
  • Decrease gluconeogensis by the liver
  • Accelerate dilution of lipids in fat tissue
  • Boost insulin sensitivity by adding glucose carriers to muscle tissue
  • Block the insulin inhibitor called TNF alpha, increasing insulin release from pancreatic tissue

Pre-clinical human trials show insulin resistance can be overcome, and blood glucose could be reduced by 25%.

  • Eurofins Lab's test on rats in 2007 found the area under the
    curve (AUC) blood glucose to be reduced by 27%
  • More studies done by Cetero Research in 2008 showed that when used in conjunction with Metformin, Emulin increased that medication’s efficacy ten-fold, and the AUC blood glucose was reduced by 28%

Emulin makes you feel good. When sugars start to balance, people feel good. When inflammation is managed and pain is reduced, it feels good. 

Emulin also does cool things in your brain that bring about a good mood.

So what happens when you feel good? It makes you happy right? People with various issues become happy when those issues get reversed.

That's why they began referring to Emulin as magic happy pills. And as far as I'm concerned, when you have a supplement that becomes known as magic happy pills, that's not a bad rap. It's a good rap.

So we say call Emulin magic happy pills all you want. Just keep taking them, and you will continue to benefit.

Thank you for reading the post. Emulin is available now through the Valentus company. Valentus has the exclusive rights to Emulin so you'll have to go through a Valentus rep.

If you would like to be sent more information about Emulin subscribe to the Valentus V-News below. We'll send to you twice a month. And please feel free to drop a comment below if you need anything now.

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