EXPLOSIVE Valentus Growth 2019! – [Up 700%] This Year WHAT! WHY?

EXPLOSIVE Valentus Growth 2019! – [Up 700%] This Year WHAT!? WHY?

Explosive Valentus growth in 2019 some might say is an understatement of what's going on. But I really don't know how else to say it. Explosive is a darn good description of the growth happening in this company right now.

It's for real, it's happening, and it's creating big Valentus momentum.

So in this post we are going to talk about the Valentus growth and what it can mean to those who are involved. We'll also touch on why it's the perfect time to jump in Valentus, and what we are expecting moving forward. 

So what's happening here? Valentus will close out June with over a million dollars in growth for the 3rd month in a row. That is incredible for a company this size, and that is serious momentum. But keep reading to learn why we say we are just getting started.

First though, let's talk about something that not a lot of "new-to-MLM" people know about or understand. Namely, what does it take for an MLM company to reach momentum, and when does it occur?

First Things First - Recognizing MLM Company Momentum

Certain things have to happen before any company reaches momentum. And many companies, MLM or conventional, never get there. But some do, and when they do there is nothing quite like it. Momentum in an MLM is a stage that can and does create millionaires out of average ordinary people. 

Those who are aware of these "once-in-a-lifetime" phenomenons, will not watch one go by. If they are fortunate enough to see one forming before the fact, they will do whatever it takes to be part of it. Why? It's simple. A few short years can set one up for the rest of their life.

One thing's for sure. When growth happens like the Valentus growth that's happening right now .... you want to be a part of it.

The problem is ... too many not recognizing it when it's right under their noses. Being there is one thing. Recognizing it and taking action is quite another. This is the key. If you see one, and you know what's happening, you'll find a way to get in, and you'll take action.

But when you don't see it, you miss it. Then you kick yourself.

Here's a good article about the four phases of MLM. I'm not sure of the author, although the blog's URL includes davidsamsblog, and it was written in 2015, but it's still relevent today. This article might shed some light for you on what it takes for an MLM to reach the momentum stage.

4 phases of MLM

"MLM companies go through four growth phases consisting of: The Formulation Phase, The Concentration Phase, The Momentum Phase, and finally The Stability Phase. While most every company started will go through three of the phases (assuming of course the company survives the Formulation Phase), many companies never experience the excitement and mass success of Momentum".

Valentus Growth Recap

Here's a little recap of what has occurred leading up to today with Valentus. Those who have been in the industry for a while might recognize where this is going.

Growth was sporadic since the start of our company up until about a year ago. That's not abnormal by any means for a new company. Ups and down, hits and misses. It's all pretty standard stuff getting a company off the ground. In fact. anything other than that may be what's abnormal.

But for the last year or so we've been experiencing very consistent growth. Last June '18 we hit our first million dollar month. We doubled those sales over the next 6 months. In December we hit 2 million.

After That - The Explosion

After we hit that 2 million in December ... we exploded. Word got out about our new Slimroast Optimum Weight Loss Coffee and the results so many were getting using the product. Members started sharing their product stories and experiences, and the rush was on.

And when customers began learning about the other Valentus products like M.O.R.E. Detox, and PrevailMAX Spray, and 24/7 Carb Burner they became even more convinced. And then we added Emulin. (keep reading :))

john haremza valentus crown diamond

John Haremza

Valentus Crown Diamond

Top Valentus leader John Haremza, the only crown diamond in the company to date, has this to say about the recent Valentus growth ...

"I've been 30 years in this industry and I've never experienced anything like this before in my history. What is happening here is simply unbelievable".

This is momentum in it's finest form and it's a big deal in the MLM industry when a young company catches fire like this. Those who follow the trends pick up on it, and they report about it. And why wouldn't they? It only happens if a company is doing something right.

Here's what Business For Home.org had to say about Valentus momentum and growth.

valentus growth article

A Prediction Comes True

John Haremza said "I had made a prediction. We had a conference coming up in Henderson, Nevada, in March, and I predicted that we were going to come out of that event in April and have our first million dollar month of growth."

We did that. In April we were up a million from the month before. But that was just a taste of what was about to happen. Valentus exploded after that and did a million of growth over the next two months from the month before. That is amazing growth for a company their size.

So here's the short of it. Last June we had our first million dollar month. This June (last month from the time of this post) we did 7 million. That's not double growth and it's not triple growth. It's not even quadruple growth. We are talking 7 times growth over the last year.

And that is exactly why I say the Valentus growth is explosive.

massive valentus growth creating massive results for reps

The results of that? Massive distributor success stories and rank advancements. And we have global teams popping up around the world making their statements. Anyone that is familiar with this kind of growth in a network marketing company knows what can happen from here on out.The virality takes on a life of it's own.

For example: Spain. That team is going crazy. The first triple diamond in Spain just became a blue diamond.That team went from 30,000 in volume last year to over a million this year with two new triple diamonds well on their ways to blue diamonds as well.

The rank advancements are happening company wide. I hear a couple hundred new diamonds over the last year alone. That's incredible. The company does not post those stats but they do congratulate and recognize those who are moving up.. And if you're plugged in to the company you get a really good idea of who's doing what.

dori oneill valentus diamond leader

Dori ONeill

 Valentus Diamond Leader

"Momentum is something that everyone wants, but the fact is that it's very rare. Valentus is now in momentum and people that take advantage of that momentum are making more money than ever.

Valentus has perfect entry products in Optimum Coffee and Cocoa which then leads people to 24/7 and Emulin. I call this the perfect storm".

valentus' first crown diamond in the books

John Haremza went Crown Diamond. Crown Ambassador is the only rank higher.  A qualification for Crown Diamond is a million in team sales volume on your weak leg per month if that tells you anything.

A Crown Diamond also must have personally sponsored 4 diamonds. Wow!

And now we have our second Royal Diamond. Rick Jerrells just hit that amazing achievement.

Several others have just bumped to Blue Diamond (one up from Triple Diamond). This is massive explosive growth over a year's time.

the valentus growth is creating excitement and momentum

More observations from John Haremza ... "I'm excited, I could not be more excited about what is happening. So who knows what's going to happen in July with the momentum we've got we are probably going to grow in July.

Normally, no company grows in July. But we're going to probably grow in July and we're going to probably grow in August. The reality is, if we could just hold what we're doing this month, the month of June, if we can hold that in July and August.

It's a huge home run. I think we're going to grow, but we're going to come out of this September event in Orlando, Florida. And we'll definitely grow a million dollars and will probably grow a million dollars every month, right up through to December. 

So we could as a company, realistically, be hitting 10 million a month. There's even a chance we could double were we are now. We could be doing 14 to 15 million a month by the end of the year." 

big words and big numbers 

That's quite a statement would you agree? But it's like I said before ... those familiar with the industry know what can happen when momentum hits a company like this. And the current Valentus momentum is throwing flags all over the place.

Personally, I can also absolutely agree with what John is saying.

And here's why.

Look what's coming.

this new addition will double the valentus growth

We just added something to Valentus so powerful, and so wanted and needed, that it could potentially double or even triple what's happening now. It really is that strong.

The addition of Dr. Joe Ahrens and his product line beginning with the science-recognized Emulin puts Valentus on a higher level yet.

Dr. Joe could have gone to any company. Trust me he had many offers. But he chose Valentus. And now we will reap the benefits. There are no other products on the market like Emulin. It's truly one of a kind with over a dozen patents in place protecting the manufacturing and processing techniques.

As word continues to get out about Emulin ... what it is, what it does, and how it does it ... then the company will truly explode.

Learn more about Emulin

dr joe ahrens adds to valentus growth
jackie boyle valentus australia leader

Jackie Boyle

Valentus Leader


"Valentus is proving every month with their growth that they are becoming a reputable and reliable company to be a part of. Get on the Valentus Train as it’s gathering speed monthly. Don’t miss the ride of your life!!!"

More exciting times Coming for valentus

These are exciting times. We are at the midway point of 2019. Thousands truly believe we are just getting started. I have to agree. And if that's the case, 2020 will be a game changer.

When momentum like this is happening with a company it creates a compounding effect. People see what's happening and get curious. They begin asking questions. Some will like the answers and they will join too. And so it goes.

2020 could very well be the transition year that moves us from a small company to a big company. That 10 million a month threshold seems to be an area that gets attention. A company doing 10 million a month has made it to the next level. They are becoming one of the elite.

full speed ahead for valentus growth in 2020

Another quote from John Haremza's video ... "And so 2020 folks, is going to be a transition year where we go from small to big. Those of you that are with us here and working hard. Every day you spend in Valentus now, is probably worth a week a year from now, because of the compounding effect. The compounding effect of your efforts today.

So all I'm trying to say is recognize where we are, what is happening, where we're going, and take action. Don't procrastinate. Don't live with regrets. Yes, we're coming into the dead of the summer. There's going to be some people that kick their feet up and relax, and there's going to be others that dig their heels in and they're going to go to work and work straight through the summer".

"Those people will set themselves up for the rest of their lives"

John Haremza

Valentus Crown Diamond

"There's going to be some people that kick their feet up and relax, and there's going to be others that dig their heels in and they're going to go to work and work straight through the year".

"Those people will set themselves up for the rest of their lives"

And here is John's video with everything wrapped up in a nice little 10 minute presentation for you.

John Haremza's Valentus Growth Summary


the front of the wave is the best place to be

Some will refer to this as riding the wave. The wave of momentum. It's always best to get involved with something at the front of the wave. Not the top of the wave or the back of the wave.

And here we have with Valentus a tsunami forming as we speak. 

"I can tell you in 30 years in this industry, I witnessed it from afar from a few other companies that have gone through this. I've never been involved in it. I've never been in the trenches with a company going through this type of growth and momentum. Until now."

John Haremza

The reps are not the only ones excited about this years Valentus growth and momentum. The company is excited too! The company owners Dave and Joyce Jordan, and all their crew over at Sioux Falls couldn't be happier. They worked hard and they deserve it. 

There are a LOT of exciting things happening behind the scenes of Valentus right now, that I'm not at liberty to share yet. But that's ok .... stay tuned to these posts and you'll get all the news the second it's released.

If you're not getting these delivered to your inbox, make sure you mash the button below right now and get yourself subscribed to my Valentus News. 

And not to worry .... I won't be sending you any junk. I work hard to provide value without the BS filler. 

See you soon!


Last updated on April 23rd, 2020 at 10:30 am

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