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Important Notes About iGalen

There have been some recent significant changes within the iGalen corporate structure and product lineup. Check the yellow notes below for details.  

​iGalen Review​​

​by Brett Gurney

​Our vision has been to live in a world of minimized and managed
inflammation, leading to improved health and prolonged useful life.

igalen review

Hi ... I'm Brett Gurney. Thank you for visiting my iGalen Review page. This iGalen Review will consist of a complete overview of all facets of the company and opportunity without the hype. Just so that you know, right up front, I was a distributor of iGalen, but I am no longer with the company.  We have moved over here. Still, this is  an unbiased fact filled review. The review will cover the following ...

  • Corporate Leadership
  • Company Name & Vision
  • Product Creators
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    Current Products
  • check
    Future Products
  • check
    MLM Opportunity
  • check
    Compensation Plan
  • check
    Team Concept
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    Team Resources

iGalen Review - Company

The iGalen ​Name

The name iGalen might look a little strange at first, but it's not something they drew out of a hat ..... it has real meaning. iGalen takes its name from Claudius Galen, considered the greatest physician and surgeon of ancient Rome. Galen,​ or Galen of Pergamon, ​was also considered ​a great philosopher and had tremendous influence over a wide spectrum of anatomy and medicine ... the majority of  which are still modeled after and used in  today's world. To name the company after such a great and respected physician makes sense given the amount of modern day physicians that approve of, use, and back our products.

Galen of Pergamon

Chan Heng Fai

Chairman and Co-Founder 

Chan Heng Fai - Chairman and Co-founder.  A global entrepreneur and a company building expert. Known around the world for the rescue and restructuring of failing companies, and for developing highly successful and profitable corporations. Turning around the ailing American Pacific Bank into the success it is today is one of his best known accomplishments. Chan Heng Fai is also Director of Holista Limited, iGalen's sister company. He sees the massive potential in healthcare nutritional products and in the direct sales business model. His passion is to not just help put iGalen on the global map, but to develop it into a global success story.


Note About Chan Heng Fai

We do not believe Mr. Fai is still a part of iGalen. We have not heard from him in months.

Chan Heng Fai

Rajen Manicka

C​EO and Co-Founder

​​Rajen Manicka, PhD - CEO and Co-founder.  Dr. Rajen is a highly accomplished businessman and a doctor of medicine. By trade a pharmacist with a Doctorate in Holistic Medicine and specializes in the effects of carbohydrates on the metabolism. Dr. Rajen is also successful in the corporate world. He is the CEO and the founder of Holista Colltech Limited, the world leader in ovine (sheep) collagen and they also research and develop food ingredients, focusing on low glycemic formulations. He is also a talented author and works in research and development of health products. His mission is to build an ethical network marketing company and is focused primarily on iGalen to make that happen. Click here to learn more

Rajen Manicka

 Kosta Gara

​Chief Corporate Advisor

Kosta Gara - Chief Corporate Advisor.  Kosta Gara and his Gara Group of MLM consultants are world renowned. They've established themselves many time over in their capabilities of being able to lead companies and teams successfully. Kosta has worked in direct sales organizations spanning to more than 30 countries and his previous venture resulted in over $300 million in sales. He's also a highly achieved author ... 3 times Best Seller on Amazon, and has been featured in Forbes, CNBC, Wall Street Journal and numerous other established media outlets. Now Kosta has taken the task of leading iGalen to heights that only he can. We are fortunate to have him and his group on board.

Kosta Gara

iGalen Review - ​Products

​Current Products


Note About Current Products

iGalen no longer has Emulin or Klamax. They lost the rights to these 2 products in approximately March '19. They now have a product called uncarb and one called Gennisi. They make similar claims they made with Emulin and Klamax, and use much the same language, but they are not the same products  in fact they are quite different. You will have to do your own evaluations of their new products and make your own conclusions. Emulin can be found here.

Emulin Plus


igalen review

EMULIN®, the world’s first and only “carbohydrate manager", is a patented, all-natural mix of 4 ingredients that work together to reduce the harmful effects of refined carbohydrates, providing continuous energy through the day.

​Dr. Joseph Ahrens - nominated twice for a Nobel Prize, and the developer of EMULIN®, states that if  EMULIN® were to have been discovered 50 years ago, it would be classified as a vitamin.

igalen review

This microalgea AFA resides in the pristine and peaceful Klamath Lake in the southern part of the state of Oregon. It is comprised of vital and essential nutrients along with high-quality protein and a vast assortment of minerals and vitamins. 

Klamax® is a proprietary guarded blend of the two AFA extracts Klamin® and AphaMax® both of which are patented. In tandem they implement  a thorough action on both neuronal and somatic stem cells.

​Emulin® Plus E is the latest, and most advanced version of Emulin®. This new and improved, patented, all-natural variety with a 4 ingredient blend works to help the body defend itself against the dangers of refined carbs and sugars. ​Refined carbs like sugar and starch are not good for us and we consume far too many. ​"Carb Toxicity" is the result of excess carbohydrates. Poor energy, both physical and mental, excess weight, high blood fats, elevated blood sugars, and inconsistent sleep are all part of this carb toxicity. There are many more symptoms. Blood sugar spikes often lead to being tired and hungry all the time​. This continual over-excessive carbohydrate intake can and ​usually ​does lead to chronic inflammation, the root cause of so many diseases.

​Klamax® ​is a proprietary guarded blend of the two AFA extracts Klamin® and AphaMax®​ both of which are patented. ​AFA (Aphanizomenon flos aquae), is traditionally known as the “Invisible flower of the water”. There are many different types of AFA ... 60 in total. However, it is the one in Upper Klamath Lake in the state of Oregon, USA, that is processed and used as a nutritional supplement. ​Klamath AFA, with over 70 minerals some of which include vanadium, iron, and natural fluoride, is considered to have the greatest array of mineral content, including trace minerals, of all the other AFA's. Vanadium is necessary for the metabolic syndrome and insulin metabolism. Klamath AFA is extremely high in Omega 3's and has the most carotenoids and crucial xantophylls, like astaxanthin, zaxanthin, licopene, and lutein. They've also detected what might be the highest concentration of polyphenols.

​​Product Creators


Note About Product Creators

Dr. Joe Ahrens and Dr. Stefano Scoglio are no longer associated with iGalen in any way. They moved on long ago. No one seems to know who iGalen's current product formulators are. 

Dr. Joe Ahrens can be found here.

​​​​​​Dr. Jo​e Ahrens

​Chief Scientific Advisor

​​​​Dr. Joseph Ahrens - Chief Scientific Advisor.  ​​Dr Joe Ahrens is the inventer of Emulin®. The research that led to the revelation of this life changing product began while he was the Director of the Florida Citrus Board. For further exploration and the ability to turn his discovery into a real tangible product, he founded his company ATM Metabolics. Along with his partner at the time, they set about turning their research into a reality and the discovery of Emulin was completed. Dr. Joe has been greatly acknowledged and rewarded for his work in his field, including not one but two Nobel Prize nominations in the years 2015 and 2016.

Joe Ahrens

​​​​​​​​​​​​Stefano Scoglio

​​Scientific Advisor

​​​​​Stefano Scoglio - Scientific Advisor.  ​​​Dr. Scoglio is the inventor of Klamax. He has spent over two decades studying the Klamath algae and the extracts that  make up the Klamax product. In fact he has become known as the leading researcher worldwide on Klamath algae and it's extracts. His work is so proficient it has resulted in 8 clinical trials, 10 scientific publications, and 6 patents to his name. But he's not done yet. There are ongoing studies nearing completion and Dr. Scoglio is currently focusing on widening his research on stem cell activities and the cells responses to his formulations. Dr Scoglio is recognized across the world for his work and was nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2017.

Stefano Scoglio

Future ​​Products

Sheep Collagen

Collagen is known as the most prominent protein in our bodies. It's also known to dissipate as we ​get older. ​But ​collagen is replaceable ​from other mammals and the sheep is void of religious and cultural issues. It is the best known source for replacing lost collagen.

Joint Pain Relief

This is an amazing product with a ​new modern technology that allows penetration of Hyaluronic acid (HA) into the joints through the skin. In the past this could only be done by injections. Neugel™ helps HA penetrate in a natural manner - usually within an hour with zero side effects.


Another patented product by iGalen that delivers curcumin into needed tissues in a viable stable manner, allowing high penetration to ​joints and all other organ tissue​s, including the brain. Longvida® was co-developed by UCLA (University of California in Los Angeles)

Transdermal AFA

In much anticipation, a sister product of Klamax, the transdermal variety. ​AFA ​through the skin. Advanced high-tech health science utilizing unique and patented extracts to repair skin deficiencies and cause long lasting improvements with a large variety of skin issues.

iGalen Review - MLM Opportunity

​iGalen is a direct sales company that provides an opportunity for their distributors for sharing the products and for building teams of others distributors that do the same. Distributors can be rewarded with commissions on product sales that are produced by them and their teams  through a compensation plan that pays out 6 different ways and through multiple generations deep in their ​organizations.

​A Statement From iGalen

igalen review

​Compensation Plan

​iGalen's compensation plan is fair and lucrative.... what I like to call a balanced plan. ​It works for everyone and without all the annoying hoops to jump through and requirements to rank up like so many other plans do. It is simple in structure yet very powerful. The main component is a modern binary with two uni-level pieces laid over top of it. The uni-levels pay up to 10 levels deep of additional matching bonuses, and ​the​re's fast start bonus ​as well.

igalen review
  • 1
    Retail Profit - earn by purchasing at wholesale and selling at retail. You keep all the profit.
  • 2
    ​​Fast Start Bonus - Earn a percent on the initial orders of all those you personally bring into the business. FSB pays weekly.
  • 3
    Team Commission - This is your binary payout. Build two teams, a left and a right. Earn a percent from the sales happening within your teams.
  • 4
    Matching Bonus -  Get rewarded with an extra commission for helping your personally enrolled teamates AND on their organizations up to 5 level deep. Pays weekly.
  • 5
    Leadership Bonus - An additional matching bonus plan that pays up to 10 levels deep, beginning when you reach the rank of Ruby. This is powerful and greatly rewards those who build a large enough organization. Pays weekly.
  • 6
    Lifestyle Bonus - Earn a really nice monthly check for hitting a rank. The more you rank up, the greater the check, and you only need to hit the rank one week of the month!

​The plan also contains a very strong retail component for those people who might not necessarily want to build a team, but would like to sell some product to get their product free and/or earn additional funds. In total there are 6 different ways to earn and it pays out up to 54% which is high for the industry. This plan can bring abundance to iGalen distributors and retailers while maintaining stability for the company.

iGalen Review - Team

​​Team Concept

​My iGalen review would not be complete if I did not speak of the team. We are Team iGalen United. ​Full time network and internet marketers and ​passionate about what we do. We love the industry and we remain students of the industry. Understanding that the internet and marketing concepts are ever-evolving we know we must stay up on the latest trends and techniques. So we continue to study and learn as much as we can. The day we think we know it all is the day we know we are done. We also like to share the knowledge that we gain with as many of our partners as we can.

This is a big part of who we are and why our teams excel. Understanding that not everyone we bring into the business might not be as advanced as we are, we know the importance of providing the support and training that is necessary to help those that need it. We know how comforting it can be to our teammates to know that #1) there will be people available to answer their questions and guide them along, and #2) to provide for them a community atmosphere with other distributors who have the same goals and who are more than happy t​o share ​as well. This is why we work hard to provide these essentials and we will continue to do so.

igalen review

​​Team ​Resources

​Prospecting ​Tool

​This is where we shine, and ​once again I absolutely cannot do a proper iGalen review without talking about our Ditto Talk/Touch marketing presentation tool. Even though it's not part of the company itself (it's actually exclusive to ​our team) it still needs to be mentioned in an iGalen review. We believe it's the most powerful marketing tool available for the newbie​ or the pro. Watch the short video below to get an idea of what Ditto Talk and Ditto Touch is.

​Watch Th​is iGalen Review DittoTalk Video

​The best thing about Ditto Talk is that anyone can do it. It doesn't matter the experience level or networking ​knowledge a person has, they can be doing an iGalen presentation within minutes. It really ​evens the playing field as the 'usual' learning curve required for knowing enough ​about your business to present it properly is all but wiped out. Any iGalen distributor no matter how new can be presenting the company and the opportunity ​as well as the expert .... in an instant.

Team Training Calls

​If you are the type of person that needs team training calls we have you covered there as well. There will be several that you can take your pick from. All our calls are record​ed too so you can hear them at your convenience. We know that not everyone that wants to hear the calls is able to. We all have different schedules.

Team ​Community Groups

​Our specialty. Most people are online now and most people are ​comfortable with Facebook. Our team Facebook group is well known and popular with lots of engagement happening. This is the best team support resource we can offer. Everyone is very helpful and willing to share. We have members in many different nations therefore it doesn't matter what time it is. There will always be someone in the group to assist you, 24 hours a day. ​

​Live Chat

​For company related issues our live chat is the best. During normal business hours the support reps are on standby waiting to take your inquiries. Vary rarely is there any wait at all. After normal business hours you can leave them a message that they will answer upon their return.

Brett Gurney's iGalen Review - ​My Conclusion

​After being exposed to a good iGalen review similar to this one, I joined, and now my conclusion is that I ​feel fortunate to be aligned with this company​. ​I also believe that anyone else who gets involved ​will feel the same way. There are many reasons why​ but here are my top 3 that stand out still. The person that introduced me to iGalen is a friend and a mentor in ​ network marketing​. He's more accomplished in this industry than anyone I know, he's the #2 income earner, he's on the advisory board, he has regular almost daily dialogue with the owners and consultant of the company, he's available always, and he's a team player. And I trust his judgement completely. After presenting iGalen I knew right away this was one not to be missed. That's reason #1.

Reason #2 is because all the products are patented and backed by real science with clinical studies published and performed by the most reputable laboratories in the business. (With more products on the way).

And finally # 3 is because almost every single person is getting remarkable and often times life changing results on the products like I have never seen or heard before. 

The bottom line for me is this .... iGalen is the real deal, and I would have ​never stopped kicking myself if I did not take immediate action and engage with this company and the opportunity ​to help launch it to the world. So here we are. Come join us.

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Thanks for reading my iGalen Review.


Brett Gurney

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