Emulin with Valentus - BREAKING! Ahrens & Emulin Partner With Valentus

Emulin with Valentus? – BREAKING NEWS! – Joe Ahrens and Emulin Partner With Valentus

Emulin with Valentus - It's finally happened. Sat., May 11th 2019 was a big day for the health and wellness MLM industry, and health advocates in general. The long awaited partnership of Emulin with Valentus has finally occurred.

In this blog post I'm going to break down the merging of Emulin with Valentus and a super quick summary of Dr. Joe and his Emulin discovery.

So stay tuned. For all those who know what I'm talking about, and for all those who don't. If you haven't heard this before, keep reading and there's a good chance you'll share our appreciation of this milestone in the industry.

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Having Joe Ahrens And Emulin On Board With Valentus is BIG News!

Having Joe Ahrens on board Valentus along with his entire product line and in particular his beloved Emulin is huge. Valentus reps and customers just witnessed their already amazing company rise above and accomplish something even greater.

The MLM space has become extremely crowded over the last few years. There's a lot of competition with new companies and new products launching almost daily now. Anything that can set a company apart from the field is a definite plus. 

A product formulator known and recognized worldwide is something that every company in the industry would want to have. It lends instant credibly to the product lineup and to the company in general.

Let's face it ... some people  are skeptical ... and for good reasons.  Anything that can break some of that skepticism is a big deal. Would you agree?

So who the heck is Joe Ahrens?

For those that don't know Joe Ahrens, he's a plant and animal physiologist and an engineer. But he's also the discoverer and creator of Emulin, the worlds first and only carbohydrate manager.

The world recognizes Joe as a two-time Nobel prize nominee for his research and discoveries. He's especially proficient in the study of metabolism and metabolic science, and disease prevention.

His true passion and expertise have evolved over the years. Now he loves finding and creating all-natural supplementation that assists the human body function in the best way possible.

Perfecting his skills and learning how to regulate and manage carbohydrate and sugar metabolism with plants led to the discovery of Emulin. This is worthy of shouting from rooftops. Ultimately, this discovery will benefit the lives of thousands of people.

joe ahrens creator of emulin

Joe Ahrens chooses dave jordan and Valentus

That's right. Dr. Joe Ahrens has partnered with Dave Jordan and Valentus to take Emulin to the world. It's like a marriage made in heaven. Two human beings that are incredible people with a mission to help as many people as humanly possible.

Dr. Joe took one stab at offering his Emulin product through network marketing once already. But the chosen company didn't have as lofty of goals as what Joe did. They were a start-up company and were not able to perform and distribute at the level Joe needed.

Valentus on the other hand, is completely capable of the task at hand. They are able to do everything needed to get this amazing product into peoples hands on a global level.

Emulin is a product in demand. Both by company owners as much as individuals that need to get healthy. It has made Joe Ahrens a hot commodity. He was sought after by many companies. They knew that he and his product line could help them get to the next level. Many were courting him with offers to come over with them.

signs of greatness

It says a lot about Dave Jordan and the Valentus company. Joe and his staff concluded Valentus to be the best fit for them. All the pillars are there and they tick all the boxes.

As a 5 year old company that is not just debt free and profitable, but growing and expanding at a fast pace, it only made sense. They already had a product line and a mission that was quite inline with what Joe was creating. He resonated with them on a high level.

introducing valentus

So when Dave expressed an interest, he had Joe's attention. Furthermore, when the conversation went beyond Emulin to the concept of Joe adding another product that would compliment the Valentus Slimroast Optimum coffee and cocoa, two great minds aligned.

The results will be explosive for both of them. Even more explosive than they are already. This relationship has greatness written all over it, and will have the attention of wellness companies and leaders all over the world.

OK ... but what is emulin?

Emulin is the result of an accidental yet very significant discovery by Joe Ahrens a decade ago. This discovery has evolved over the years into what it is now ... Emulin.

While working on a project that involved a clinical study with grapefruit and weight loss, Dr. Joe discovered a change in sugar metabolism that seemed to mimic insulin.

joe ahrens dicovery

And of course as a scientist this was highly intriguing to him. He had a big desire to learn exactly what it was in grapefruit that was creating this physiological change in his human subjects.

So he started his own company, ATM Metabolics, and went to work. It was a long journey but eventually they did indeed identify, and isolate, the compounds that were causing this insulin-like activity.

It is these compounds that when put together in the exact right blend became Emulin. The only known all-natural carbohydrate and sugar manager on the market.

What Emulin Is


  • Emulin is for EVERYONE
  • Emulin puts back what modern agriculture and food processing has taken out 
  • Emulin consists of substances called "carbohydrate chaperons" 
  • Emulin replaces what nature originally put in plants that contained sugar 
  • Emulin is food and comes from food 
  • Emulin helps the body better manage carbohydrates and the damaging effects of carb-toxicity


Oh sorry ... there are no negatives

Emulin is the result of years of research, study, and diligent work. Often times through a trial and error process, the creators of Emulin had to identify and isolate the compounds responsible for the insulin mimicking activity. This required filtering through tens of thousands of molecules in plants using super-computers obtained from UCLA.

Our Emulin With Valentus Is A Proven Product Backed By Science

This is not hearsay. It's not something someone said would happen if a person consumed Emulin. It's not a theory that someone hopes will happen when they consume Emulin. It is real and proven with documented and published studies in well known and respected medical and science journals.

Emulin can and will regulate and manage refined carbs and sugar in your body. It will open doorways that provide paths for the carbs and sugar to follow. These correct paths will allow the use of those carbs and sugars in positive ways. The unused portions get escorted out of the body.

These are major benefits for optimal health in the human body. Emulin creates pathways that force the burning of these unwanted toxins as food and energy in the muscles and brain. It does amazing things for your well being.

No longer are portions stored in fat tissue. That's what occurs without these "sugar chaperones". 

Nature intended these compounds, or sugar chaperones, to be a part of our diets.

This was one of the documented discoveries. It was always intended for these sugar chaperones to be present whenever we consumed sugar.

It's a protective mechanism.

Unfortunately, years of processing foods and the degradation of the environment eliminated these compounds.

This is why the discovery of Emulin is like the discovery of a new vitamin. Every human being should be on Emulin.

Studies have shown Emulin to...


  • Slow the conversion of complex carbohydrates to simple sugars
  • Reduce sugar absorption to the bloodstream while stimulating absorption to muscle tissue 
  • Slow down gluconeogensis by the liver 
  • Increase breakdown of lipids in fat tissue 
  • Increase insulin sensitivity by increasing glucose transporters in muscle tissue
  • Block an insulin inhibitor called TNF alpha, which increases insulin release

That's Not All ... Emulin Attacks Inflammation

In addition to all this ... Emulin Attacks Inflammation

Its all part of the process. Without Emulin to chaperone the sugars and carbs from the body, they get deposited in fat cells where the body recognizes them as toxins.

These toxins create a release of inflammatory signals.

We consume carbs and sugar every day. So this inflammatory signal release is an ongoing continual every day ritual that compounds over and over. But because it's a gradual thing we don't notice until it's often times too late.

We know this process as low-grade inflammation, and it can be a killer. Many of you know that excess inflammation leads to all sorts of health issues including diseases.

Can you see now why some people are saying that the discovery of Emulin by Dr Joe Ahrens could be the most important health discovery in modern times?

There are other posts and articles and videos that tell the more complete Emulin story.

Emulin With Valentus Now And Available

Dr. Joe Ahrens and his Emulin have now offically partnered with Dave Jordan, CEO of Valentus. Valentus is the new home of Emulin. This is breaking news worth sharing. There were a lot of companies after Joe for his Emulin and the rest of his Emulin based product line.

But Joe chose our company Valentus. There were many reasons that led him to his decision. Without writing a book about it I'll just say that his visits with Dave Jordan, and his tours of the home office were influential to say the least.

Being able to meet the crew, hear the mission, catch the vision, and experience the culture that has formed within Valentus had an impact.

valentus launches emulin

Everything is in place

Everything is in place and Valentus is more than just a company. It's a family with a CEO that truly cares about everyone involved including all the representatives.

Do yourself a favor and plug yourself in. Do your own thorough evaluation and you'll see for yourself what a great atmosphere it is to be a part of.

There is no mistaking the passion and appreciation everyone in the company has for CEO Dave Jordan. His relentless work ethic to making Valentus an amazing company does not go unnoticed.

Sat., May 11th 2019 History Was Made In The MLM Industry

So I'll repeat. Sat., May 11th 2019 was a big, big day for Valentus and for the MLM industry in general. That is the day it was announced that now Emulin is with Valentus.

And now I'm going to share with you the recorded moment. The announcement that took place on that Saturday featuring Dr. Joe himself, along with Dave Jordan, and hundreds of Valentus reps listening in.

And on this announcement call, Joe Ahrens also gives a quick abbreviated version of his Emulin story that is VERY worth hearing.

In most cases those who don't yet know Dr. Joe, once hearing him tell his story, will nod their heads in understanding, and in agreement. This really is something special.

Watch The Video Announcing Emulin With Valentus


Everyone needs this supplement. Everyone has low grade inflammation that is building up. Unfortunately it's part of today's world and today's foods. That's why we all need Emulin to stay healthier longer and have a better quality of life. There's no question about it.

What do we all have in common?  INFLAMMATION from dysfunctional (unchaperoned) carbohydrate metabolism!

Emulin provides the necessary all natural SUGAR CHAPERONES that are not found in the world's diets today. These compounds are ESSENTIAL to our health.

The discovery of Emulin will go down as one of the leading discoveries in next generation health science of all time.

It wasn't fast or easy. The work involved was immense over years. ATM Metabolics, using the most advanced computer modeling studied millions of known plant enzymes leading them to 3 molecules that work together to improve carbohydrate metabolism.

No one else has anything remotely close to this. Their work is fully protected with over a dozen patents on the production of what we now know as Emulin. And what some people refer to as magic pills πŸ™‚

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Media Summary:

Joe Ahrens Join Valentus | Dr Joe Creator of Emulin
Emulin Was Discovered By Joe Ahrens
 2 Time Nobel Prize Nominee Dr. Joe Ahrens

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