iGalen Australia - iGalen Launched Australia in Fall 2018 - Check [VIDEOS]

iGalen Australia – iGalen Launching Australia Fall 2018 – TGA Approved All Systems GO

August 29, 2018

Important Notice - Update May 2020

Hello from Brett. There's been a development with iGalen Australia. They are no longer doing business with Joe Ahrens or Emulin. However, we are still launching Joe Ahrens' Emulin to Australia through this company

iGalen ... a direct sales company that carries specialized wellness products, will launch an iGalen Australia addition in Fall 2018. iGalen started in Malaysia in 2015. Since then they have expanded to the USA, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, and are now going into Australia.

In this post we will provide a review of iGalen Australia and all that it has to offer.

iGalen Australia
iGalen Australia

iGalen Australia Review

The iGalen Australia 'Emulin' product is unique, patented, and backed by science. It was created by a two-time Nobel nominated researcher and scientist based out of the state of Florida, USA.

In addition to the product line, iGalen Australia will also include a business opportunity for individuals. For those who want to become distributors and earn commissions on sales they may simply join as a member.

The business opportunity is based on a multi-level platform with a binary compensation plan. This is a standard and proven business model that has stood the test of time. The compensation plan along with the products are changing people's lives and providing long-term benefits.

Now for more details on the products, plan, and the company.

The Name iGalen

The chosen name iGalen does have meaning. Named after Claudius Galen, better known as Galen, or Galen of Pergamon to exemplify a great physician and surgeon of ancient Rome. Our company leaders felt this was appropriate given the nature of our products.

We feel justifiable in naming the company after such a great champion of medicine given the number of health professionals that use and endorse the Emulin product. We are a company that believes in the highest of standards and will continue striving to maintain that level of excellence.

iGalen Australia

The Company iGalen: the backbone of iGalen Australia

iGalen was founded by two highly regarded and successful businessmen, Dr. Rajen Manicka and Mr. Chan Heng Fai. They have a well established solid infrastructure with experienced corporate team leadership.

The two partners are also absolutely convinced that the Direct Sales business model is the preferred method for taking iGalen and their high-tech health products to the marketplace.

Dr. Rajen Manicka - iGalen Australia CoFounder

Dr. Rajen has an extensive portfolio in the business and natural medicine fields that includes a Doctorate in Holistic Medicine.

A pharmacist by trade that became a specialist in carbohydrate metabolism, he is also the CEO of Holista Colltech Limited, an Australian publicly traded company. Holista is known as the world leader in sheep collagen and they also develop food ingredients specializing in low glycemic formulas.

iGalen Mission

"Our mission is to educate people on the dangers of inflammation and provide the natural, scientifically tested solutions and lifestyle solutions".

Chan Heng Fai - CoFounder

Chan Heng Fai is a global business icon. He's famous for fixing troubled companies as well as creating and developing successful business entities and corporations. 

iGalen Australia

One of his biggest claims to fame to date was the amazing turnaround of the American Pacific Bank into the success story it is today. 

Chan Heng Fai is also a director of Holista along with Rajen and of course his partnership with iGalen and iGalen Australia, as well as all present and future iGalen expansions...

Company Consultants

Kosta Gara and his Gara Group are the Chief Corporate Advisors. This is an important piece as well. Having good corporate experience is vital of course ... which iGalen certainly has with Rajen and Mr. Fai. But an MLM company also needs experienced consultation from the direct sales and MLM industries.

There's no question iGalen has that much-needed experience with the Gara Group. They have led direct sales organizations into the hundreds of thousands and multiple million dollar MLM companies. Worldwide and on several occasions.

iGalen Australia

The Products of iGalen Australia

iGalen Australia will begin their launch with the Emulin Plus product in two variations. Emulin M and Emulin C. M for carbohydrate management, and C for sugar control. These products have proven effective with an abundance of highly exciting testimonials coming in on a regular basis.

Emulin M & C are patented protected products backed by human clinical trials proving their efficacy. The results were phenomenal! In a comparison with Metformin (the leading prescribed drug for Type 2 Diabetics), Emulin outperformed Metformin in glucose management.

Soon afterward they will bring in the new Emulin E and the next  iGalen blockbuster product: Klamax. Something to look forward to! Emulin E and Klamax are also both patented protected and backed by science.

We consume too many refined carbohydrates.

EMULIN® is the world’s first “carbohydrate manager.” Its all-natural patented blend of 4 ingredients work in synergy to significantly reduce the negative effects of carbohydrates.

about igalen


Just back from the Endo ..... A1C is 6.5! BP is perfect without meds! 11 weeks of Emulin! 12 Medications GONE! Sleeping Better Losing Weight! More Alert! Just had a report from a team member whose readings have gone from an average of 320 in the mornings to 257 after just 3 days! He is thrilled and so am I for him!

Cheryl-Ann Porter Network Marketer - Leader Australia

Emulin Creator Dr. Joe Ahrens

We cannot talk about Emulin without talking about Dr. Joe Ahrens. Dr. Joe discovered Emulin. He's the product creator and developer. Dr. Ahrens has been nominated twice for a nobel prize for his work that led to the discovery of Emulin.

The discovery of Emulin is an incredible story that we love to talk about. It was actually an accidental discovery during another research back in 2007. 10 years of further study has led to the life-changing Emulin that we are offering now through iGalen. check out this article to learn more about the Emulin story.

Excess carbs lead to “carb toxicity”

Dr. Joseph Ahrens  often says that if EMULIN® was discovered 50 years ago it would have been classified as a “vitamin.” 

The iGalen Australia Prelaunch Tour

But now back to the main subject of this post. iGalen Australia. The official launch is right around the country. So close in fact that they have begun the iGalen Australia Prelaunch Tour ... dubbed "The Carb Crisis" - Putting back what nature intended!

It began in Sydney Saturday evening the 25th with additional tour stops happening over the next 2 months September and October.

Here are the upcoming tour stop schedules:

Gold Coast - DATE AND TIME

Sun. 16 September 2018 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm AEST
Event Registration


Sat. 6 October 2018 11:00 am – 2:00 pm AWST
Event Registration

iGalen Australia

Here's a quick word from one of our Team Leaders in Australia


From USA to Australia, a big welcome to all the event attendees. Thanks for coming out and we look forward to having you on the team!

Our Story

"We are iGalen and we are building a better future for those prepared to embrace the dream".

The Australian market is wide open for iGalen and Emulin. We truly have not even begun yet. There is vast opportunity for anyone to come in this company now and establish themselves as an Aussie Founder. 

Check out this iGalen Review  for a much more complete and thorough analysis of the iGalen company, products, and business opportunity. 

And get on my iGalen Newsletter for up to date news. (Just click the button below). Stay informed on everything happening with iGalen ... future market expansions, future products and more!

Media Summary:

Australia Team Video
Joe Ahrens Emulin Video
Jackie Boyle Video Live
Dr. Rajen iGalen Interview

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