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iGalen Launch Convention Recap – My Report

February 4, 2018

Our iGalen reviews would not be complete if we did not include action reports from the iGalen Launch Convention in Las Vegas, NV. It was an epic event .... unlike any other I've ever been to. I walked away a changed man in my outlook on this company and opportunity ... and I absolutely know how fortunate I truly am to be involved. I'm not alone in feeling this way.

The Venue Was Amazing and They Went All Out

The corporate team went all out to host something special for their guests. They catered to us to show their appreciation for our commitments to get there and for building our teams over the previous months. Their transparency and ethics showed from the instant we arrived. They let everyone know how special we all were to them, treating us as partners to their cause.

First Up Was Our CEO Dr Rajen Manicka

Dr Rajen spoke about his mission and vision for the company. He talked about how he got involved in the industry and about how he met up with those who are now his partners in iGalen. He also touched on the new and improved Emulin E, and the newly introduced stem cell releaser product ... and the up and coming low GI food line.

igalen launch

Next Up - Chairman Chan Heng Fai

Our chairman and Dr Rajen's main partner Chan Heng Fai spoke next. I was really looking forward to this because I had not yet heard Fai's story. Chan Heng Fai is a wealthy man, but sometimes the people backing the project are not directly involved. For some it's just another investment.

I knew Dr Rajens commitment, but I did not yet know Chan Heng Fai's commitment. So I was looking forward to seeing and hearing it first hand. To hear his vision and his passion would tell me how involved he would be in the iGalen launch and the success of the company.

igalen launch

I was not disappointed. In fact just the opposite. I was enlightened, impressed, and highly encouraged by everything I heard from him. You could really sense how much the iGalen launch meant to him, but that the launch was just the beginning of his commitment. His heart and soul is all in for the long term journey of iGalen. We are in a good place with good people at the best time possible. 

Dr Stefano Presents The New Stem Cell Releaser

The highlight for me though, on this first day of the iGalen launch convention, was hearing from Dr Stefano and seeing his product presentation. It was a major WOW moment from everyone there, seeing the product demonstrated and work right before our very eyes, on people taken from the audience.

The stem cell release product will have a major impact on the wellness industry. Emulin is amazing and always will be, but the stem cell releaser (Klamax) is equally powerful. A disruptive technology in advanced health science.

igalen launch

The Top Field Leaders

Our top distributors were amazing as always, and I continue to learn from the experience and perspectives of these proven and accomplished leaders of our industry. Very motivating and inspiring.

But We Are Just Getting Started

The 1st annual iGalen convention was a smashing success. This company will continue to bring high-tech, next-generation, health and wellness products to market. Always patented and always backed by real science. For those involved, the future looks bright!

igalen launch

Check out the video here for a more personal perspective of the iGalen Launch event from me​​​​​


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