Diet Facts That Are Shocking – Do You Know How Healthy You Truly Are?

Shocking Diet Facts – Do You Know How Healthy You Really Are?

In this post we are going to discuss some shocking diet facts. But first let me ask you a question ... are you healthy? Do you know how healthy? If you don't know how healthy you are, do you ever wonder?

I think that's a question plenty of us begin asking ourselves as we get on in our years. Probably more so if we are seeing some of our friends struggle, or worse yet pass on. It makes us wonder does it not? Are we next?

We all want to live a long healthy and productive life, so naturally it's a subject that becomes more frequently on our minds. No one wants to go through their remaining years struggling with health issues... taking frequent trips to the doctor, and being restricted in what activities we can do. We want to feel good and have fun.

diet facts

An unhealthy diet is the number one contributor to poor health. We are what we eat. These might be diet facts that most of us are aware of, but few know what foods are the worse culprits.

When you think about bad health, or poor diets, what comes to mind first?

Is it fatty foods ? ... or sugar and sweets and candy maybe? Eating too much fast food and junk food? That's what most people would think about. But does anyone think about starch, or foods containing starch?

They should, because as it turns out, starch, not fat, is the biggest threat to your health. Starch turns into sugar 15 minutes after ingestion. Now there's some diet facts most people do not know about. That's why starch is worse than fat.

Starch, not fat, is the biggest threat to your health.

Diabetes is on the rise big time and this is one of the main reasons why. Diabetes now affects one in five to six people in the world. Stored sugar becomes a toxicity in your body and it triggers the body to release inflammatory responses, day after day after day. These inflammatory releases build up until it becomes chronic inflammation ... which is responsible for a multitude of nasty ailments that far too many people suffer from. Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are common results of chronic inflammation.

People consume approximately an average of 50 teaspoons of sugar daily.

Did you know that people consume approximately an average of 50 teaspoons of sugar daily. Another one of those crazy diet facts.

People also consume an enormous amount of carbohydrates on a daily basis. Most of these carbs are in the form of starches that turn into refined sugar. Examples are rice, pasta, white bread and noodles. Did you know that a bowl of rice is the chemical equivalent of 10 teaspoons of sugar?

Nobody would ever think about consuming 10 teaspoons of sugar at a time but we do it when we have 2 or 3 servings of rice or pasta. Most people don’t even know that it’s sugar they are consuming. We are accustomed to thinking that sugar is only in candy, cake or chocolate - so this may be a newsflash for many.

It's diet facts like these that began to open my eyes to the damage i was doing to my body in a regular basis.
There are plenty of things in our lifestyle regimens and environments that can contribute to diseases. Genetics, lack of exercise, stress/worry, and air toxicity are just a few ... however, the type of food we eat is the biggest factor. There are many misconceptions about what causes obesity and diabetes, and one of the biggest of those misconceptions is fat.

It is a highly believed misconception throughout society that we should all be on low-fat diets.

We've been taught this and we grew up to believe it. But recently, and for the most part, this theory has been debunked and the truth is now coming out. It might be true to an extent, but not nearly to the degree we've all been lead to think. The rate of obesity is astonishing and growing every day and now the truth about inflammation and what leads to inflammation is being told, and it's being heard.

In 2004 inflammation was the on the cover of Time magazine as the secret killer ... not fat but sugar ... and starch turns into sugar in our bodies. Starch always comes with fat like bread and butter - it goes hand in hand. People have cut the fat but they are still gaining weight like crazy. These are diet facts that have a huge impact on our well beings and our long term health.

Enter iGalen

iGalen is on a mission to alert the masses to the dangers of diabetes, and other chronic diseases, and what the real contributors to these diseases are. They wish to educate people on the dangers of inflammation and provide natural, scientifically tested solutions and healthy lifestyle alternatives.

For the first time ever, a group of Nobel prize nominated scientists in Florida have developed and patented the world’s first all-natural carbohydrate manager containing a botanical mix called Emulin® that helps your body manage refined carbohydrates - both proactive and reactive and good for all.

diet facts
diet facts

Refined carbohydrates contain starches that turn to sugars in our bodies. The triggers for rampant and excessive inflammation. This is becoming known now as carbohydrate toxicity, and it really is a silent killer.

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