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The Emulin Story by iGalen’s Dr Joe Ahrens

November 27, 2017

The Emulin story is fascinating and it's something that we think everyone who cares about their health should know about. A discovery this profound, and the benefits that are a result of this discovery, needs to be shared with as many as we can possibly reach.

Dr. Joseph Ahrens is an animal and plant physiologist which is the study of life at the cellular level. Dr Joe started out at the University of California-Davis, as so many researchers do, and went on to became the head of Technologies and Consumer Services for Green Giant Fresh. From there he became Director of Research for the Florida Department of Citrus. He was there to bring that research facility to a commercial level and to promote citrus through good research.

While concentrating on good health and orange juice at FDOC he crossed paths with Dr. Daryl Thompson. Dr. Thompson, a food and biochemist, at the time was working in the grapefruit business and perfecting a grapefruit powder that was being promoted for health benefits. They already knew that sales of grapefruit went up whenever the subject of weight loss with grapefruit became the conversation.

Emulin Story

Dr Ahrens And Dr Thompson Start Their Own Company

Emulin Story

Having similar interests, they decided to partner up and prove that it really worked, knowing full well the risk if they were to disprove it instead. But they felt confident enough that grapefruit really did promote weight loss, so they put together a study. The study, done at the Scripps Institute, was a success… it proved that grapefruit juice, by itself, caused weight loss. And they also discovered something else in the process… there was a change in insulin activity. That was the beginning of their Emulin story, but just the beginning. Their journey ultimately led to the amazing Emulin Plus product that we know today.

From studying grapefruit and it’s effect in the body, Dr. Ahrens now knew there was an actual physiological effect. There was something going on biochemically, and this was quite intriguing to him. His employer at the time however, The Florida Dept of Citrus, did not have the same enthusiasm to learn more. So Dr. Ahrens and Dr. Thompson decided to spin off and start their own company ...ATM Metabolics. Dr. Ahrens was just too compelled and determined to find out what was going with this insulin activity. He knew it could lead to something major. And it did.

They Were Driven To Learn More

This was in 2003 and for the next 4 or 5 years, they worked hard to learn more about what was inside grapefruit that was having this effect on insulin activity. During this time, they made many discoveries ... including learning that it was not just grapefruit having this effect, but any plants originating in the tropics.

More determined than ever, they kept going knowing that they were seriously on to something. They went on to discover the compounds that they now refer to as sugar chaperones. These "sugar chaperones" act as carriers. The carriers transport the sugars we consume, to areas in our bodies, like our muscles and our brains, to be used as food and energy.

If left alone, and not carried away, our bodies treat these sugars as poison and deposit them into our fat cells, where they turn into fat, and where they omit constant inflammatory signals. It is this constant barrage of inflammatory signals that is referred to as "chronic inflammation". It's deadly, and it's something that we all have.

Emulin Story

A Discovery For The Ages

This is an amazing discovery, as these compounds that they call "sugar chaperones" are not available in our food supplies together, as they can be in a supplement. An epic discover for the health and wellness industry. Not only can these sugar chaperones carry away the refined sugars and the refined carbs that we've just consumed, they can also leach or draw pre-existing sugar toxins out of the fat cells, back into the blood stream, to do the same thing. 

I’ll let the doctor tell you the rest of his Emulin story … the scientific side of it and the continually huge discoveries that unfolded. It’s a great story, and in this particular video, Dr. Ahrens also talks about his Nobel Prize nominations which are very interesting and a major accomplishment in their own right.

The Emulin Story

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