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How Does Emulin Work – We Have The Answers Keep Reading

April 13, 2018

Asking the question "how does Emulin work" is something that we welcome. We want to tell everyone how Emulin works.

I remember it well. When I was first introduced to iGalen and Emulin, it was my first thought too. How does Emulin work? I wanted to know everything. I wanted the science. Even if I didn't understand it, I wanted to see it.

How Does Emulin Work

In this post we are going to answer the question.

Beware it might get a little technical, but we'll try hard to keep it simple enough to understand.

We are going to talk about 7 metabolic pathways. From ingestion to the final results and the journey to get there.

But first, for those that don't know, we'll cover some Emulin basics.

Emulin is a phytonutrient all-natural blend. It emulates insulin by interrupting the sugar process in 7 different ways. This is how it helps people maintain lower blood sugars . Weight loss is often an added side effect as well.

The Emulin discovery happened after 10 years of testing and research by Dr. Joe Ahrens and his partner. Dr. Ahrens has earned 2 Nobel prize nominations for his work. He also happens to be iGalen's Chief Science Officer and Product Creator.

how does emulin work

Emulin Is Patented Protected

A US patent has been awarded to his unique blend of plant flavenoids. The proprietary blend which we know as Emulin today has been thoroughly tested with impressive results. Emulin outperformed Metformin in studies done by Scripps and published in Journal of Medicinal Food in 2013.

how does emulin work

How Does Emulin Work

Emulin works by altering, or interrupting, 7 pathways of sugar metabolism. These are metabolic pathways which the body uses to process sugar. This is the journey we are going to discuss.

These are the 7 pathways that Emulin interrupts. This answers the how does Emulin work question that so many have.


Pathway Number 1: The Conversion of Starch To Sugar

It starts when you eat. That's when Emulin goes to work. As you ingest food certain enzymes in your body go to work. These enzymes break down starches into sugar. Emulin interrupts this process.


Pathway Number 2: The Absorption of Glucose

Emulin interrupts the absorption of glucose that happens when you digest your food. This begins in the upper GI tract (gastrointestinal tract). The result is less sugar reaching the bloodstream


Pathway Number 3: Glucose Tissue Route

Emulin helps move the ingested glucose into tissues like muscles for energy and muscle growth. Also to the brain for similar positive outcomes.


Pathway Number 4: Formulation of Fat

Emulin "directs traffic", rerouting it away from fat and into muscles. In the muscle tissue the sugar acts as a fuel for energy at the same time increasing metabolism to burn even more fat.


Pathway Number 5: Glucose Homeostasis

Emulin helps eliminate sugars spikes and dips maintaining a healthy blood sugar balance.


Pathway Number 6: Release of Insulin

Insulin's job to move glucose from blood and across cells is heightened by Emulin. Emulin promotes a rapid healthy release of the insulin.


Pathway Number 7: Insulin Sensitivity

If you are insulin sensitive, your body responds to it. The more sensitive you are, the better the body's response. Emulin helps here too, promoting insulin sensitivity so you need less of it while still lowering the blood sugar.

The following 2 videos will further help answer the question How Does Emulin Work 

Dr. Joe Ahrens Interview - How Does Emulin Work - Part 1

Dr. Joe Ahrens Interview - How Does Emulin Work - Part 2

We hope the material given today has been of some help. Bookmark the posts you like in this blog, including this post, as we will be continuously accumulating more data and updating them.  There is a wealth of information to share. For now though we just wanted to condense it and keep it simple. There are a lot of people asking how does Emulin work, and it was important for us to provide some information right away.

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