Latest Valentus Products 2019 - Slimroast Optimum Dynamine & Emulin

Latest Valentus Products 2019 Featuring Slimroast Optimum With Dynamine & Emulin – 2019 Valentus International Convention Orlando

The latest Valentus products were without a doubt the highlight of this Fall's 2019 Valentus International Convention in Orlando Florida. It's not surprising. New products always get people's attention. But when both Valentus' product formulators made their unexpected announcements the roof about came down. Particularly Kevin Thomas' announcement of the new and improved Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine.

2019 Valentus International Convention Orlando

Not to take anything away from Joe Ahrens and his Emulin presentations and announcements. But many people already knew about Prevail Emulin so when they unveiled the new branding it wasn't quite the surprise factor. Still, Dr. Joe announced something that to me was equally exciting. Maybe even more so if you consider the future elements of it. Keep reading.

That's not all the 2019 Valentus Convention provided. Not by any means. They had the usual industry giants and company leaders onstage speaking on many different topics. That's Dave Jordan in his true form he's becoming a little famous for putting together grande conventions jam packed with value.

But in this post we are going to put a spotlight on those latest product announcements. After all, that is what you all want to hear about. Am I right?

Latest Valentus Products Highlights

Dr. Joe Ahrens' New Prevail Emulin Announced

Both Dr. Joe Ahrens, creator of Prevail Emulin, and Kevin Thomas, creator of Slimroast Optimum, brought the house down.

We'll start with Dr. Joe. This will be fast. Why? Because Joe Ahrens only hinted at what's coming. There are no details yet. Trust me when there are you'll be able to get them here at this Valentus website. But that will be a future post.

The New Branding - Prevail Emulin by Valentus

Emulin New Product for Valentus

First, they unveiled the new Prevail Emulin as one of the latest Valentus products. The new branding, new look, and new feel. And it is just gorgeous. New and refreshing with that Valentus pizzazz affect to it. Sleek and sexy. Bravo good job!

Dr. Joe's Emulin Story

Dr. Joe did his usual amazing presentation of the story of Emulin. How he discovered it, how he took it from a revelation to a fully functioning product, and the wonders it provides to the human body. Such an amazing incredible health supplement like the world has ever known.

One of the greatest things of Emulin? No only is there science behind it, but it's science that anyone can understand. If you learn about Emulin and what it does in the body, you yourself will understand completely.

That is such a total turnabout from most other health supplements. Normally there is no defining discovery, no aha moments, no realizing a discovery of something that was supposed to be in our diets anyway. And the way it works just make absolute complete sense. Emulin purges inflammation from the body.

Emulin 7 Point Carbohydrate Management System

By providing key ingredients that act as sugar chaperones, Emulin carries sugar and carbohydrate toxins away from the bad places and to the good places. Without the toxins in the bad places, the body has no need to release those damaging inflammation signals that build up day after day. That constant pounding of inflammation becomes Chronic Inflammation.

Chronic Inflammation is the leading contributor to most life threatening diseases.

Emulin is an extremely powerful product and bringing it on-board as one of the latest Valentus products in my mind was a genius act by the Valentus ownership.

Joe Ahrens

Emulin is a natural compound derived from fruits, such as grapefruits, grapes, and berries. It works with enzymes to metabolize carbohydrates and lower blood sugar levels.

Upcoming Valentus Products Built on Emulin Technology 

That's right. The Emulin technology can provide the base for a slew of new Valentus products targeting various issues. And this was the big news Dr. Joe dropped at the convention. The soon to be coming Ahrens' product line containing the mechanics of Emulin. 

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is going to be massive.

Like I said, no real details yet. But it's coming, and there were hints dropped. Mentions of a brain formula, a skin product, and we already have the weight loss version in 24/7 Carb Burner. And lots more. Soon we will have plenty more to talk about the latest greatest Valentus products. Stay tuned!

Dr. Joe Ahrens is a world renowned scientist and product formulator. In fact he's been nominated for not one but two Nobel prizes relating to his incredible work with ATM Metabolics. ATM specializes in the study of plants towards new, natural, and more effective treatments for metabolic and neurological disorders.

So THAT is just another one of the exciting things we have to look forward to with Valentus. New products using the Emulin technology to target different areas and ailments. I don't know about you, but that excites me!

Dr. Joe Ahrens Nobel Nominee Emulin

New Valentus Product Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine Is A "Powerful Formula"

The next highlight for the latest Valentus products is the new Slimroast Optimum. This is highly exciting as well. Kevin Thomas, the Slimroast genius strikes again with something incredible. Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine.

Corporate office made the decision to change the Optimum Coffee formula because an all-natural ingredient, 2-Alpha-5, is not allowed in all countries.

New Valentus Products Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine

Rather than having to make a number of different formulas to achieve compliance around the world, Dave Jordan asked the formulator, Kevin Thomas, to figure out how to keep Optimum Coffee world-wide compliant AND to power it up! 

And that's exactly what he did.

Kevin Thomas is a genius when it comes to formulating. Right now, he is in the process of building a $10 million manufacturing warehouse to be able to help Valentus with its incredible growth! Valentus top distributor John Haremza interviewed Kevin recently and  received a wealth of information about the new Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine. All of which we'll be discussing here and in additional posts moving forward.

Kevin Thomas

Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine is a "powerful formula". It is not just a coffee, it is a powerful supplement to help with weight management, mental clarity, mood elevation, and increased energy.

New and Improved Slimroast Optimum Coffee and Cocoa

Same powerful coffee with even more life-changing benefits like improved mood and focus and delivery of nutrients to muscles .

Optimum still ...

  • Crushes cravings
  • Increases energy
  • Metabolizes fat to energy
  • Helps to reduce blood sugar
  • Boosts circulation and oxygen delivery through VASO 6
  • Promotes increased Nitric Oxide levels for serious fat burning and body sculpting

What Is Dynamine?

Our latest brand new Valentus product  just released in Sept 2019.  Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine is an incredible product. Not only will you lose weight with it, just like the original Optimum, but with the  addition of Dynamine, you gym rats are going to go bonkers over it.

Ok ... so what is Dynamine?

Dynamine Methylliberine: A Fast-Acting, Natural Ingredient That Boosts Focus And Energy

Dynamine is Methylliberine, a purine alkaloid. It's found in the kucha tea leaf with a molecular structure similar to another natural energy supplement known as theacrine (aka  TeaCrine), and seems to behave in similar ways in the body. Like TeaCrine, methylliberine may amplify feelings of energy, mood and focus. 

There's a lot of new research happening now on Dynamine with some very positive results. It's awesome on it's own, but it appears to do even better when used in conjunction with certain other ingredients. Kevin Thomas being the amazing formulator that he is, knew this as well and built the product with these considerations.

Fitness fanatics and bodybuilders seem to be particularly fond of Dynamine. They are getting fantastic results. Of course Dynamine is beneficial for everyone but this is worthy to note, would you agree?

Keep reading and I'm sure you'll agree Slimroast Optimum with Dynamine is an exciting addition to our latest Valentus products lineup! 

Dynamine For Athletes

Ronnie Coleman Supplements

Here's something that really caught my attention. Ronnie Coleman, one of the most famous Pro Bodybuilder's ever (8 times Mr Olympia) and  a supplement expert created an Ultimate Guide to Dynamine. Sure, he's selling supplements, but he's not going to endorse and sell something that is not amazing. He has a reputation to maintain, just as  Kevin Thomas and Valentus does.

Ronnie states "Researchers are still looking into all of the benefits of Dynamine, but experts know that Dynamine has been shown to increase vitality, boost energy, and have a slew of other positive effects--especially for body builders and people who take their fitness seriously".

Here's a list of benefits that Ronny and his fellow body building friends and his many fans have noticed from the use of Dynamine ...

  • Increased Energy
  • Mental Alertness
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • Boosted Mood
  • Long Lasting
  • No Crash
  • No Stimulant Side Effects
  • Improved Mind-Muscle Connection
  • Increased Fat and Calorie Burn
  • No Impact on Sleep

Adding Dynamine To Slimroast Optimum Was Genius! 

Increased Energy

Dynamine is shown to increase energy levels and also to prevent fatigue and sleepiness. Go through the day without getting tired!

Boosted Mood

Workouts aren't the only things boosted with Dynamine. Experience a boosted mood too. Dynamine activates dopamine in the brain.

Increased Fat & Calorie Burn

Experts believe Dynamine may enhance oxygen uptake. Combined with increased energy burning calories and fat during the day. 

Mental Alertness

Dynamine increases mental alertness as well as increased energy. Much like Caffeine resulting in a sharper brain and more focus.

No Crash

Unlike the caffeine crash, when Dynamine wears off, after about 3 hours, the person will feel normal--not unnaturally depleted. 

No Impact on Sleep

Other stimulants often interrupt your sleep. Dynamine has not been shown to have any negative affect on people's sleep patterns.

Better Physical Performance

In addition to more energy, Dynamine can provide  improved physical performance. Push harder in your workouts for better results!

No Stimulant Side Effects

No jitters, anxiety, raised blood pressures, or shakiness. Dynamine won't cause any of these extreme side effects of other stimulants. 

Long Lasting

Most other stimulants last a short time. Dynamine is a long lasting supplement that has been shown to take effect for at least 3 hours. 

So that was just a quickie introduction of our latest Valentus products . LOTS more coming soon!

At the time of writing this post, these new products, although shipping now, have not officially launched yet. We are highly anticipating the public roll-out to coincide with the new marketing materials and features on the main website.

Until that happens you can get all the scoop available right here on this website, including early bird peeks at future new Valentus products.

So make sure you subscribe below to the Team Valentus News and Updates newsletter by mashing the button below. See you in future editions!

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