Emulin In The News - A Product That's Been Covered For A Decade

Emulin In The News – A Product That’s Been Covered For A Decade

Emulin in the news is what we are talking about today. When I first learned about Emulin I was shocked to discover it's track record. I had never heard of it before.

But I shouldn't have been surprised at all of the media attention. Should I have? I mean, after all, nutritional products are everywhere. They are advertised online, on TV, and in just about every other medium you can think of. 

Somehow this was different. Emulin was unique.

Good nutritional products are in high demand. People are becoming more aware every day that supplementing with good all-natural health remedies are a solution for a longer and higher quality of life.

There are bad products in the marketplace, good products in the marketplace, and great products in the marketplace. So how does one tell the difference without taking a course in nutritional education and ingredient education?

They can all be made to sound good, but in reality not all nutritional products are created equal. Far from it. But any good copywriter can make any product sound like the next best discovery, the next miracle thing, or the next life saver.

We have to learn how to sift through the noise and get to the facts

Investigate the product and learn who developed it, how long it's been around, what studies have been done, and what long term plans of ongoing studies are in the works.

So we must learn to peel back the layers to see what's really hidden underneath. If we do that we can determine what is a viable efficacious product, and what is merely just good advertising.

emulin in the news

There must be a track record and documentation of the research and development of the product. If it's truly a brand new discovery and you are willing to gamble on it then that's fine as long as you are aware that it is indeed a gamble.

Most products are variations of each other. Similar ingredients in different dosages and different ratios. Varied formulas of like ingredients to make a product look and sound like something new.

It's very difficult in this day and age to find a nutritional product that is truly unique. New discoveries that have an impact and that no one else has are few and far between. If you find one then consider yourself lucky.

So how do we know The Difference?

A multi-years long track record of research is a good indication. If a product was not unique and thought to become a real game changer then the creators would not continue the research over the years. It just wouldn't make sense for them to do that with a run of the mill product that is not unique.

Emulin is one of those unique products. Years of documentation, recordings, and records of Emulin in the news verifies the fact. But the scientists are not done. In fact they are just getting started. A true scientist's job is never done. They will continue to work hard at making a really great product even better. I expect to see Emulin in the news for years to come.

Emulin In The News

I've included a couple of the earliest videos of Emulin in the news below. But that's nothing. There are over two dozen media news clips to share with you. I'll be putting together a page with all the news coverage's up to the present time.

So for now just keep watching the top menu and you'll see the Emulin In The News page appear in the future. I will also come back and update this post so I can link to the new page when it's done.

Emulin in the news is one of the things that attracted me to the product initially. It got my attention. From there I did the due diligence to learn it all. There are new ongoing studies too. It's going to get exciting. Now that the product is available in the marketplace the testimonials are rolling in. The doctors and scientists are right to keep working on Emulin. It's an amazing product.

Emulin In The News video #1

In 2003 Dr. Ahrens  discovered the physiological insulin changing  activity with grapefruit users that ultimately led to Emulin. Local 6 News Station in Orlando, FL first reported on Emulin in the year 2009

emulin in the news

 Emulin Discovery | Emulin In The News | Local 6 News Orlando | Jan 7, 2009

Emulin In The News video #2

In 2011 FOX 13 News in Tampa Bay did a piece on Emulin and Dr. Joe Ahrens and his partner at the time Daryl Thompson. This is the first of many news coverage for 2011 and beyond which we will share .

emulin in the news

Emulin Discovered | Emulin on Fox 13 News | Tampa Bay | Jan 18, 2011

Thanks for tuning in and we'll catch you on the next post. Please feel free to leave us a comment if you find this information useful in any way. And to follow Emulin closer, subscribe to the newsletter below.

Emulin News

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