Emulin For Inflammation – Does It Really Help? - Dr. Joe Ahrens Answers

Emulin For Inflammation – Does It Really Help?

December 21, 2017

It's A Good Question. Is Emulin For Inflammation?

 Emulin cleanses the body of inflammation. Yes Emulin for inflammation ... it's true and it is.

 I've included a good recording  today from Dr Joe Ahrens, creator of Emulin, to answer that question for you. So read down through this post and then check it out it's seriously good stuff.

But yes, Emulin does cleanse the body of inflammation. We all are experiencing a buildup of low-grade inflammation. Low grade inflammation is the result of a multitude of things that the doctor will explain. Low grade inflammation builds up to become chronic inflammation which can be a killer. Someday Emulin for inflammation will be talked about together in households across the world.

We are not making any crazy claims here.

We are not saying it will cure diseases, we are saying it will help the symptoms that are a byproduct of those diseases. Swelling, low energy and pain are symptoms often associated with inflammation. So get rid of those and the main cause becomes more manageable and your quality of life can be greatly increased.

I Can Personally Comment On This

I have osteoarthritis in my joints... particularly my knees and hips with my right hip being the worse. I've been told I need a new hip and probably two. Emulin will not reverse that damage. The joints are worn out and that's just the way it is. But ... Emulin has been incredible for my condition.

With Emulin the pain has been GREATLY decreased. So much that I've been able to put off the hip replacement, and I can function normally now. My limp is gone because the pain is gone, and because the inflammation that was also causing a restriction of mobility has been drastically reduced.

emulin for inflammation

Everyday normal movements such as walking and standing, getting in and out of chairs and cars, reaching to the floor or walking up and down steps, are more than manageable now..

Yes Emulin for inflammation, but Emulin Does More Than Take Pain And Inflammation Away

Something else. The quality of my workouts is amazing again. I've been an active and a frequent participant of my local fitness center for as long as I can remember. Exercise and training are a big part of my lifestyle, but with this pain and lack of mobility, it had become more of a dreaded chore than anything else.

Now I get to report that I am once again having BOOM! workouts! In addition, I'm seeing muscle gains that I have not seen in years. In fact if you listen to the recorded audio below from the creator of Emulin you will hear him speak to this proven effect and why.

We All Have Inflammation

We all have a buildup of inflammation in our bodies, regardless if we are diseased or not. Some of us are worse than others. The toxicity of our environments now makes this unavoidable, and it builds up over time. They call this low grade inflammation. The buildup is something that we don't even realize is happening . It's a gradual thing. Not until it gets to a problematic level do we realize it.

Most of us think this degradation is destiny. We think it's part of the aging process and we believe it's inevitable. I suppose it is to some degree, but not yet.

There are a ton of testimonials from people who are amazed at how much better they feel on Emulin. We often hear them say "and I just assumed this was all a part of getting older". Then they say "Emulin is amazing!"

emulin for inflammation

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