Health Benefits Of Quitting Sugar -10 Key Benefits From Slaying The Sugar Monster

Health Benefits Of Quitting Sugar – 10 Key Benefits From Slaying The Sugar Monster

Have you had your sugar today? Of course you have! If you are anything at all like the rest of the population then yes, you have had your sugar today. But do you know there are significant health benefits of quitting sugar?

Consuming sugar is a daily thing for most people

After all, it is one of the most consumed substances in all the world. And at this rate the next thing we know it will be a new food group. And that is not good!

There are a crazy amount of health issues and even diseases that have now been officially linked to sugar consumption. That's why there are so many health benefits of quitting sugar.

health benefits of quitting sugar

Truth be told, we are conditioned to not only love the taste of sugar, but to crave it. It's often compared with drug addictions in it's power over us.

That is why there are so many compelling reasons to abstain from the consumption of sugar. I'll list the top 10 of those reasons for you right now. Then we will expand on the real dangers of too much sugar.

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10 health benefits of quitting sugar


Healthy Heart

I don't need to tell you a healthier heart will prolong your life and give a higher quality life. Sugar is now considered the top contributor to heart attacks and heart disease. Why not quit the sugar and live longer?


Better Skin

Who doesn't want better skin? Sugar is not only linked to acne, but also to wrinkles. Especially vulnerable are elastin and collagen, which act to keep your skin in tip top shape. Doing damage to those two protein fibers and your skin pays the price.


Higher Energy

Everyone wants more energy. If you get off sugar that will happen. The "sugar crash" is real. High one minute and crashing the next is a cycle with sugar consumption and your body pays the price. So celebrate more energy by quitting sugar today.


Lower Your Cancer Risk

Would you say this is a big one? Sugar feeds cancer cells. We know that now. In fact some are even saying now that cancer cannot survive without sugar. If that's 100% true or not I don't know, but it is a fact that sugar allows cancer to multiply and thrive.


Healthier Digestive system

Sugar can cause constipation issues. Give up the sugar and clean your system out. Detox your digestive tract for improved all around health.


Sleep Better

It's been shown that excess sugar consumption can contribute to disturbed sleep patterns. Get a good night sleep and feel better all day.


Improved Dental Health

Sugar promotes tooth decay and other dental health problems. Stop the sugar and keep that beautiful smile. Your teeth are something you want to take to the grave with you.


Flatter Stomach

Do you know anyone that wants one of those? Replace the sugar with proteins and good fats and watch the magical transformation. You'll be thanking your mirror every time. A proper diet without the sugar will balance and stabilize your weight and body proportions. You will look and feel tremendously better.


Liver Protection

This is pretty straight forward. Excessive sugar is toxic to the body and is often responsible for non-alcoholic fatty liver. So quit the sugar and be on the safer side.


Not Feeling Hungry All The Time

Can you relate to this at all? Not just craving sugar but feeling hungry even after eating. Sugar consumption in excess can cause a leptin resistance. That's the hormone that tells your brain that you're not hungry or in the need of food.

 I don't know about you but I say those are some pretty compelling health benefits of quitting sugar. It won't be easy to do. Sugar addiction is real. But it can be done and especially with the help of Emulin.

More Health Benefits Of Quitting Sugar

One of the main benefits of quitting sugar is of course the weight loss that comes with it. We can't say enough about it.

For years we've all heard the same advice for losing weight. Move more, eat less, more calories out than in, and avoid fat.

And it sunk in... people are far more aware now and they are doing just those things... exercising, eating less, counting calories, and eating low fat or no fat everything.

And yet.... the obesity epidemc is exploding and diabetes is out of control.


Why is it happening that even children are obese now, and diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at such alarming rates?

We know why now. It's SUGAR!

And it's exactly why we talk about all the health benefits of quitting sugar. It has to be talked about. There's just no way around it.

All that wonderful advice, by all those wonderful experts, for all those years, was wrong.

It's what the studies now are saying. The word is out on the Great Sugar Lie. All that expert advice was wrong.... very wrong. Now they are saying that fat and calories are not the main cuplrits at all. In fact, fat is good for you.

But ... sugar is not.

Fake Food And Zero Nutrition

All the years of concentrating on avoiding fat seems to have caused us to completely overlook the over-consumption of the real culprit. But sugar, as it turns out, is and has always been the deadly sweet ingredient.

That's why I'm writing this article today. There are so many health benefits of quitting sugar.

It's ironic that in order for all the food manufacturers to make their fat-free food like substances taste good, thay had to add mega-doses of sugar. Often times disguised by the approximately 60 alternative ingredient names for sugar, it was completely missed.

The calorie counting label readers scanning the ingredients glazed right over the hidden sugar contents. They were too intent looking for the words no-fat and low-fat. From corn syrup to fructose to honey, and everything in-between, the no-nutrition food substances were literally drowned in the sweet stuff.

health benefits of quitting sugar

Chronic Inflammation

Our bodies naturally recognize sugar as a toxin and the defenses kick in. The resulting inflammatory responses, day after day, build up to dangerous levels that the body cannot handle. This daily barrage becomes what's known as "chronic inflammation" that is now linked to many ailments and even to deadly diseases.

And now I'm sure you'll agree about the health benefits of quitting sugar.

Fortunately, a couple of Nobel nominated scientists in Florida agree as well. Two scientists who were passionate enough about the health benefits of quitting sugar to do something about it. They went to work and after 7 years of intense study and testing came up with a product called Emulin.

The first and only patented carbohydrate manager and sugar controller, Emulin is providing relief and even reversals for people with glucose related metabolism issues.

I encourage you to learn about Emulin, and make your sugar quitting adventure far more tolerable.


It's proven now that the over consumption of sugar is hazardous to our health. Despite all the years of medical experts placing the blame on saturated fats we are learning the truth now. Sugar is the main culprit.

So what we thought all along about the health benefits of quitting fat, have now become the health benefits of quitting sugar.

Above I have listed several of those benefits for you. Some of them could be life saving. So I hope you do indeed quit the sugar and take advantage of those benefits. And live a longer healthier and happier life.

P.S. Do you have questions? Please leave a comment below or go to the Contact Us tab above.

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