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Brett Gurney Valentus Independent Distributor

​My Journey ... 

Brett Gurney

Brett Gurney

I'm Brett Gurney. 20 years ago I discovered the internet. Working the early shift in a metals factory at the time, I wouldn't say I was unhappy, but it was not exactly how I intended to end the story. 

Don't get me wrong ... after a lifetime of building houses and automobiles, fabricating and welding roofs onto Hummer V's wasn't exactly something I hated doing. After all, I was working with my hands and building vehicles used in the armed forces. So I was ok with that ... for the time being. 

Something Was Missing

But even so, something was missing. I had other talents I'm sure. I just had to discover them. Throughout my life I accomplished anything I put my mind to, and this internet thing was really starting to intrigue me.

I began anticipating the ringing of the end-of-shift bell, so I could hightail it home and get in front of the computer. There was a whole new world out there that I had no idea existed. Emails, websites, even eCommerce.

But wait... what's this? Home based business? Network  Marketing? Building teams and downlines? Residual income? Oh my, what had I stumbled across. I HAD to know more! 

Found My Calling

I became a top recruiter and earner in more than one company. Still there were disappointments to go along with the successes. There was a lot to learn yet. How to connect with the right people, and how to choose the right company was going to be key. I was discovering  that fast. But I was about as determined as a person with zero online marketing experience could get.  

I'm enthralled with the online world and using the internet to market myself, my company, and my products. I just kept listening, reading, and learning. And I did that, for the next many years, and I'm still doing that today.

Then Valentus came into my life. The company that I trained for years to know how to recognize. Everything ​was here. We are a top team and we advance ourselves in the company by helping others advance as well. If we help you find success here, then we find it too. I encourage you to stay tuned and roam all pages of this website to learn all you can about Valentus.

What's Next For Brett Gurney

This is the beginning of Brett Gurney's journey with Valentus ... himself and his team are just getting started. They are writing their first chapter with the company and looking forward to the rest of the novel. Brett is looking for individuals that dreams like he does. He says, "there must be more to it then the daily grind I've known most of my life".  He's all about Valentus and is with them for the long haul.

Get acquainted with Brett Gurney, and with Valentus, and maybe you'll find this is your vehicle, just like he found it to be his.

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Brett Gurney Valentus rep

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