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Emulin Opportunity

The Discovery of Emulin Will Go Down As One Of
The Leading Discoveries In
Next Generation Health Science of All Time.

*** This Just In! ...Breaking News! And Now KLAMAX! See below for the next BLOCKBUSTER PRODUCT RELEASE from iGalen!

Our 'flagship patented product' Emulin+ is the first of it's kind, and the
only of its kind. There is not another like it, and there never will be.

The world’s 1st patented and natural carb manager and sugar regulator, Emulin™ contains a botanical mix of three phytochemicals that emulate insulin (hence, the name Emulin™), and diminish inflammation that often leads to life-threatening disease. Emulin can lead to a better quality life and in some cases could even be a life saver!

Watch This 10 Minute Video!  iGalen's Chief Product Officer and 2 Time Nobel Prize Nominee Dr. J. Ahrens explains the science behind Emulin+ and the Emulin opportunity in a way that everyone will understand. You will appreciate just how important this discovery is and how it will impact health around the world!

iGalen is Launching Emulin To North America NOW! 
Watch the 3 Minute Video!

Emulin Opportunity

And Now. Klamax! 25 Years to Perfect. 

8 clinical trials, 10 scientific publications and 6 patents

Simply Amazing!

Watch The 3 Minute Video ...

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