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Valentus SlimRoast Optimum Coffee Benefits – The Happy Healthy Coffee!

Looking for a review on SlimRoast Optimum Coffee benefits? Keep reading.Our amazing SlimRoast Optimum Coffee is an innovative product. A great tasting neurological coffee for optimal performance.The Many Benefits Of SlimRoast OptimumIn this post we will answer the question “what does SlimRoast Optimum do”.  And we’ll go over a lot of the benefits one can […]

What Happened With iGalen – The 2018 iGalen Crash And Why We Moved To Valentus

What happened with iGalen? At the time of publishing this post, iGalen is still officially in business. But to us as a team, we could call it the 2018 iGalen Crash. That’s right. For us, the iGalen crash happened in the latter stages of 2018. But the whole thing started going south long before that.In fact, […]

iGalen Australia – iGalen Launching Australia Fall 2018 – TGA Approved All Systems GO

iGalen … a direct sales company that carries specialized wellness products, will launch an iGalen Australia addition in Fall 2018. iGalen started in Malaysia in 2015. Since then they have expanded to the USA, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, and are now going into Australia.In this post we will provide a review of iGalen Australia and all […]

The Great Sugar Lie

This is the story of the Great Sugar LieWellness advancements are happening on a regular basis these days. Health science is booming and natural remedies have become fashionable. New health discoveries are anticipated and even expected on a regular basis. One of the most impactful health revelations of late has been the unveiling of what could […]

What Is Klamax – Available Now After 20 Years Of Study For The First Time Ever

What is Klamax.  It’s a good question…. no, it’s a great question, and one that we love to answer because Klamax is unique and special. There is nothing else like in in the marketplace… it’s exclusive to iGalen and we love to talk about it.Klamax is a combination of two previously patented productsKlamax is a […]

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