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Emulin And Blood Systems – Does Emulin Have a Positive Affect On Blood Circulation?

November 29, 2017
emulin and blood systems

Some people might have a concern about Emulin and blood systems. This includes anything to do with the heart, the kidneys, strokes, blood clotting and a multitude of other functions and conditions.

So it's a valid question, and a good question. As you'll see below the answer is a resounding yes. Emulin most definitely has a positive affect on blood flow and the circulatory system.

I’ve included a good video for you today. Dr Ahrens, Valentus Product Formulator and creator of Emulin, discusses Emulin and blood systems. He answers questions and discusses the effect Emulin can have on circulatory functions of the body. It’s good stuff so give it a listen.

We all know how alarming the stats on heart attacks is. They say now that every 40 seconds an American will have a heart attack. 14% of those people will die from it. So naturally it's something that people would want to know more about if they are taking a supplement that can have an effect either negatively or positively.

So thats why today we are going to talk about the effects Emulin can have on parts of the blood system. Luckily for us they are all favorable :).

How Can Emulin Benefit A Persons Blood System?

Did you know that over half of all Americans will die of a blood clot in either their brain or their heart? That is an alarming statistic and it's a very serious topic.

There's not yet been any human studies with Emulin in this area. But there is some things we know about this. The two active ingredients that can have a positive effect on blood, Quercetin and Myricetin , come from dark berries, particularly tropical berries.

They did some studies on monkeys, dogs and mice as well as some computer modeling. And they found out that there is a compound called PDI (protein disulfide-isomerase) that needs to be present for the development of clots. The body produces this PDI enzyme and the result is clotting.

They gave the test subjects Quercetin and Myricetin from grape juice which greatly reduced blood clots.

Where Else Can We Get These Ingredients?

This is all in line with Emulin's creator Dr. Joe Ahrens' theories. As he's been saying all along, we have these issues because we're not getting enough of these active enzymes in our diets.

No one is saying that Emulin will stop you from having strokes. But what they are saying is it's going to reduce the PDI factor which therefore logically should reduce clotting. 

These poly flavonoids, Quercetin and Myricetin, are essential to our diets. 

Dr. Joe also teaches about a whole host of molecules that we need to be getting, that we're not getting enough of. We can't get enough because they've been diluted. For example, there's not nearly as many of these poly flavonoids in a current day blueberry, as there was 10,000 years ago, or even 100 years ago.

These ultra-important molecules have been bred out of our diets over time. There's nothing left. Our foods today are completely void and stripped of their nutritional values.

The Poly Flavonoids in Emulin Were Intended By Nature To Be In Our Foods

This is what we are talking about ...

  • It takes 80 cups of today's supermarket spinach to give you the same iron you'd get from just one cup of spinach grown 50 years ago.
  • According to a Rutgers University study, it now takes 19 ears of corn to equal the nutritional value of just one ear of corn grown in 1940.
  • There is less than half the protein in today's wheat as in the wheat our grandparents ate. Much of our soil is so depleted that our farm crops depend entirely on the chemical fertilizers they are fed to grow.
    That means that most of the food we eat is devoid of virtually all the trace minerals we need for survival.
  • This is why we require superfood nutrition

After years of testing and then refining, Dr. Joe Ahrens has isolated the 3 most active and critical of these flavenoids to do the most benefits for our health. Those are the ingredients of Emulin. I encourage you to continue learning about this wonderful product that is improving the health of so many. 

Inflammation is responsible for so many health ailments. We know this to be true now. Emulin manages inflammation along  with sugar and refined carbs. This of course leads to the management of the by-products of this inflammation. Such as what we are discussing here today. Emulin and the blood system.

Emulin And The Kidney

Polycystic Kidney Disease is another area discussed in the video. Emulin can have a positive effect on that condition also. The beginning stage of PKD leads to inflammation, which in turn usually causes a secondary bout of the disease. Once again there is an Emulin ingredient that inhibits the leading enzyme that causes the kidney malfunctions … this has been shown in the studies performed.

Emulin and Blood Systems

What happens is cysts that are little hard, hollow nodules filled with water. But it's like sand and you develop them and they get very large and eventually if you keep developing enough, you disrupt the kidney and it physically tears the kidney apart.

And what do you suppose happens when you have these cysts tearing your kidney apart? What is the body gonna do?

Inflammation. The body is going to release massive amounts of inflammatory signals, just as it does when it detects poisons and toxins entering in the body.

This inflamation becomes chronic, which then also leads to other problems in the kidneys. A a secondary route of failure from the chronic inflammation, in addition to the kidney failure.

So ... Emulin to the rescue.

Is There Science Backing Emulin?

There is real science behind Emulin as you will learn if you continue to follow. There are patents protecting the formula and the processing procedures. These are trademark secrets that no other company or product developers have access to. There is so much more going on here than just a good health product, and that is why Emulin is a great health product and maybe the most powerful natural health product ever discovered.

So you see, Emulin and blood systems are something that we like to talk about. Emulin can literally save lives by helping the body's critical functions perform properly and more effortlessly. A well performing body will not overtax the immune system and can help keep stress on a manageable level. We need to take care of ourselves and our health. We all want to live a longer and higher quality life.

Does Emulin affect blood function?

Yes, now you know that it does affect blood functions and blood issues, in a highly positive way.

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