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iGalen MLM Opportunity – iGalen Launches North America [VIDEO]

November 20, 2017


The iGalen MLM Opportunity no longer has the product rights to Emulin OR Klamax. They lost those rights in March '19. Joe Ahrens and Emulin  have => moved to another MLM company. <=  Click link to watch the video.

The iGalen MLM opportunity launched in Canada and the United States on January 30th, 2017.

The flagship iGalen product Emulin is patented, backed by science, and was created by a top scientist.  Dr. Joseph Ahrens is the former director of research at the Florida Dept of Citrus and a 2 time Nobel Prize nominee.

In the first quarter of 2018 iGalen launched their new blockbuster product Klamax. A much anticipated stem cell activator created by another Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Stefano Scoglio. 

The iGalen MLM opportunity offers a rich mix of all the necessary elements required for success in the MLM industry. In this post we will showcase those elements.

iGalen MLM Opportunies top product Emulin

My Video Summary Of The iGalen Launch Convention In Las Vegas

In clinical trials, Emulin outperformed Metformin

The only way an MLM company and opportunity is going to make it in this highly competitive space today, is to have elite, unique products. 

Those products MUST be better than average. They must even be better than good. They have to be great.

Products that perform as promised, and backed up by clinical proof. 

iGalen MLM product science

Metformin is  the most prescribed drug used in the treatment of patients with high blood glucose issues.  Emulin outperformed Metformin in clinical trials with humans.

The Emulin studies were randomized, double-blind, and placebo-controlled. They were reviewed by Quorum Review IRB (Seattle, WA,USA). The discovery of Emulin happened accidentally while studying grapefruits and their connections with weight loss.

Dr Ahrens has spent years isolating and perfecting  Emulin® and he holds two global patents on the  product which they show on their website.

Klamax - The iGalen MLM's Next Big Blockbuster Product Is Here

Created and developed by yet another Nobel Prize nominated scientist, iGalen Scientific Advisor Dr. Stefano Scoglio has been perfecting Klamax for over a decade. This new orally consumed Stem Cell Releaser product, followed by the trans-dermal variety, has a huge demand with an incredible sizzle factor to it.

Our patented Klamax is exclusive to iGalen just like the Emulin product and cannot be purchased anywhere else. It comes with published clinical papers, multiple patents, and  a Nobel Prize Nomination for Medicine.

The science and technology is world class. So be on the lookout for Klamax. It's projected launch date is first quarter 2018. We'll keep you posted on more definitive dates as we get closer.  

New product Klamax for iGalen MLM Opportunity

iGalen's Founders are Mr. Chan Heng Fai and Dr. Rajen Manicka

iGalen Chairman and Co-Founder Mr. Chan Heng Fai,  referred to as a multi-billionaire business tycoon, has the strong backing. His track record is long with many outstanding achievements and he's considered an expert at restructuring troubled companies.

He also has a passion for health and wellness products. So he got together with his partner Dr. Rajen, they put their heads together, and the outcome was the iGalen MLM opportunity. Mr. Fai claims iGalen will be his next big story.

CEO and Co-Founder Dr. Rajen Manicka, PhD is also the President of the Malaysian Dietary Supplement Association, a co-holder of six global patents on utilization of natural resources, and the CEO of Holista Colltech.  

Holista is the Australian world leader in ovine (sheep) collagen research, development and manufacture. His resume continues and is long with many other accomplishments. Dr Rajen is on a mission to build and run an ethical network marketing company.

Dr Joe Ahrens is Chief Science Officer and Product Creator for the iGalen MLM

Our Emulin product creator, Dr Joseph Ahrens, is the former head of the Florida Citrus Boards and is also the founder of ATM Metabolics. ATM is a company that studies and explores the metabolic and physiological pathways of plants.

He has been twice nominated for a Nobel Prize for his outstanding work. His breakthrough technology lead to the development of Emulin®, the world’s first patented, all natural, carbohydrate manager.

 The ATM website states their view as "We are dedicated to the discovery of new and useful treatments for metabolic and neurological disorders".

iGalen Partners

More partnerships include Holista Colltech, Palmabiotech, Verdure Sciences, Gara Group, and more. These high-quality relationships developed over the years create strong bonds and a solid core to work with.  They will all contribute to the  development of the highest class of products possible. Holista will be a significant part of iGalen's vision and implementation in the future.

Future Products

Future iGalen products are exciting too. They have a line of cutting edge products  waiting to be introduced into the marketplace. These soon-to-be iGalen products are of a next generation class and include brain health, anti-inflammations, bone joint lubricants and pain relievers, nutrient absorbents, and the highest quality proteins that exist.

The iGalen MLM Opportunity

The iGalen business opportunity consists of a two team structured compensation plan with two unilevel overlay’s for matching bonuses and leadership bonuses. Some might refer to this as a hybrid comp plan. There are a total of 6 income streams in the plan.

  • Retail profit
  • Fast Start Bonus
  • Team Commission
  • Matching Bonus
  • Leadership Bonus
  • Rank Bonus

Customer Program

MLM not your thing? That's ok, the iGalen MLM opportunity includes a great customer program. It's a favorite for those who just want to purchase and benefit from their outstanding products.

Loyalty rewards for autoship customers include discounts. And iGalen distributors can benefit from those loyalty customers too. If an iGalen distributor gets 3 customers on autoship, their monthly product requirement is free..

Here’s an iGalen compensation plan video for your reference …

iGalen compensation plan Video

It’s Easy To Join The iGalen MLM Opportunity

It’s easy to join iGalen and participate in the business opportunity. For a once yearly $29.95 membership you get a replicated website, a back office to manage and maintain your business, and marketing materials to share iGalen with. Purchasing at least one bottle of product opens up 2 of the 6 income streams in the comp plan. Any of the packages Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum open up the entire plan. The package you join with is directly connected with the income possibilities available.

Here’s a short video that explains the getting started options and benefits for each package entry level.

Getting Started With iGalen Video

iGalen Is Going Global

In 2017 iGalen launched North America. But they have since expanded into Asia. Philippines official launch was in February 2018. And at the time of this post update (September 2018) we are right now officially launching iGalen in Australia

But we're not done yet ... in fact we've only just begun. This is the perfect time for anyone to join the iGalen launch. The market is wide open. It's perfect for anyone who likes to be part of the foundation of a new and highly promising health and wellness MLM company.

The Product Results Are More Than Encouraging

Product testimonials are rolling in. Emulin is amazing!  For consumers and business builders alike, everything hinged on one thing. Would this product do what they say it would do? I believe we have our answer already. A resounding yes, and then some. It appears Emulin is going to be the driving factor in changing many lives for the better, both in health and wealth.

iGalen is a new company, but Emulin has a considerable track record. There are media coverages on the website that date all the way back to 2009. Over the years Emulin has evolved into what it is today. Notably the best carb inhibitor and sugar controller on the market.

Members have access to all this information which is a major benefit to have with a new company and product launch. 

There are a lot of excited people about their futures with the iGalen MLM opportunity, and their cutting edge health products.

We hope you received value from this iGalen MLM Opportunity Review. Be sure to check out the videos above and feel free to leave us a comment. Ask any questions that you have. Additionally, sign up to get on the iGalen Opportunity Newsletter for ongoing news and updates, new product launches, and more.

Media Summary:

iGalen Launch Summary Video

Emulin Plus E Image

iGalen MLM Opportunies top product Emulin

Klamax Image

New product Klamax for iGalen MLM Opportunity
igalen mlm opportunity

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