Emulin and Inflammation | How Does Emulin Help Chronic Inflammation?

Emulin and Inflammation | How Does Emulin Help Chronic Inflammation?

February 17, 2018
Emulin creates peace and tranquility

How Does Emulin Help Chronic Inflammation?

It's a great question! We talk a lot about Emulin and inflammation and how Emulin purges inflammation from the body. So it's also important that we talk about HOW that happens. Our goal is to educate people about Emulin and why it works so well. That is exactly what we are going to do. So keep reading.

In the state of Florida, two world renowned Nobel prize nominated scientists have discovered and developed an all-natural carbohydrate manager containing a botanical mix called Emulin®. It's the worlds first and only patented carb manager. Emulin helps your body manage refined carbohydrates assisting in the control of glucose levels, the reduction of inflammation, weight gain and high blood pressure.

Emulin and Inflammation

So that sets the stage of what Emulin is, but what does Emulin do and how does it help with inflammation?.

To best answer that question, lets make sure we know just exactly what inflammation is, and the difference between acute and chronic inflammation. Then we can talk more about Emulin and inflammation and how the two go together.

We All Have Inflammation

Warning Signs your body has inflammation

It's true. We all have a buildup of inflammation in our bodies, regardless if we have disease or not. Some of us are worse than others. The toxicity of our environments among other things makes this unavoidable. This is the acute stage. They call it low grade inflammation. But it builds up over time. The buildup is something that we don't even realize is happening . It's a gradual thing. Not until it gets to a problematic level do we realize it. 

Inflammation begins as acute, before it becomes chronic.

Most of us think this degradation is destiny. We think it's part of the aging process and we believe it's inevitable. I suppose it is to some degree, but not to the degree many of us are experiencing from chronic inflammation. By the way, when we say Emulin and inflammation, it is the chronic inflammation we are referring to. 

Not to confuse you but inflammation is a natural process of the body and is our body's response to injury. When we have injuries or infections, inflammation kicks in and our bodies go to work to heal wounds, defend itself against foreign invaders such as viruses and bacteria, and repair damaged tissue.

So why does inflammation get a bad rap when it's normal and needed?

Time Magazine called inflammation the ‘silent killer’ on their front cover in 2004

Unfortunately, inflammation is not always good. Chronic inflammation is different. We know now that chronic inflammation plays a significant  role in many health challenges many of us experience. Some of these challenges can be deadly. Chronic inflammation causes extensive damage and contributes to an array of health conditions.

We want you to understand fully the relationship between chronic inflammation and ill health. Then you can understand how Emulin disrupts the cycle that occurs. Emulin and inflammation will take on a whole new meaning for you.

So let's continue.

inflammation the silent killer on time magazine cover

Acute Inflammation (the good kind) vs. Chronic Inflammation (the bad kind)

I mentioned above that acute inflammation is the body's natural response to stress caused by injuries. It's a good thing. We have to have it. Life is much easier and more manageable with acute inflammation protecting us. Stress is at a minimum when we have a mechanism that kicks in to manage our injuries and help us heal faster.

Acute inflammation goes through phases when reacting to injury. Those phases are irritation, suppuration (pus discharge), and lastly the granulation phase (taking control resulting in tissue masses and scabs, etc.) Acute inflammation enables our bodies to repair itself.

What comes to mind when you hear the word inflammation ... what do you imagine? Painful joints maybe? Or throbbing and swelling? Maybe even an insect bite or sting?

You wouldn't be wrong .... those things are inflammation ... acute inflammation that is. This is different from chronic inflammation. Acute inflammation is the origin of painful, swollen, and throbbing injuries. It is your bodies first response. A line of defense. It is the result of your bodies attempt at removing destructive toxins and injured cells.

5 Typical Results of Acute Inflammation Are:

  • Redness
  • Swelling 
  • Heat
  • Pain
  • Loss of Function

But this protective event doesn't kick in just for injuries. Stress causes inflammatory signals to release as well. The stress could be happen from a bad diet, the environment that we live, or even from our emotions.

Unfortunately though, when there is too much of this happening, things change. The naturally occurring acute inflammation evolves and becomes chronic inflammation. And this is no longer good.

Even the healthy have inflammation building up to dangerous levels in their bodies from today’s fast-paced, toxin-filled world. There's just no getting around it in this day and age.

We are fortunate today. We have Emulin, and if you continue to follow us you will quickly come to know how Emulin helps with inflammation. And how it can change your life.

So When Does acute inflammation become chronic?

Think back to the insect bite or bee sting situation, but on a greater level. That's what chronic inflammation resembles.

Here's the layman's definition: The body recognizes these stresses as toxins that it must defend. For example, we consume WAY too many carbohydrates (which immediately turns to sugar once ingested). Our bodies see sugar as toxins. The toxins get dumped into fat cells, the defenses go up, and the inflammatory chemicals go out. Here's the problem ... it's too constant. The body cannot keep up. It's all day every day. A continual pounding and bombarding of inflammation. This is when it compounds and becomes chronic inflammation. Now we are in trouble.

And here's the techie version: (From Dr. Joe Ahrens creator of Emulin). Our bodies discharge white blood cells to to help restore injured tissues which in turn releases potent substances or chemicals. Chronic inflammation works similarly. When we eat processed foods those chemicals confuse our bodies and resemble a threat which causes a discharge of white blood cells. Those white blood cells over time begin to attack the healthy tissue.

Chronic Inflammation Is Different, And It's Dangerous!

It happens gradually but regularly and over time results in a broad level of inflammation throughout the entire body. A silent war, day in and day out, multiplying and compounding.

This continual onslaught of destruction to our organs greatly boosts the risk of strokes, diabetes, and heart disease. Heart attacks and diabetes are on the rise and are often attributed to this chronic inflammation. Lungs, kidneys, and other vital organs are susceptible as well.

emulin and inflammation

It's become a massive problem. The world is in a crisis - a carb crisis and the problem is mushrooming on a worldwide scale. Every day, millions of people are taking in huge quantities of sugars and refined carbs, like noodles, rice, bread and refined sugars. Consuming these carbs and sugars excessively causes serious problems with weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and lethargy. 

Chronic inflammation sticks around and continues to build. It reeks havoc and causes damage that link to a lot of serious health conditions.

Some of those conditions are ...

  • Osteoa​​​​​rthritis
  • Some Autoimmune diseases 
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Depression
  • Dementia
  • Inflammatory bowel disease and Crohns

And this is where Emulin comes in. Emulin for inflammation is an answer. It's one answer. But Emulin is powerful and when we combine it with other inflammation inhibiting habits, things can change dramatically and in a hurry. 

Check out the video below it's a serious eye-opener. 

5 Warning Signs Your Body Has Hidden Inflammation

Emulin and Inflammation

I gave you a fast summary of Emulin and how it affects inflammation at the top of this post. I mentioned  two scientists that discovered Emulin. Those two scientists are Dr. Joe Ahrens and Daryl Thompson.

Mr. Thompson is out of the picture now but Joe Ahrens is still carrying the torch. It's a blessing to us that we have a readily available access to Emulin. The Emulin and inflammation topic has touched thousands of people now. But it's just beginning.

I told you how Emulin is a patented mixture of plant extracts that helps your body manage carbs assisting in the control of glucose levels, the reduction of inflammation, weight gain and high blood pressure.

Emulin does cleanse the body of inflammation. But how does that happen?

How Does Emulin Help Inflammation?

Those of us familiar with Emulin know that when we are talking about inflammation, we have to talk about Emulin too. Emulin and inflammation will go hand in hand in our conversations because we know what Emulin does to inflammation. It crushes it. I refer to Emulin as the inflammation assassin.

emulin and inflammation for sugar addiction

When we ingest sugar and carbs (carbs turn to sugar almost immediately) and those sugars get deposited into our fat cells it triggers an inflammatory reaction. The body sees these deposited sugars as toxins and as a threat. So the defenses go up and the inflammatory signals go out.

But with Emulin in your system, ingested carbs and sugars get rerouted to others areas of the body. That's what Emulin does when you eat.

But that's not all. Emulin will actually pull or draw (stored sugar) out of our fat cells and deposit them back into the blood stream. That is just incredible. The blood will then carry the sugar to the muscles and the brain where they become food and energy. What doesn't get burned up in this process excretes out of the body through the skin and the urine.

And in this case, the inflammatory signals do not go out, and we stay in balance. The danger is gone. The body is no longer tricked into going into war zone. 


Joe Ahrens Explains His Emulin And Inflammation Discovery

Emulin is available exclusively through the Valentus company. The creator and owner of Emulin, Dr. Joe Ahrens, did a "coming aboard" announcement call for the members of Valentus.

In addition to his announcement that he was all in and had granted Valentus the exclusive rights to Emulin, Dr. Joe had another little story to tell. He explained the discovery of Emulin. And specifically the time when him and his partner concluded beyond all doubt that Emulin not only managed sugar in the body, but inflammation as well.

This was a big moment in the series of events that led to the creation of Emulin, and it's worthy to share. It was a big call though, so for this post I will stick to his explanations of Emulin and inflammation.

The Emulin Story

Transcript Of The Emulin Discovery Call

I have include for you today a transcript of that part of the call, and the recording as well. Here's the transcript:

Joe Ahren's Emulin and inflammation story

Dr. Joe Ahrens

"Using supercomputers that we rented at UCLA, we found out there was a family of naturally occurring compounds that is in all fruits and vegetables whenever they have a high sugar load.

What we found out through human clinical studies, which are also published, is it appears that nature intended us to consume these natural compounds whenever we ate the sugar.

They are a family of natural ingredients that are much like vitamin, that are there to manage sugar in your body.

But once we saw this, we started to get reports from people telling us a lot of their inflammatory issues were going away. "My psoriasis is gone away". We kept hearing this, "oh, I have less arthritis". So we went back to the laboratory and we looked. What is going on here.

Turns out it wasn't just sugar. There was something else happening.

And we made the biggest discovery of our lives. It was one of the reasons my research group was nominated for the Nobel. Yes, this product does manage sugar in your body.

More importantly, it manages inflammation. 

Inflammation is a very important thing. We all need it. It is is the second step in our first line of defense. Whenever we are attacked by a disease organism, or even a splinter or a bee sting, you get inflammation. That is just the body sending out soldiers inside your body to take care of whatever that incident was, whether it was a poison, or a pathogen or splinter, it sends out its soldiers.

Unfortunately, without inflammation managers in your body that inflammation runs away like a runaway train. And it keeps attacking that wound site. It goes overboard and it starts attacking your own self. This is really what we discovered. We now have a vitamin like compound that regulates sugar, and it regulates inflammation. And it's important that those two are tied together in your body.

Why would a vitamin manage sugar and also manage inflammation?

Because refined sugars are perceived by your body as a poison, which results in inflammation. So it's a two step process. Regulates sugar, regulates inflammation, and it makes sure that your body knows what to do with sugar when it comes into your body.

So you need these compounds in your body to properly respond to sugar. To tell your body how to process the sugar, and to regulate any inflammation that would show up.

We named this product Emulin"

And here is a recording of that call. Hear it yourself straight from the man who made the Emulin and inflammation discoveries, Dr. Joseph Ahrens.

Emulin And Inflammation Together Will Become The Topics Of Conversation

Inflammation is becoming a household name. People are becoming aware of the dangers and complications created by inflammation. We believe Emulin will become a household name as well. And when that  time comes Emulin and inflammation will be talked about together. 

Prevail Emulin is distributed  exclusively by the Valentus company. There are two versions of Emulin ... an Emulin C and an Emulin M. They are similar but with slightly different targets. Those are explained here.

Valentus has a vision to help improve the health and lives of people around the world.  They are quickly becoming a global phenom because of Emulin. Whether you have the goal for a healthier life, financial freedom, or perhaps both, Valentus and Prevail Emulin can enable you to reach these goals.

If you ever wanted to be in at the beginning before a company reaches critical mass and hyper momentum now's your chance. We are just getting started. Contact us to join our winning team today. Learn more about Prevail Emulin, and why Emulin and inflammation will become a topic spoken often and globally.

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What is the difference between iGalen Emulin plus e and this plain emulin.

    Brett Gurney

    hi vicky. The original formulas were Emulin C and Emulin M …. Emulin C was for diabetics and M was for everyone else. Some people were getting confused over this so they came out with an Emulin E (for Everyone) in place of M and C.
    Now M and C have been made available again as not everyone was getting the best results from E.

    Are you a member of iGalen? They won’t have Emulin for very much longer at all. However we have a direct source to Joe Ahrens and soon it will be offered again through a new company.

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