Emulin FAQ List - Top 30 Emulin Frequently Asked Questions - [New 2020]

Emulin FAQ – Top 30 Emulin Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated on May 14th, 2020 at 06:30 pm

One of the most powerful and sought after supplements to hit the market recently is Emulin. But like anything else that is new, there are some frequently asked questions about this amazing new product. So we have compiled an Emulin FAQ list for you. Today we present the top 30 Emulin frequently asked questions right here on this page. Enjoy the content. We hope you find it useful and valuable.

What is Emulin?

Emulin is a patented all-natural blend of 3 active ingredients that work together to manage refined carbohydrates, control sugar, and purge inflammation from the body. Dr. Joseph Ahrens – a two-time Nobel Prize nominee – developed EMULIN®. Emulin reduces the negative effects of carbs, sugars, and inflammation creating a body balance and an optimized immune system. Our immune systems were meant to fight disease but they become compromised. Emulin allows that to happen again.

Dr. Joe said, “We looked at what we were trying to accomplish. 1) regulate carbohydrates, 2) control sugar, 3) manage inflammation. With these three, we thought a host of metabolic disorders could be mitigated”.

“What is Emulin” is probably the most frequently asked Emulin question. We believe that by reading through this page you will have all your answers.

Emulin FAQ- What Is Emulin - Emulin is an all natural patented compound derived from parts of plants. Dr. Ahrens and Daryl Thompson identified three phytochemicals that emulated insulin (hence, the name Emulin).

What Is Emulin? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide

What are refined carbohydrates?

Refined carbohydrates are plant-based products stripped of their fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Primarily grains like wheat, corn, and rice. We refer to them as “empty calories”.

What makes refined carbohydrates harmful?

Refined carbs turn into sugar almost immediately upon ingestion causing a rapid rise in blood sugar that can be harmful to the body. This is turn can lead to chronic inflammation and other harmful conditions.

What are the ingredients in Emulin?

The 3 active ingredients in Emulin are Quercetin, Myricetin and Chlorogenic Acid. These 3 compounds are extracts of plants. Dr. Ahrens discovered and identified these three phytochemicals that emulated insulin (hence, the name Emulin). There are several sources but the most potent comes primarily from fruits and berries grown in the tropics.

This major discovery led to a decade of rigorous testing and research to isolate the perfect rations of these 3 key enzymes that make up Prevail Emulin. Much of the secret is in the mixture.

Emulin Frequently Asked Questions- What Are The Emulin Ingredients - Dr. Ahrens and Daryl Thompson identified three phytochemicals that emulated insulin (hence, the name Emulin).

It’s another very frequently asked Emulin question. I’ll provide more info at the bottom of this page. Stay tuned to my posts as there’s a lot to learn. Emulin has so much to offer to better people’s lives.

How does Valentus Prevail Emulin work in the body?

There are 3 events or stages that occur beginning the minute a person ingests Emulin. 1st Stage: Emulin Obstructs The Transition Of Starch To Sugar. 2nd Stage: Emulin Blocks The Pathways Of Sugar To Your Bloodstream 3rd Stage: Emulin Draws Sugar Out Of Fat Tissue

How Does Emulin Work – We Have The Answers The Process of Emulin – Some Think It’s Magic

This Emulin FAQ is one that we will continue to report and teach on. Emulin was a real discovery and not just a fabricated product. Dr. Joe Ahrens states that Emulin should be classified as a vitamin. It is essential. That’s why we are proud representatives. We want to educate people on how Emulin works. It is such a highly unique supplement that truly changes lives.

Who invented Emulin?

A Florida based scientist, Dr. Joseph Ahrens Ph.D. invented Emulin. Dr. Joe was the Director of Research for the Florida Department of Citrus at the time. Their discovery occurred while conducting a study on the metabolic effects of grapefruit. In addition to weight loss, they noticed an occurrence in the test subjects that mimicked insulin, essentially helping the body better manage blood sugar.

Being scientists, they had to find out exactly what it was they found. This began the long journey of research that eventually led to the creation and production of Valentus Prevail Emulin.

Dr. Joe Ahrens - Who invented Emulin is an Emulin frequently asked question

The Emulin Story by Valentus’ Dr Joe Ahrens

Are their scientific studies on Emulin?

There is a published study in the Journal of Medicinal Food In March 2013. In that study, forty human subjects with confirmed type 2 diabetes went through comparison consumptions of Emulin, Metformin, and a placebo.

The results were favorable to Emulin outperforming both of the other classes. However, the largest reduction in glucose occurred in the class of Emulin working together with Metformin.

There are additional studies with positive results that are currently pending publication. Those results will release when published.

Emulin FAQ - Are their scientific studies on Emulin?

The Science of Emulin

This is a popular Emulin question too. A lot of people are tired and burned out on run-of-the-mill health products that are not backed by science. They just want something real. So the topic of being backed by science is a top Emulin FAQ.

Where is Emulin made?

The entire process happens in the United States. They harvest blend and produce Emulin in the USA.

Does Emulin contain caffeine?

No. Emulin is caffeine-free.

Is Emulin safe for everyone?

Yes, Emulin is safe for children, for the elderly, and even for pregnant mothers. Dr. Joe likes to say Emulin is for everyone from womb to tomb.

Are the ingredients GMO-free?

Yes, these ingredients comply with ISO and they are absolutely free of GM0.

Is Emulin Considered Organic?

It is not certified as organic but it is pesticide-free. We have several certifications required for botanicals including 1 that complies with an ISO. Emulin complies with all the ISO in terms of being free of any and all pesticides.

Q: Why do these specific ingredients have this huge effect? Other supplements contain some of these ingredients, so why is Emulin® superior?

The secret is in the mixture and the ratios. It took Dr. Ahrens a decade of trying and eliminating combinations of ingredients to find the right formula. The use of supercomputers from UCLA running day and night filtering through all the plant kingdom combinations finally produced the results they were looking for.

It requires special guarded methods and procedures to duplicate the formulation. Protections are in place with patents to shield against copying.

Emulin Patents

What about interactions with other drugs?

There are no known contraindications to taking Emulin. Prevail Emulin is an entirely natural product, it is not dangerous to take it with other medications.

We never recommend stopping a medication, and it is always advisable to consult with your doctor if you have any concerns. However, you might also want to read the results of the study on Emulin® and discuss it with your doctor so that you are both well informed.

Emulin should be part of your daily diet regardless of what other medicines you are currently taking. It is extracts of food.

This question is asked a lot too. In fact, it’s one of the top Emulin FAQ’s. It’s hard for people to believe or realize it’s just extracts of foods. They immediately think of another drug that might interact.

Is it Halal?

Emulin is a combination of 3 plant extracts. It does not contain any alcohol or animal by-products.

Can pregnant mothers take it?

Yes, the botanical mix is three natural extracts found in food. It is safe and recommended for everyone, including pregnant mothers.

Can breastfeeding mothers take it?

Yes. It is safe for pregnant mothers and their unborn children.

Should you take Emulin before or after food?

You can take it at any time. It is a personal preference. However, something to note is that when you take Emulin concurrently with your food or shortly before, maybe 15 minutes before, it will cut those available calories down by approximately a third.

It cuts down the absorption of sugar in your blood. This is one of the benefits of Emulin. Less sugar going in means less to turn into fat. Take them with carbohydrates and it will cut 33% of the available calories.

What happens if I take a double dose?

Taking more Emulin will not cause any harm. In fact, there are instances where a saturation dose can be highly beneficial. That could be up to 6 or 8 capsules a day for two weeks. Once the body saturates, usually within two weeks, cut down to the 2 cap maintenance dose.

The maintenance dose is for those who are battling a specific or a stubborn situation. Any excess product will exit through urine or migrate to the skin’s surface. You can’t take too much.

What happens if I skip a dose?

It’s okay it stays in your system for a length of time. If you skip a dose just take it as soon as you can. The effects of Emulin are longer-term and the half-life is more than 24 hours. skipping a dose will not cause any major disruption of its effects.

Can it replace my current diabetic medication?

No. This is not recommended at all. However, Emulin often times assists current medications to perform better. If after time you and your doctor determine that you no longer need the same dosages of your medicine then I would say Emulin has been especially good to you!

It has happened, but we sure don’t advise people to stop their prescribed meds on behalf of Emulin.

Can the elderly safely take Emulin?

Yes. Emulin is safe to take by the elderly.

Can children take Emulin?

Yes. Emulin is safe for children as well. This is another popular Emulin FAQ. Emulin is safe for everyone, including children, and pregnant mothers too.

What about interaction with blood thinners?

We would not recommend that those on warfarin take EMULIN. However, there no known negative interactions with other blood thinners. Nevertheless, we would recommend that you talk to your doctor.

Are there two versions of Emulin?

Yes there are two versions of Emulin. Emulin M is the original. They added Emulin C later and we recommend it for those with high glucose or sugar issues.

What is the difference between the C and M version?

The two are similar but they do have their own purposes. Emulin M is the original formula. Emulin draws sugar from the fat cells and deposits it in the bloodstream. The blood carries it to other parts of the body.

The muscles and the brain will effectively use this sugar as food and energy. The excess purges from the body. This process can, however, create a temporary blood sugar spike. As said it’s temporary but enough that can alarm a person who has high sugar issues.

Dr. Joe created Emulin C for this reason. C does the same thing but over a longer period of time. This eliminates the sugar spikes and it’s why a person that is diabetic or pre-diabetic would want to take the C.

So that is the difference.

Incidentally, the M vs C question may be the most frequently asked Emulin question of them all. Some people get confused about it. It’s better to keep it simple. Pre-diabetics and diabetes want C. Everyone else can take M.

See the video below for further clarification on this.

How does Emulin give relief from inflammation?

The body sees refined carbs and sugar as a toxin or poison. And just as with any toxin or poison this triggers the release of inflammatory signals.

It’s a natural occurrence and is normally a good thing. A protective mechanism. Your body will do the same thing when you get a bee sting.

However …. it happens constantly, on a daily basis. That’s how it becomes dangerous.

This constant barrage of inflammatory signals builds up day after day. It compounds to become what’s known as chronic inflammation and this is when we get into trouble. Chronic inflammation is the basis for a lot of diseases.

But Emulin carries away all this excess sugar and carbs that are being stored in the body. This event significantly reduces inflammation. The body doesn’t need to produce it now. So that is how Emulin gives relief from inflammation.

sugar addiction

Q: What kinds of people will Emulin help?

All kinds. Every human being. Everyone needs Emulin as part of their diets. Nature intended us to have these protective measures in our diets. Emulin is an extract of food. It is safe for everyone and it is beneficial to everyone. From the womb to the tomb.

What about if someone has chronic pain, such as from arthritis?

Every day we get reports and testimonials about pain relief from people that are taking Emulin.

It’s not surprising. Inflammation causes pain. Not just in joints but all through the body. Inflammation is responsible for very many ailments pain is just one.

Inflammation causes pain and Emulin kills inflammation. I call it the inflammation assassin. It truly does a number on inflammation it’s amazing. Therefore it also does a number on pain.

We’re not saying it will take all of a person’s pain away especially chronic pain. But it can greatly reduce it. Time and time again. Some of the stories are mind-bending.

Will Emulin cause weight loss?

Sure … it certainly can and often does. Emulin purges refined carbs and sugars out of fat cells and will carry them to other parts of the body to burn up. If left stored in those cells it will eventually turn into fat. So take that away and what happens? You guessed it. Weight loss.

See below for this recorded interview with Emulin creator Dr. Joe Ahrens

Emulin and Weight Loss

Emulin FAQ’s with Dr. Joe Ahrens

This is another Emulin question that we get asked a lot. Weight loss is a popular topic, and it’s one of the most frequent Emulin FAQ’s.

Where to buy Emulin?

There is only one source for Emulin. The Valentus company has exclusive rights to the possession, sales, and delivery of Emulin.

You can purchase Valentus Prevail Emulin through a Valentus rep. So just get back with either the person who directed you to this article, or search out a Valentus rep and get all your questions answered. You can buy through that person’s Valentus website.

If you don’t have a referrer you can buy Emulin here …

How much does Emulin cost?

The cost to purchase a bottle of Emulin is $79.95US at retail plus shipping. That could be a 30 day supply at maintenance dose. But If you need a saturation dose that changes things a little.

It’s far better to become a preferred customer. Preferred customers only pay $59.95. Ask your Valentus rep about becoming a preferred customer or about becoming a rep yourself for wholesale prices.

Once you order through your Valentus rep’s website the company will ship you the product.

I hope this Emulin FAQ list is providing some benefit and value to you. For further clarification on some of the questions, I’ve included a couple of videos here for you.

Emulin Q & A With Emulin Creator Dr. Joe Ahrens


Dr. Joe Ahrens Emulin Review


Addition to Emulin FAQ #1 ‘What Is Emulin’


Addition to Emulin FAQ #6 ‘Who invented Emulin’


Addition to Emulin FAQ #10 ‘ Is Emulin for everyone’


Addition to Emulin FAQ #26 ‘What is the difference between the C and M version’


Okay everyone that’s it for now but stay tuned because we will continue adding Emulin Frequently Asked Questions to the page as they come up!

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