The Most Sizzling North American MLM Company Kick Off For 2018

The Most Sizzling North American MLM Company Kick Off Happening in 2018

The Most Sizzling North American MLM Company Kick Off ... now that's a pretty bold statement would you agree? There would need to be a product line that is honestly life transforming for it to be accurate. An epic discovery, or something considered a disruptive triumph.

12 years ago the front cover of Time magazine featured inflammation. Do you remember? It was called the Secret Killer. They were just discovering the hazards of inflammation, and had yet to find out what triggers it.

Inflammation is still deemed the secret killer

Maybe even more so now. The experts and the health industry professionals have learned a great deal in the years since. They've had time to study and learn, and now they know what creates it. Fake foods and processed foods are MAJOR contributors ... refined carbs and sugar ...the western diet in general.

Too many people and companies don't care ... they will continue selling their food-like chemicals that are void of any nutritional value and loaded with empty calories.

mlm company kick off

However ... some people do care. We care and we are launching a great new MLM company kick off with a product that was created by reputable sponsors of greater health, who are all for destroying sugar addiction.

iGalen's frontrunner product Emulin ® was identified, produced, and patented by Nobel prize nominated researchers in Florida. 8 years they worked on it to get it where it is today . The result: the only patented all-natural carbohydrate manager and sugar controller in the world ... Emulin Plus.

Emulin enables your body to manage refined carbs

Emulin® enables your body to manage refined carbs ... those obnoxious things that convert into toxins and sugars ... and finally inflammation. Inflammation is the foundation of more disorders and ill conditions than we ever would have thought of.

iGalen is financially solid and secure with a strong class of specialists experienced in launching and designing wellness MLM companies. Backed by Mr. Chan Heng Fai, a highly recognized multi-billionaire business mogul ... so it's safe to say the company is completely debt free.

The co-founder of iGalen, Dr. Rajen Manicka has an impressive track record as well. He is President of the Malaysian Dietary Supplement Association and a co-holder of six global patents on the utilization of natural resources. The company is advised and consulted by the well known and highly accomplished Gara Group. They have a high level of expertise and experience building successful MLM companies

mlm company kick off

Our Chief Science Officer and 2015 Nobel Prize Nominee Dr. Joseph Ahrens holds 2 global patents and is the creator of Emulin ®. His accomplishments are extensive and he continuously works with our product formulas to make sure they are always the best they can be ... cutting-edge advanced health science to the highest degree.

Emulin® is a category creator only available through iGalen

Emulin® seeks out inflammation and purges it from the human body. iGalen's purpose and mission is to help create a world of diminished and controlled inflammation resulting in enhanced health and extended useful life. A dream that genuinely covers the entire planet and has been getting the media's interest ... big time. We think the iGalen North American launch will be a game changer.

Emulin Plus® is our crown jewel product, but it's only breaking ground for us (be sure to stay connected as we unveil new products coming out). Dr. Rajen has worked relentlessly to put together a group of the world's top recognized scientists, making sure that all future products will be supported by patents and by real science. Our advanced products will have significant impacts on the wellness industry.

mlm company kick off

iGalen's MLM company kick off is happening now, so if you ever wished to be part of a company before it becomes a recognized name then this is your chance. The right time is on your side now. Get the details you need to make an educated decision and become a trailblazer of what many are saying will be a billion dollar wellness company with one-of-a-kind products that set apart from every other.

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