The Emulin Story by Valentus' Dr Joe Ahrens (Updated June 2019)

The Emulin Story by Valentus’ Dr Joe Ahrens (Updated June 2019)

The Emulin story is fascinating and it's something that we think everyone who cares about their health should know about. A discovery this profound, and the benefits that are a result of this discovery, we need to share with as many as we can possibly reach.

Dr Joseph Ahrens went on a decade's long journey that ended with the finding of something incredibly life changing. So life changing in fact we'll compare it with the discoveries of essential vitamins such as Vitamin C or Vitamin D.

Dr. Joe Called it Emulin

They called this "finding" Emulin. Short for 'emulating insulin'. The name seemed appropriate to Dr. Joe because that is exactly what he discovered. A mix of all-natural plant based compounds that when consumed created physiological changes in the human body that mimicked the actions of insulin.


But the insulin activity was just one of the attention grabbing things that his new finding appeared to be doing.

It seems the insulin activity coincided with a series of events. These 'events' multiplied and compounded into what we've already referred to as a life changing discovery.

So in this post we are going to take you through the Emulin journey Dr. Ahrens went on. We will share with you everything that transpired along his journey. The who, what, where, when, and how. We hope you enjoy our Emulin story. We also hope that once you know the story, you will agree just how significant the discovery of Emulin may be in countless people's lives.

Joe Ahrens - The Man Behind It All

Dr. Joseph Ahrens is an animal and plant physiologist which is the study of life at the cellular level. He started out at the University of California-Davis, as so many researchers do.  From there he went on to became the head of Technologies and Consumer Services for Green Giant Fresh. 

After his time at Green Giant, Dr. Joe got called to  the Florida Department of Citrus. The position of Director of Research was luring, as was being back in his home town. They recruited him to bring that research facility to a commercial level and to promote citrus through good research.

 Green Fresh and FDOC are not all that Joe has done in his career. Not by a long shot. There were an assortment of adventures and accomplishments along the way that molded the man into who he is today. But it was during this last stop at FDOC that saw the beginning of his Emulin story.

Dr. Joe Ahrens

The Emulin Story Begins With Grapefruit Of All Things

While concentrating on good health and orange juice at FDOC, Dr. Joe at the time was working in the grapefruit business and perfecting a grapefruit powder that was being promoted for health benefits.

He already knew that sales of grapefruit went up whenever the subject of weight loss with grapefruit became the conversation. But did grapefruit really promote weight loss? Or was it just a gimmick to boost sales?

This man is scientist to the core. And since Joe went to the Florida Dept of Citrus to turn that department around, he really needed to know the truth about grapefruit and weight loss. After all, if it was real it would compliment Dr' Joe's agenda of boosting sales with the FDOC.

So Dr. Joe decided that is exactly what he was going to do. He would find out if weight loss from grapefruit was real.

Studying Grapefruit Revealed Something Shocking!

ATM Metabolic

He knew full well it was a gamble. Setting out to prove grapefruit promotes weight loss could very well do just the opposite. It's possible they could disprove it instead.

But he felt confident enough that grapefruit really did promote weight loss, so he put together a study.

The study, done at the Scripps Institute, was a success … it did indeed prove that grapefruit juice, by itself, caused weight loss.

But he also discovered something else in the process … something that to them was shocking. There was a change in insulin activity. A significant, obvious change. Needless to say, this got their attention.

And that was the beginning of their Emulin story. But it was just the beginning. 


A lot will transpire over the next several years. Studying, watching, learning, isolating, and identifying. A lot of late night's and a lot of trial and error.

In the minds of a top-notch scientist though, it was the desired end result that continued to drive them.

From studying grapefruit and it’s effect in the body, Dr. Joe knew there was an actual physiological effect. There was something going on biochemically, and this was quite intriguing to them, to say the least.

the Florida Dept of Citrus Didn't Care about the discovery

Dr. Joe found it exciting to take these findings to his employer. Surely it will excite them too. I mean why wouldn't they be? There was potential here of being on the cusp of a profound discovery that could help thousands of people. Naturally they would want to fund more studies to learn more!

So you can imagine the doctor's shock when the Florida Dept of Citrus reported back that they did not share the same enthusiasm. They really had no interest in learning more and were not eager to continue with more studies. They had the answers they were looking for. Joe Ahrens proved that grapefruit caused weight loss in humans. Sales would go up and all would be well. 

So they closed the matter..

The Good Doctor Was Driven To Learn More

I'll say it again. This is a scientist we are talking about here. He's spent his entire life learning how to satisfy curiosities, how to discover things, and how to put proof to theories. His drive to provide solutions to problems was strong. . Especially when it comes to people's health and to making lives easier and more beneficial.

Joe Ahrens knew he was on to something big and was not about to walk away from it because the person with the funding didn't care. He would find a way to find out what was going on. What was it that was causing this effect in the body?

A potential epic discovery thathe could not ignore if he wanted to. It was in his blood to get to the bottom of it and find out exactly what was happening. And that was exactly what he was going to do.

So he took action.

Dr Ahrens Started His Own Company

There was only only thing to do. Take matters into his own hands. After all ... no one was better equipped, and more determined than him. Dr. Ahrens was just too compelled and determined to find out what was going with this insulin activity. He knew it could lead to something major. And it would.

So Dr. Ahrens decided to spin off and start his own company ...ATM Metabolics. The company theme? Real solutions for metabolic disorders. 

From the About Us page: "We're a team of scientists and marketing professionals that are just like you, people interested in our health and the health of others! We are dedicated to the discovery of new, natural, and more effective treatments for metabolic and neurological disorders."

The best that I can determine the creation of ATM Metabolic occurred in 2007. That would make Emulin a 12 year project already. Sounds about right. It's been on the market around 5 years now and it took close to 7 years just to identify it, develop it, and get it to market. 

Identifying it was a project in itself. A major undertaking.

Emulin Story Phase 2 - The Hard Work Begins

Consider this to be the next phase of the Emulin story. What began as an accidental discovery has now become a mission to isolate just exactly what it was they discovered. Patience here would be a virtue. Lucky for all those who are now benefiting from Emulin,  Dr. Joe was up for the task. He was determined to see it through no matter how long it took.

Emulin Story Science

The next several years consisted of scraping together the funds to do the work, and to isolating and identifying the compounds responsible for the activities that so dominantly had their attention.


Dr. Joe worked hard to learn more about what was inside grapefruit that was having this effect on insulin activity. It was a grueling process that required years of sorting and sifting through all known plant life.

Using super computers running at UCLA and one in Sweden every single night for 2 1/2 years, 12 hours a night. The concept itself wasn't so difficult.  A simple matter of elimination to identify the active compounds they were looking for.

But nevertheless, when you are dealing with searching combinations of millions of molecules at the cellular level, it's a long drawn out process. And this is why Emulin is truly unique and only available from Joe Ahrens. The manufacturing processes are all patented and protected. No one can duplicate Emulin.

Emulin - The "Lost Vitamin"

What is Emulin

It was already established that they were searching for a "lost vitamin". Something that at one time was present in our diets but that has long since been "bred out". Nature intended for us to consume these compounds along with carbs and sugar.

When these compounds are present along with the sugar and carbs that we consume, everything is different. Everything is better. The carbs and sugars go different places. Places that are useful and beneficial to our health. Our muscles and our brains need food and fuel. 

But that's not happening without Emulin. Without Emulin, the body sees these carbs and sugars as toxins, and they get dumped into our cells instead of our blood. Primarily into the fat tissue, where they sit. All sorts of bad things happen with these carbs and sugars sitting dormant in the cells like that. For one thing, you get fat.

The cell dumping also creates inflammation. Inflammatory signals get released when the body senses toxins present. This is a constant daily barrage know as low grade inflammation. But it compounds and builds into chronic inflammation. And as you might know chronic inflammation is often accompanied by illnesses and diseases.

This wonderful re-routing of bad carbs and sugars is what Emulin brought back to us. And that's not all. Emulin will draw out and then purge the existing  stored toxins. So now we even have a reversing effect.

Brilliant. Are you beginning to see how amazing the Emulin story is?

Let's Call Them Sugar Chaperones!

And why not? It's perfect. That's exactly what they are doing.

Someone once said, Emulin is a supplement that makes sugar behave. It's a great analogy. When sugars behave, they go into the blood stream and get carried to places that benefit from them. Feeding the muscles and brain. The excess gets purged out through sweat and urine. 

The sugars though, need help getting there. They have a better path to travel on, but they still need to go the right way. 

So they get chaperoned. Emulin sees to it.


These "sugar chaperones" are the carriers. They transport the sugars we consume, to areas in our bodies, like our muscles and our brains, where they become food and energy.

And as stated above, if left alone, and not carried away, our bodies treat these sugars as poison. They get deposited into our fat cells, where they turn into fat, and where they omit constant inflammatory signals. This constant barrage of inflammatory signals eventually becomes "chronic inflammation". It can be deadly, and it's something that most of us have.

It wasn't easy, and it wasn't quick. But the two doctors endless determination and willingness to go the distance no matter what bears fruit on us all now.

Consequently, their hard work led to this amazing Emulin discovery, and the incredible health  product that we know today.

And that .. is the Emulin story.

At least, that is the story of the discovery of Emulin. It's not the entire story, or the end of the story. Not way. After all, a scientists work is never done.

Dr. Joe Ahrens is the sole owner of Emulin. He bought his partners out long ago. And a lot has transpired since they identified and isolated the active compounds know as sugar chaperones. 

They've gone through all the stuff that occurs in the final stretches of taking a product from discovery to manufacturing and delivery. Joe Ahrens mission is to get Emulin into the hands of as many people as humanly possible.

Their original thought was for it to be a food additive. That would have worked except that it turned into a nightmare trying to satisfy all the rules and regulations that go along with that. It would have been a 10 year project to get it done.

So they put it in some stores like GNC. That also didn't work so well. People didn't know what it was. Emulin needs proper promotion. People need education on it so they realize how impact-full it can be on their health. 

So they went another route. There is a distribution method they believe can and will get Emulin into the hands of the masses and globally. In subsequent posts I'll share more about that method of distribution and why it will work. 

 Meanwhile, you can purchase Emulin here.

The Emulin Story by Joe Ahrens

Now that you're read the story, you can hear it. From the man himself. The genious behind the product Dr. Joe Ahrens

My Conclusion of the Story of Emulin:

  • The conditions that led to the Emulin discovery came by accident years ago.
  • While working on a grapefruit study Joe Ahrens noticed something peculiar. There was something happening that was mimicking insulin activity.
  • Dr. Joe, being the scientist that he is, became bound and determined to find out what was going on. He would get to the bottom of it no matter what.
  • Dr. Joe established ATM Metabolic to be his home base to work through.
  • The next several years were dedicated to identifying and isolating the compounds responsible for this insulin like activity.
  • Finally he found what he was looking for.
  • He called it Emulin ... short for emulating insulin.
  • Emulin is now on the market and becoming more popular every day.
  • Some say it is the most significant health discovery of modern times.
  • Lives are changing for the better.

Stay informed on Emulin news and future Valentus products

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    the ingredients in emulin come from food. There are only 3 ingredients so for this to happen you would have to be alergic to one of those 3 i guess. I’m not aware of any chemicals in any valentus products. Emulin is safe unless you are alergic to something in it. Thanks and have a nice day. cheers BG

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