Is Emulin For Weight Loss? [Here's The Answer] - Updated 2020/21 -Video

Is Emulin For Weight Loss? Here’s Your Answer: Update 2021 [Video]

It's a question that shows up frequently. Is Emulin for weight loss? That is something that a lot of people want to know.

Today we are going to answer that question. You'll know if Emulin is for weight loss. There will be no wondering.

The answer is yes, Emulin absolutely can be for weight loss ... and often times is. But stay tuned and keep reading and you'll know exactly how and why people lose weight with Emulin.

Emulin and weight loss go together

Emulin was not created for weight management, and it's not labeled as a weight loss product. But weight loss has been a positive side effect with most people using the product. Emulin and weight loss often go together.

A carbohydrate and inflammation manager are the main purposes for Emulin, but we'll happily take the weight loss side effect. After all, refined carbs are considered junk calories. We do not want them and we do not need them. And we all know we are better off without them. Emulin helps with that process.

It's long been known that there are distinct connections in high blood sugar levels and excessive weight. When one lowers, the other usually follows. It's been stated that people take in as much as 50 teaspoons of sugar on a daily basis, in various forms. The intake of carbohydrates is a huge contributor.

emulin for weight loss

Our bodies see sugar as toxic 

That's right, our bodies do see sugar as a toxic substance. And when we consume it, the body dumps that sugar into our fat tissue. That is one of the functions of insulin. Unfortunately, if a person is not active enough, that sugar then turns into fat. Emulin, however, inhibits this activity.

One of the numerous tasks of Emulin is pulling these refined carbs and sugar contaminates out of the fat tissue, and back into the blood stream. To be carried to other parts of the body where they can be used in a more meaningful manner. Primarily to our muscle tissues and to the brain where they are better used as food and energy. A process that helps us to be stronger, with more healthy brain function.

Shedding pounds is often a result of this process, bringing people to use Emulin for weight loss. Emulin becomes the fat burner.

sugar and weight gain

Weight Loss Is A Side Effect Of Emulin

emulin for weight loss

Through this process, fat burning has become a welcome side effect for many. That's what often occurs when you remove extra sugar from fat tissue, and when you become more active and burn calories. Additionally, the intake of Emulin just prior to meals truly blocks about 1/3 of the calories from ever being stored in the body.

Now Emulin is not just a fat burner, it's a fat blocker too.

So as you can imagine, Emulin for weight loss is a discussion we like to have. But that's not all. More fun side effects include being more energized, faster recovery, better skin, more clarity, deeper sleep, and just an easy good feeling. And I could continue. Raised glucose levels have an adverse affect on humans, and Emulin counteracts most of those.

Dr. Joe Ahrens' emulin For Weight Loss Explanation

For those that are more technical thinking, you might like Joe Ahrens explanation better. I've included his recorded audio below, but here's the transcription.

"As far as Emulin and weight loss goes, the way we've approached this is weight loss is a kind of side benefit because there is a direct correlation between blood sugar levels and excess weight."

joe ahrens creator of emulin

Joe Ahrens

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with this. Diabetics are often overweight. Obesity can be a result of diabetes. When a person gets diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes the first thing the doctor will say is "you need to lose weight".

The doctor will then put you on a low or no sugar diet. Learning about processed foods and starches, and how to read labels is a huge plus for those that want to lose weight. Knowing what foods (or in most cases, food like substances) that contain sugar will help tremendously.

A sedentary lifestyle is also usually related with excess weight. Anything that a person can do to acquire more energy, and get moving, will make it easier to lose. When you have energy, you want to exercise... and when you have energy, you'll get better workouts when you do exercise.

Removing sugar from the body addresses both of these needs. 

Dr. Joe continues ...

"So you may not be pre-diabetic and you may not be diabetic but you might have a little too much sugar in your blood, and insulin is going to look to put that in the fat tissue."

Ahrens emulin for weight loss

Joe Ahrens

All of us, and especially Americans, have too much sugar in our bodies. This of course is due to today's food choices and diets. It's nearly impossible in this day and age to avoid sugar. It's in everything we eat now. That wasn't always the case but it has gradually gotten worse over the years.

It's why there is such a massive obesity epidemic now. Even our children are becoming obese at alarming rates.

Joe Ahrens goes on ...

"So we inhibit that action with Emulin. We do not shut it down entirely ... we think the body knows what it's doing ... we just inhibit it a little bit. We get the sugar to burn up in muscle tissue and also into your brain. The brain only lives on glucose. In most normal situations it just thrives on glucose. So the result is you feel energized, you feel bright, and you'll start losing some pounds."

Dr. Joe Ahrens discovered emulin

Joe Ahrens

So you see ... with Emulin they can actually regulate the process. There's another post that breaks the process down further.

Do you know how Joe Ahrens came up with the name Emulin? While working on another project, conducting some studies, he noticed something occuring with certain fruits that emulated the activities of insulin.

Emulin Emulates Insulin

Emulin ... it emulates insulin. Carbs convert to sugar and one of insulin's main functions has an impact on glucose levels. Emulin does too.

Weight Loss Becomes Part Of The Process With The Help Of Emulin

Insulins job, among other things, is to put sugar in fat cells. But there's so much sugar being ingested today that the process get's overwhelmed and sometimes goes haywire. Emulin helps regulate the process. Only so much should go into the cells. So let's take the excess and reroute to areas of the body that can burn it up.

Let's instead use those excess sugars and carbs as food and fuel in the muscles and the brain. When there's way too much ... let's reroute the excess right out of the body.

Joe Ahrens goes on ...

"There are two Emulins out there on the market right now ... M and C. M is for people who have no concerns over blood sugar levels. They're not pre-diabetic, they're not diabetic, they should take the M. Because M contains more quercetin which is very conducive for glucose to leak out of fat tissue. Quercetin causes glucose and triglycerides to leak out through process of lipolysis back into the bloodstream and then it can be burnt up in the muscle."

"So that's great for weight loss but it's not too good for diabetics. So we have the C which has less quercetin, only a trace amount so that we won't have to contend with any elevated blood sugar levels."

dr joe emulin weight loss

Joe Ahrens

As you can now see ... shedding pounds and gaining energy is often a result of this process, bringing many people to use Emulin for weight loss.

I said it before. Emulin for weight loss is a side effect of the main functions and the other functions of Emulin ... managing carbohydrates in the body.

Which leads to the #1 benefit. Removing inflammation.

The primary use of Emulin for most people is to purge inflammation from the body. Our bodies release inflammatory signals at the first sign of danger. Toxins and poisons. Sugar and refined carbs are toxins to the body.

This daily and constant release of inflammatory signals compounds to eventually become Chronic Inflammation. The root cause of most diseases.

The weight loss? It's just a nice enjoyable side effect.

We're not done yet though.

Athletes Love What Emulin Does For Them

emulin for weight loss

Athletic improvement is another area significantly enhanced from taking Emulin. Some athletes like to carb-load for extended energy to stay strong through games and events. Unfortunately, though, a carb crash always follows a carb load. Emulin, however, reduces this crash considerably.

Many athletes are talking about their ability to go further on an equal amount of carbs, and even more exciting, getting better performances on fewer carbs. These are professionals making the statements.

So not only is Emulin for weight loss, but it's for endurance and performance as well.

Emulin causes efficient carbohydrate management. It is a patented carbohydrate manager. Without it, we are at a great disadvantage. The odds are stacked against us with the excessive carb-filled foods we eat today. Emulin will even out the highs and lows that result from this overabundant carb loading that goes on, and in turn will help maintain your energy over longer periods of time.

That’s why Emulin is also so good for athletes and performers. There are numerous athletes taking Emulin and reporting on their improved endurance and recovery. They swear by it. They have more energy, they can last longer in their sport, and they recover faster after a grueling game or event.

So yes, you may use Emulin for weight loss, and for greater athletic performance. And chances are, you will come back for more.

Emulin Is Safe For Everyone

Emulin is safe for everyone and could be a vitamin. Every person should be on Emulin … it is good for you and your body. Even those in perfect health should take Emulin. It will prolong that perfect health for a much longer period of time. There are no problems for anyone taking it, regardless of age, or weight, or anything else.

emulin is safe for everyone

More Emulin Research

Emulin research emulin science

Our scientists are currently hard at work on some theories and studies showing additional Emulin benefits  It's exciting stuff and will be fascinating news for those who have access to Emulin and that understand it’s role in the human body.

The Emulin science is still in the early stages, but there area major advances we'll be able to talk about soon.  We are eager to spotlight for you  the importance and the power of this all natural product that has been brought to market, which of course is now named Prevail Emulin and only available through the Valentus MLM direct sales company.

Dr. Joe's Recorded Interview

Listen to the recorded call below hear Dr. Joe answer more questions on Emulin for weight loss. And stay tuned to this blog as there are further explanations coming on Emulin by the inventor, Dr Joseph Ahrens. Emulin is an incredible product that all humans of all ages should know about and should be on.

Post Addition - New Valentus Product

In March '19  at the annual Valentus convention at the Green Valley Ranch in Henderson NV, Joe Ahrens introduced a new product designed for weight loss. That product, called 24/7 Carb Blocker has been available for purchase at the Valentus Product order website.

Check out the video below for an interview with Dr. Joe as he explains the 24/7 product.

Dr. Joe Ahrens Video Explains How Emulin And 24/7 Compare

And be sure to subscribe to our Emulin Newsletter. Get ongoing updates and info on Emulin, product study reports, and new products that Valentus will be launching soon. All Valentus Joe Ahrens' products are patented, backed, and endorsed by real scientific studies for real results with real people. No gimmicks or games.

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Jackie Boyle
Owner /
May 8, 2020

I began 10 weeks ago taking Emulin C and M. I've tried both as I'm not diabetic so I felt I wanted to experience both. Both have supported my body to diffuse inflammation. I'm 51 yrs old and have had acute to chronic health all my life from birth.

Mary Beth Jaeger
Self Employed /
May 9, 2020

We sometimes fixate on weight or #'s lost. When Emulin goes to work and we lose fat cells, and we gain it in muscles for energy. Muscle weighs more than fat! I've been taking it since Feb 8th. Yesterday I fit into a golf shirt I haven't worn since I last played golf with my father. He passed away in 2011. So it was in 2010 I last wore it. I have lost many inches, and my muffin top is gone, my neckline is much firmer, as are my upper arms. I am down more than 2 pant sizes too!

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Joe Ahrens Team

Creators of Emulin Dr. Joe Ahrens and Daryl Thompson

Joe Ahrens

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