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“Those people that started taking Emulin for high blood sugar, end up telling me, my Psoriasis is gone”

Dr. Joe Ahrens
December 3, 2017

Emulin and Skin Problems – Can Emulin help?

People ask about Emulin and skin problems often. Psoriasis and Eczema are common conditions that afflict millions of people in the USA alone. It's more than just an inconvenience for those suffering. These dilemmas have plagued people for years causing great discomfort, distress, and embarrassment. So it's not an unexpected occurrence when people ask about Emulin and skin problems.

For those people, we are happpy to say that because these conditions are triggered by inflammatory signals released in our bodies, Emulin can be highly beneficial and bring much needed relief. Emulin rids the body of excess inflammation, something that we all have to some degree. You cannot go wrong taking Emulin. We all need it.

Dr. Joe says, “those people that started taking Emulin for high blood sugar, end up telling me, my Psoriasis is gone”. That’s powerful! Wouldn’t you agree?

In the video below Dr. Joe breaks it down in a way that anyone can understand. And if you are someone who likes to know the technicalities of exactly why or how something is working, he’s talking to you also. So check it out and learn more about the many advantages of Emulin, and in particular Emulin and skin problems.

What about allergies?

 Well those too! What happens when you have an allergy?! Inflammation! And what happens when you introduce Emulin to excess inflammation? You know it ... Emulin kills inflammation!

We all are experiencing a build-up of low-grade inflammation.

It's something that is happening slowly and gradually ...but it is happening ... and building ... and compounding. For some, it’s a slower process than for others but it’s happening with all of us simply due to the environment we live in, and the toxins we are exposed to. The thing is though, because of the gradual build, we don’t realize it …but then one day there it is raising it's ugly head.

Emulin gets the body back to the condition it’s supposed to be, so it can do what it’s supposed to do.

emulin and skin problems

 Dr. Joe explains it like this …”any of the inflammatory responses are going to be inhibited, not because we are tackling all these myriad of diseases, but because we are inhibiting inflammation at its source". And for you health techies, he continues with this … “in our work, we never start out with plant extracts to see what they did in general, we actually modeled this and we know where the myricitrin and quercetin and chlorogenic acid actually dock, where are the docking sites on the enzymes that are openly causing the inflammatory response”

He continues to explain why Emulin is also helping men who are having issues with erectile dysfunction, and for those who are experiencing any other circulatory restrictions and issues.

So for those who wonder about Emulin and skin problems, we have good news. Most skin problems originate from excess inflammation. And Emulin beats inflammation.

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