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Is Emulin For Weight Loss or Athletic Performance?

To the question - is Emulin for weight loss? - the answer is yes, absolutely!

Emulin was not created as a weight loss product, and it's not labeled as a weight loss product ...but weight loss has been a positive side effect with most people using the product. It's known that there are distinct connections in high blood sugar levels and excessive weight. So when one lowers, the other follows.

When we consume sugar, it gets put into into fat tissue. That is one of the functions of insulin. Unfortunately, if a person is not active enough, that sugar then turns into fat. Emulin, however, inhibits this activity, drawing the sugar out and depositing it into the blood, where it is then carried to other parts of the body (like the muscles and the brain) to be used as food energy .. and the rest is excreted.

Shedding pounds and gaining energy is often a result of this process, bringing many people to use Emulin for weight loss

emulin for weight loss

What About Type 1 Diabetes?

We do not yet have a clinical trial with humans in regards to Emulins effect on Type 1 Diabetics, but there have been animal studies. The studies are exciting - showing some extremely positive results. However ...there have been clinical trials done with Type 2 Diabetics. Those results were even more exciting! Emulin outperformed Metformin, the leading prescribed drug for Type 2, which leads us to a great presumption that Type 1’s will be positively affected as well.

Our scientists are currently hard at work on some theories and studies showing how and why type 1 diabetes is formed. This will be fascinating news for those who have access to Emulin and that understand it’s role in the human body.

Science is still in the early stages on this subject, but there are now studies and publications coming out showing a direct link in Alzheimer’s and refined sugar. They are even labeling it as Diabetes 3. This is a major advance and it spotlights the importance and the power of this all natural product that has been brought to market, which of course is Emulin Plus.

Emulin Is Safe For Everyone

Emulin is safe for everyone and could be a vitamin. Every person should be on Emulin … it is good for you and your body. Even those in perfect health should take Emulin. It will prolong that perfect health for a much longer period of time. There are no problems for anyone taking it, regardless of age, or weight, or anything else.

What About Athletic Performance?

To the question "is Emulin for athletic performance" ? ... Another big YES.

emulin for weight loss

Emulin causes efficient carbohydrate management. It is a patented carbohydrate manager. Without it, we are at a great disadvantage. The odds are stacked against us with the excessive carb filled foods we eat today. Emulin will even out the highs and lows that result from this over abundant carb loading that goes on, and in turn will help maintain your energy over longer periods of time.

That’s why Emulin is also so good for athletes and performers. There are numerous athletes taking Emulin and reporting on their improved endurance and recovery. They swear by it. They have more energy, they can last longer in their sport, and they recover faster after a grueling game or event.

So yes, you may use Emulin for weight loss, and for greater athletic performance. And chances are, you will come back for more.

Listen to the audio at the top of this page to hear Dr Ahren expand on these points in more detail.

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