Emulin and Inflammation | The Story of Acute and Chronic Inflammation

Emulin® and Inflammation | The Story of Acute and Chronic Inflammation

February 17, 2018
emulin and inflammation

The Story of Acute and Chronic Inflammation

If we are talking about inflammation, then we have to talk about Emulin and inflammation. Emulin and inflammation go hand in hand. But first lets make sure we know just exactly what inflammation is, and the difference between acute inflammation, and chronic inflammation. Then we can talk more about Emulin and inflammation and how the two go together.

What comes to mind when you hear the word inflammation ... what do you imagine? Painful joints maybe? Or throbbing and swelling? Maybe even an insect bite or sting?

You wouldn't be wrong .... those things are inflammation ... acute inflammation that is. This is different from chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is indeed the origin of painful, swollen, and throbbing injuries. It is your bodies first response. A line of defense. It is the result of your bodies attempt at removing destructive toxins and injured cells.

emulin and inflammation

5 Typical Results of Acute Inflammation Are:

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    Loss of function

Acute inflammation goes through phases when reacting to injury. Those phases are irritation, suppuration (pus discharge), and lastly the granulation phase (taking control resulting in tissue masses and scabs, etc.) Acute inflammation enables our bodies to repair itself.

So Why Does inflammation Get A Bad Rap When It's Normal And Needed?

Think back to the insect bite or bee sting situation, but on a greater level. That's what chronic inflammation resembles. Our bodies discharge white blood cells to to help restore injured tissues which in turn releases potent substances or chemicals. Chronic inflammation works similarly. When we eat processed foods those chemicals confuse our bodies and resemble a threat which causes a discharge of white blood cells. Those white blood cells over time begin to attack the healthy tissue.

Chronic Inflammation Is Different, And It's Dangerous!

It happens gradually but regularly and over time results in a broad level of inflammation throughout the entire body. A silent war, day in and day out, multiplying and compounding. This continual onslaught of destruction to our organs greatly boosts the risk of strokes, diabetes, and heart disease. Heart attacks and diabetes are on the rise and are often attributed to this chronic inflammation. Lungs, kidneys, and other vital organs are susceptible as well.

emulin and inflammation

It's become a massive problem. The world is in a crisis - a carb crisis and the problem is mushrooming on a worldwide scale. Every day, millions of people are taking in huge quantities of sugars and refined carbs, like noodles, rice, bread and refined sugars. Consuming these carbs and sugars excessively causes serious problems with weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and lethargy. This is where Emulin® comes into the picture. Help is on the way.

Emulin and Inflammation

Now, in the state of Florida, a world renowned group of Nobel prize nominated scientists have discovered and developed an all-natural carbohydrate manager containing a botanical mix called Emulin®. It's the worlds first and only patented carb manager that helps your body manage refined carbohydrates assisting in the prevention of diabetes, weight gain and high blood pressure.

Being distributed by the iGalen company, their vision is to help improve the health and lives of people around the world with Emulin®. Inflammation is becoming a household name. Soon Emulin and inflammation will be talked about together. Emulin® will become a household name as well.

12 Emulin Questions Answered by iGalen CEO Dr Rajen Manecka

iGalen is quickly becoming a global phenom because of Emulin®. Whether you have the goal for a healthier life, financial freedom, or perhaps both, iGalen and Emulin® can enable you to reach these goals. If you ever wanted to be in at the beginning before a company reaches critical mass and hyper momentum now's your chance. We are just getting started. Contact us to join our winning team today. Learn more about Emulin®, and why Emulin and inflammation will become a topic spoken often.

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What is the difference between iGalen Emulin plus e and this plain emulin.

    Brett Gurney

    hi vicky. The original formulas were Emulin C and Emulin M …. Emulin C was for diabetics and M was for everyone else. Some people were getting confused over this so they came out with an Emulin E (for Everyone) in place of M and C.
    Now M and C have been made available again as not everyone was getting the best results from E.

    Are you a member of iGalen? They won’t have Emulin for very much longer at all. However we have a direct source to Joe Ahrens and soon it will be offered again through a new company.

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