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Benefits of Emulin Prevail Plus – New 2020 – Is This For Real?

January 10, 2018
Joe Ahrens Emulin Manages Inflammation

We are of the opinion the benefits of Emulin are so strong and so powerful that the supplement will emerge as one of the highest discussed health and wellness revelations of the modern century.

Before I go any further let me clarify something so as to clear up any confusion from the past. There is only one Emulin (with two variations M & C) and it's available from only one company. Prevail Emulin M and Prevail Emulin C are available now through the Valentus Direct Sales Company in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

In this post we will discuss those benefits of Emulin. It's an easy subject for us. The benefits are so plentiful that it almost seems too good to be true.  But they are all side affects of the three main functions of Emulin.

Everything you read here is facts. You will not get any marketing mumble jumble from me. You will get the truth so keep reading. 

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Emulin Begins With A Story Of Discovery

A discovery of unmatched proportions. Dr Joe Ahrens, a Nobel nominated scientist, while working with grapefruits for weight loss, recognized an activity that resembled insulin.

This breakthrough is extraordinary and the results  are extreme. The benefits of Emulin are changing lives.

The substances that make up Emulin are excluded from our current foods. Decades of environmental abuse and processing have destroyed them.

Identifying these compounds was not an easy task. It demanded years of research.  

The identified compounds work together in synergy. A combination that was concealed well. But the doctor and his crew eventually figured it out. And now, years later, we are reaping the benefits that Emulin provides. 

Joe Ahrens Creates Benefilts of Emulin

The conclusion: Benefits of Emulin are Life Changing

Emulin Plus (now Prevail Emulin) manages and attacks three conditions happening in our all our bodies.  They are significant factors to a large amount of the health problems that take place today. The benefits of Emulin come as a direct result from the management of these three conditions.

Valentus Prevail Emulin Plus manages and maintains these 3 things:
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Refined carbohydrates
  • Sugar Levels
Hear Dr. Joe's Announcement Of their discovery that emulin not only manages sugar but inflammation as well

But here's the thing that everyone must realize. Refined carbs lead to inflammation, and inflammation is the culprit and the source and cause of a huge number of health issues including some major diseases.

The dangers of inflammation are sometimes hard to understand because of the fact it is good, but also bad. Acute, or short term inflammation is good. It is there for a reason. Our body's defense against injuries, toxins, and stress.

Short term Inflammation aids the immune system and is considered a normal body function. Chronic or excessive inflammation is just the reverse. It's a destroyer. It ravages our bodies and is known to result in life threatening diseases. Over eating of refined carbs typically brings about chronic inflammation.

Time Magazine Cover inflammation Kills

Unfortunately for us, the triggers of acute inflammation (the good kind) are overwhelming in today's society. So it runs rampant, eventually attacking our organs instead of protecting them. This is the stage where acute inflammation becomes chronic inflammation, which is very bad.

Fortunately for us, we have Emulin, and the benefits of Emulin often overcome some of the hazards of chronic inflammation. Keep reading to see what some of those benefits are.

Refined Carbohydrates are hazardous to our Health

It's so true. Refined carbs ARE hazardous to our health. They lead to unwanted sugar and eventually chronic inflammation.

Refined Carbohydrates are "Empty Calories"

“Also referred to as "empty calories", refined carbohydrates are empty of anything beneficial and have absolutely no nutritional worth, yet the majority ingest them excessively day-to-day.

They are refined to be more user friendly with all the more chemical substances included so they taste great. They are also developed for easier storage and a long life span.

Not being actual food they can sit on a shelf a very long time and still pass on as digestible. The body just can not preserve itself in a healthy and balanced way after long term consuming of these non-nutritional food-like chemicals..”

Prevail Emulin Plus is the first and only patented all-natural carbohydrate manager

Emulin Blend

The discovery of the elements of Emulin have led to the creation and now the production of Prevail Emulin C and Prevail Emulin M. It is an unmatched finding and the benefits of Emulin are changing lives.

Emulin allows our bodies to manage refined carbohydrates, and thus manage the resulting inflammation. Carbs become sugar almost immediately after ingestion.  The sugar gets stored in our cells leading to the discharge of inflammation.  

The three elements in Emulin collaborate to safeguard us and provide a better path for the carbs to follow. They are burned up as food and energy in the muscles and in the brain. Whatever is remaining is discharged from the body.

Cleansing these poisons from our system induces a domino effect that results in unexpected and undreamed-of health and wellness benefits that are being described regularly from excited Emulin users. The product stories are astonishing and exciting.

These are just some of the amazing benefits of Emulin that occur when we manage carbohydrates and inflammation in the body.
  • Healthier Heart
  • Healthier Skin
  • More Energy
  • Less Cancer Risk
  • Better Digestion
  • Better Sleep
  • Improved Dental Health
  • Flatter Harder Stomach
  • Liver Protection
  • Crushed The Cravings

That's a good start but there's plenty more. Weight loss comes to mind, as does better brain health such as sharper clarity, clearer focus and less fog. Those that exercise can expect better workouts and faster recovery. And a huge one is pain relief caused by inflammation. Joint pain and even headaches, including migraines, had subsided for some people.

Another Emulin benefit is it's ability to actually block carbs . The Emulin creator Dr. Joe Ahrens talks about this sometimes. If a person takes Emulin 15 minutes before eating they can count on only 2/3 of the calories staying in the body. 1/3 of the calories will never get there.

Not to mention blood glucose. Plenty of those with blood sugar challenges are in for pleasant surprises when they get on Emulin. Managing sugar is just what it says. The sugar in the blood is no exception. It get's managed as well.

The Benefits of Emulin are the result of an efficient immune system

 Emulin is correcting and balancing the body so it can do what it was meant to do. It's an immune system tune-up of sorts. Technically, Emulin is not correcting issues and fighting disease. The body does that, and when in tune the immune system is proficient at warding off just about any invaders.

The human body is resilient and powerful. When in balance it will perform and function well and properly for a very long time without succumbing to disease and illness. But our immune systems become compromised from the continuous bombardments of inflammation.

Yoga Another Benefit of Emulin

So really, the benefits of Emulin are simply the body 's work. Our body's will fight off disease. That's what they were designed to do and that is exactly what they will do when in tip-top shape.

Valentus Prevail Emulin M and Emulin C will get you there.

I'll say it again. Some of the product stories we hear from Emulin users are enough to make you want to cry in joy for that person.  Sign up for the Emulin News below to see some of those stories yourself!

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