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We are iGalen independent distributors. iGalen's vision has been to live in a world of minimized and managed inflammation, leading to improved health and prolonged useful life.


Hi I'm Brett Gurney. Welcome to my iGalen website. I am happy that you are here and I hope you share our company's vision. iGalen believes in a better future through innovative wellness lifestyles. Their goal is to help create a world of improved health and higher quality life utilizing all-natural and unique health products.

iGalen products are patented and backed by extensive science. They've been developed by Nobel nominated researchers ... some of the best in their fields ... and are in a class of high-tech, next generation health supplementation. Powerful products providing life changing results for people of all ages. We will continue to work hard for those who wish to invest in their health for positive change.


Proven Effective

iGalen will only offer products that are proven to be safe and effective. Always backed by credible science performed in respected and well known established facilities.


Satisfied Customers

iGalen knows that customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of any consumable product company. They will accept nothing less than the highest standards in quality control and effective products that work.


Reliable Research

iGalen works hard at establishing partnerships with industry leaders for ongoing research and development to continue providing next generation health products that bring results.

Emulin E


Discovered "by accident" by iGalen Chief Science Officer  and Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Joe Ahrens, Emulin E is a product ahead of it's time. The Emulin discovery could go down as one of the all time leading discoveries in next generation health science. Carbohydrate toxicity has become a problem of  massive proportions in the world today, and Emulin tackles this issue head on.




Dr. Stefan Scoglio, another iGalen Science Officer and yet another Nobel Prize nominee, has been working on his formulation properties for over 2 decades. The end result, Klamax, is all he hoped it would be, and then some. Too many benefits to list here, I'll just say our Klamax consumers couldn't be happier! This product fits well in iGalen's quest for better health and longevity and comes highly recommended.


It's no secret the wellness direct sales category is a crowded and competitive space to be in these days. If a company is going to make it they have to be a cut above the rest.  We feel iGalen fits that bill. They have worked hard to separate themselves from the crowd, bringing to market unique products that really work. The many testimonials are proof of this.

Our company founders are both business professionals with long established successful track records. Dr. Rajen Manicka is CEO and co-founder, and Mr. Chan Heng Fai is chairman and co-founder. Both have a deep passion for building an industry leading network marketing health and wellness company driven by top-of-the-line effective products. Their hearts are in it and they are both completely committed to the task at hand. 


Rajen Manicka

iGalen CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Rajen Manicka

Chief Executive Officer at iGalen International, Inc., Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & MD at Holista CollTech Ltd., and a Member of Malaysia Ministry of Health. Dr. Manicka was previously employed as a Chief Executive Officer by Holista Biotech Sdn. Bhd. He also served on the board at Malaysian Herbal Corp. Sdn. Bhd. Dr. Rajen's next goal is to build a highly successful health and wellness network marketing company built on integrity and transparency.


Chan Heng Fai​

iGalen Chairman & Co-Founder Chan Heng Fai

Mr. Chan Heng Fai specializes in entrepreneurship and fund management, and has successfully restructured more than 35 corporations in different industries and countries. Some of the remarkable companies that he has built over his 40 years in business include American Pacific Bank, China Gas Holdings Limited, Global Med Technologies, Inc., Singhaiyi Group Ltd and Heng Fai Enterprises Limited. Much like Dr. Rajen, he now wants to add a successful network marketing company to his portfolio.


As iGalen team members, we proudly represent iGalen’s innovative products. We believe the iGalen opportunity is second to none for those that want to earn a serious part-time income or make a full-time career out of it. Watch the video below as Dr. Rajen explains exactly why they chose the business model they did, for taking iGalen's products to the world.


Dr. Rajen Explains "Why Network Marketing"

igalen officially launched october 31, 2017


Although iGalen introduced themselves on a limited basis with a "soft launch"  Jan. 30th, 2017, their "official launch" convention took place in Las Vegas Oct 30th, 2017. This was an amazing event that also kicked off their newest product Klamax, and was a real eye opener for everyone there. I personally came away a changed person in my regard to the company and my future with the company. I was already "all in" with iGalen, but this event put the icing on the cake for me.


Brett Gurney

Thank you for visiting this page. I appreciate your interest and I hope you continue to follow this great company and their life-changing products. Do yourself a favor and conduct a thorough inspection of everything that iGalen has to offer. We believe the iGalen ​MLM opportunity has massive potential and a high degree of probability for becoming well known as a front runner in this category. I've included some easy to access articles below to make your iGalen evaluation easier for you. 


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